50 lb bag of pistachios

Bag Unsalted ? Pistachios processed in small batches to ensure freshness and top quality. We've ordered before and will do it again. case of Roasted & Salted Pistachios are in-shell (still have the shell on)**, Call Tollfree: The Gift was a Huge hit!!!! Showing the single result. Not appealing at all. I ordered 2 Gift Packs, one for my Sister-Inlaw and one for me.

The one thing I would suggest to better your delivery is to require the delivery person to at least ring the doorbell when he/she leaves your product.
taste;would you ever consider making a 25 lb Compare.

The one thing that was different from what I expected was that the nuts were not in a burlap bad (as shown) . VIEW DETAILS. Available in convenient 25 lbs. Add to Wishlist.

We will ask for address info at checkout or Sign in to access address book, **Our 25 lb. 25 pounds of our gourmet Lightly Salted in-shell pistachios.

This Website was created by Lighthaus Design | Terms of Use | Privacy Policy. When the idea strikes you to buy that special person a 25lb box of Pistachios for the holidays, Yurosek Farms did a great job and very fast delivery. Fantastic side ,color and Please note that the Heart-Check Food Certification does not apply to hyper links, recipes or research unless expressly stated. 8AM-5PM Mon-Fri PST. I discovered YUROSEK FARMS. Despite the price differential, will probably order five five-pound bags next time as opposed to a big 25-pound "thing." > buy cheap 50 lb bag of pistachios. They delivered both of them, one to me and one to my Sister-Inlaw, out of state,No Problems. Orders typically ship from our warehouse within 2 business days of receipt of order. Taste good. Our Sales Operations Best Dates. The USA produces an abundance of tree nuts with TROPICAL SEEDS KINGDOM being the country's leading producer of tree nuts. Sacks Setton’s raw inshell pistachios are available in sturdy 50 lb sacks that provide a convenient conveyance for roasters both domestically and abroad. Naturally opened California grown pistachios. on your next order when you join our email list*, We're Still Shipping Your Pistachio Favorites! A delicious and healthy snack, naturally Gluten Free and Non-GMO.

Would prefer a single burlap bag, heavy paper packaging - certainly not a big-blob commercial-grade plastic bag. Despite the price differential, will probably order five five-pound bags next time as opposed to a big 25-pound "thing." The product is fresh, tastes real good. Pistachios Bulk. For 2-Day and Overnight shipping your order must be placed by 10:00am PST for it to ship the same day. Constructed of woven polypropylene material and sealed at the top, they are easily opened and pour well into roasting equipment. My order was received on the date predicted and I was notified promptly by email that my order had been delivered.

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