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Agenda 21 or Agenda 2030 The Plan To Kill You – The United Nations Depopulation Plan, The global cabal of the U.N.

February 29, 2020 February 29, 2020 by IWB. First reason to doubt mainstream media. EVENT 201: Coronavirus crisis is ushering in a new world order ... ›, Agenda 21: Global conspiracy or climate savior? Opponents of Agenda 21 should not be distracted from the more tangible manifestation of the smart-growth principles outlined in that document.

Mal=bad, and gaining unauthorised access requires networking.The components have networking where networking is unnecessary for my requirement.I do not wish to sync to any other device and I certainly am not naive enough to have ever owned a smartphone beyond a Symbian Nokia 808 Pureview with Delight OS installed, which I had only for its camera. It's not personal interpretation. I'm a Los Angeles liberal and I am extremely wary of Agenda 21, everyone I know is, same with the Covid vaccine, even my friends who have never heard the term "anti-vax" are saying they'd never get vaccinated until it was around for a while first. In the 1990s, the United Nations drafted "Agenda 21" -- their plan for defeating climate change.

I shouldn't really have posted this but, then, neither should you have mentioned security.

| Fortune ›, How Viral Pandemic Benefits The Globalist Agenda - Event 201 ... ›, US economic recovery under Trump is EXCEEDING even the most optimistic predictions: Economist Stephen Moore. I said under extreme torture. I know why LInux does this; to make it appear error free. There's a new Pulse Audio layer on top of the old ALSA I remember. Agenda 21 is ‘soft-law’ and did not have to be voted on by the Congress. This Canadian is wary of agenda 21, The Great Reset, Lock step, most 3 letter agencies, etc. I'm British, we've done brexit, which was the saddest and biggest divide I've ever seen, even within my own household sadly. My roommate is a hipster chick in her mid 20s, hooked on social media and all that. It maps your machine's current IP to a deterministic hostname, nothing more.

Claim your special offer at I just need a working system fast, and I want to disable potentially dangerous and unnecessary networking hooks. listen to music and watch a video at the same time. Hell of a crafty "scorched earth" trick though. I'm not saying your wrong I'm genuinely curious. as alligned with my definition of malware. Facebook Twitter Reddit Email RSS Feed Newsletter Donate. The old divide and conquer plot worked. Anthony Fauci's family says they can no longer stand behind flip-flopping family member, Maxine Waters on conservative black voters: 'I will never, ever forgive them' for Trump vote, Dan Crenshaw drops truth bomb after Biden vows to end Trump's 'chaos': 'Businesses weren't boarding up their windows because they were afraid of Trump supporters', 'You are no longer my mother': Families say relatives are dead to them if they vote wrong, Lady Gaga ridiculed for 'cringe' video 'pandering' to middle America to get them to vote for Joe Biden.

The reason they do it is because it works. Watch BlazeTV on As a frog being slowly boiled in a pot with a Canonical OS, Win10 is already at max temp. Reddit gives you the best of the internet in one place. I'm learning that dependencies in Linux are an issue for me.

How much of your liberty are you willing to give up? my subreddits. Its founder, “self-described lesbian feminist Rosa Koire,” wrote the book Behind the Green Mask: U.N.

I have no intention of sharing or syncing my system with any other.

**Our intentions are aimed towards a fairer, more transparent world and a better future for everyone. I chose a non-Canonical, non-SystemD install, but didn't realise that KDE has been compromised with the aformention and Google! I wear a mask for work and hate it with a passion. She has never quarantined, thought it was all bullshit, and hates the mask mandate, but would NEVER publicly admit it because it's associated with Trumpers and that's social suicide out here. I don't know why it's there. All of his policies feel right into globalization. "Political divisions being forced into every aspect of media" is such a disgusting card to play too. I still use POP3 fro email and pull all my mails from the web. More and more friends are becoming aware and concerned.

I wonder how things would be if he’s elected??? In fact, ALSA is still underneath it?! I distrust this Pang of Wang. Those have nothing to do with the Linux desktop. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.

Biden just promised to 'mobilize trunalimunumaprzure'.

Rule 2 does not apply when replying to this stickied comment.

** May I ask how Obama is evil?

Agenda 21 is a non-binding action plan of the United Nations with regard to sustainable development. Cookies help us deliver our Services. In recent years, though, paranoia about Agenda 21 has become mainstream via rightwing media stars and politicians. So which init system are you using? Agenda 21 , Earth Charter and the Baha'i was being pushed full force by the Obama administration . In Texas, the anti-Agenda 21 fight continued this year with a bill that sought to prevent any governmental entity from accepting money from or granting money to any Agenda 21 plan of action. To enjoy more of Glenn's masterful storytelling, thought-provoking analysis and uncanny ability to make sense of the chaos, subscribe to BlazeTV — the largest multi-platform network of voices who love America, defend the Constitution and live the American dream. I'm really upset about this because KDE has the keyboard-initiated graphical launchers I desire in any OS GUI. I generally side with left wing views and I'm paranoid as well. So look at tiling window managers. Watch TheBlaze live and on demand on any device, anywhere, anytime. We hope to challenge issues which have captured the public’s imagination, from JFK and UFOs to 9/11. I don't engage in online interaction other than via forums, and have only recently begun using IRC again. In 2015, it was re-branded by socialists into "Agenda 30," but neither had anything to do with global warming and everything to do with using it to reshape our political world.

Trump supporters escort Biden-Harris tour bus in Texas, Biden supporter responds by calling 911, Michigan implements new COVID restrictions that could send violators to jail after Whitmer vows to bypass court ruling, Calling all Americans to take back our constitutional freedoms. In October 2019, some of the world's most powerful business and political leaders met to discuss how to prepare for such a crisis. Cardiologist warns: Throw out your probiotics now, Mass adoption of meeting apps like Zoom have attracted cyber attackers. The jig is up. For security, I don't use any syncing, cloud or otherwise connected applications. Many who were worried about my sanity, in a tin foil hat way, are now contacted me for insight. The site may not work properly if you don't, If you do not update your browser, we suggest you visit, Press J to jump to the feed.

I'll get back to you. So, I realise a lot of nasty things have been happening with Linux over the past years. Rule 2 does apply throughout the rest of this thread. Starting last year, the push for Agenda 30 wasn't just about climate change, but about fighting future global pandemics as well. Learn to use it? edit subscriptions. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts.

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