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Directed by Sam Hill. We've seen him listen to each member of the team intently to hear their side of the story and, sometimes, he just has to put his foot down so that they can get the job done. Collect, curate and comment on your files. Upon his return, Sly uses an obscure case from 1804 to argue that as Cabe and Mark were on an ice floe, Cabe was technically the captain of a ship and under maritime law, within his rights to release Mark to prevent harm befalling him. Out of work, Cabe is seen driving a government-owned 2015. Agent Cabe Gallo was the person who brought him from Dublin, Ireland to America after O'Brien hacked into NASA computers to get a set of blueprints for his wall. Who Let the Dog Out ('Cause Now it's Stuck in the Cistern). He was the one who brought Walter over from Ireland and then worked with him for several years. 10. Click to Search for a friend's name in clips!

James Cameron, the film's director, said he chose Patrick for the role because of his physical appearance, which he felt fit the role.

They had a falling out when O'Brien was 16 over civilian casualties during an attack on Iraq using a computer program that Walter had created for humanitarian purposes. A Lie in the Sand The two eventually begin a romantic relationship. The lead turns out to be a trap and Mark frames Cabe for taking a $50,000 bribe, adding to the charges that Cabe will face. [6] Agent Cabe Gallo was the person who brought him from Dublin, Ireland to America after O'Brien hacked into NASA computers to get a set of blueprints for his wall. She works to help O'Brien and his team interact with normal people and learns from O'Brien that her son is not challenged but really a genius. When he was younger, he was married to a woman named Rebecca, with whom he had a daughter, Amanda, who died of a terminal illness at a young age with him by her side. {{familyColorButtonText(}}, View {{carousel.total_number_of_results}} results.

Aftewards, Sly has to deal with charges racked up by Toby and Florence while helping him to prove Cabe's innocence and he is able to get them community service. La plus grande peur de Cabe est d'être faible et d'être un poids pour l'équipe. During the filming of Terminator 2: Judgment Day, Patrick was "broke", living in a cheap apartment with his girlfriend, Barbara, whom he married during filming. Ralph lui dit alors que chez les marines, on n'abandonne pas un homme ce qui énerva un peu Cabe. Après avoir bu son café, il plie sa serviette soigneusement et pose sa tasse retournée dessus. [2] The character, played by actor Elyes Gabel, follows a loose trajectory of Walter O'Brien's real-life exploits that thwart terrorism and disasters in each episode of the series. Cabe is a very out-going man who seeks to help those he loves, and seems to have a lot of trust in those people. Il offrira même un ordinateur à Walter après que le sien ne lui soit confisqué par les forces spéciales. With Elyes Gabel, Katharine McPhee, Eddie Kaye Thomas, Jadyn Wong. As a result, Mark escapes and the new Homeland Security director places Cabe under arrest for instigating an escape. Walter O'Brien is the fictional lead character in the American drama television series, Scorpion. C'est là qu'il a rencontré Sonia Balasevic, une petite fille ayant survécu. He still owns the house where he, his wife, and his daughter lived. Translations of the phrase AGENT GALLO from german to english and examples of the use of "AGENT GALLO" in a sentence with their translations: Agent gallo , homeland security. At the end of the episode, Sly announces that he intends to take the Vermont bar exam in 48 hours so that he can act as Cabe's lawyer. The Getty Images design is a trademark of Getty Images. Ralph Dineen. {{collectionsDisplayName(searchView.appliedFilters)}}, {{searchText.groupByEventToggleImages()}}, {{searchText.groupByEventToggleEvents()}}. The judge finally returns after deliberation. He regularly displays a lack of emotional intelligence and empathy, preferring to use logic and reasoning to “fix” the world around him. Paige Dineen is a former waitress whose intuitive interaction with people translates the real world to the team, and they, in exchange, translate her young mentally gifted son, Ralph, to her.[8]. After learning of Cabe's predicament from Allie, Scorpion pools their funds together to pay Cabe's $500,000 bail, but it leaves the team desperately short of cash. Robert Patrick, Special AgentScorpion HandlerCampaign Manager (formerly). Se basa en la vida del autoproclamado genio y experto en ordenadores Walter O’Brien. [4] Actor Elyes Gabel stars as Walter O'Brien in the Scorpion television series. Season 1 Episode 4: Shorthanded Agent Gallo Cabe Cabe admonishes Walter of whether that after a few fulfilled orders, he undertakes job independently from him, but his sanity can't beat Walter's waywardness. When the team, minus Sly who is taking the Vermont bar exam goes to a technology conference, Cabe accompanies them, but relaxes in a sensory deprivation tank to ease his mind of his troubles.

Select 100 images or less to download. He first met eleven-year-old Walter when he was the agent who was sent to investigate the NASA hacker, and recruited Walter to work for the government. Walter lui payera même des cours du soir. He can "fire a crossbow, dance a decent box step and make a mean grilled cheese" as described in the Season 4 episode "Grow a Deer, A Female Deer." Sinopsis. This repository is populated with tens of thousands of assets and should be your first stop for asset selection.

However, Sly adamantly refuses. When the two were tasked with preventing a cataclysmic meltdown at a nuclear facility, Gallo assured O'Brien that, though their friendship was strained, he was there—, Though Agent Cabe Gallo might seem stern and rough around the edges, any, © 2020 CBS Interactive. In the aftermath, Cabe decides to keep his car, but it breaks down and Scorpion is forced to push it to the nearest service station. I have the fourth-highest IQ ever recorded: 197. After succeeding against all odds, he offers Walter his first paycheck and agrees to become the team's liaison for the government, promising them further work opportunities. With help from Happy and the promise of financial stability, he manages to convince Walter and the rest of the team to help him restore communications with 56 commercial aircraft affected by a software glitch before they run out of fuel and are forced to crash. Ralph Dineen.

Se basa en la vida del autoproclamado genio y experto en ordenadores Walter O’Brien. Très jeune à l'époque et traumatisé, Cabe imagine un scénario dans lequel son père meurt en service et oublie le fait qu'il été présent au moment du décès de son père. During this time, Walter attempts to distance himself from Cabe out of fear of losing him, but after talking to Paige, works to help Cabe prepare for his trial. He is a Special Agent with the US Department of Homeland Security and the government handler of Team Scorpion. For a long time, Walter held a grudge against Gallo for using his software to bomb the Middle East. La voiture de fonction de Cabe est une Chevrolet Tahoe LTZe 2015 noire. Il a reçu une Silver Star, une médaille reçue par les soldats faisant preuve de bravoure en opérations contre des forces ennemies. He visits his daughter's grave every Sunday without fail. First episode Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Too many images selected. He also grew up in Callan, Ireland, where his sister got him out of trouble when he was too much of a smart aleck. He is revealed to be 58-59 since he said he was 22 in 1980. Il grandit alors sa mère qui s'est démené pour élever son garçon.

Cabe is a very forgiving person given the circumstances of Walter in the past, but when Allie, his latest ex-girlfriend betrays a member of the team, Sylvester, by posting humiliating videos of him under the instruction of her boss, Cabe cannot forgive and ends the relationship, where at this moment Cabe seems relatively upset. A la fin de sa carrière militaire, il intégra le FBI puis la Sécurité Intérieure. It is the same house where his daughter died. Agent spécial du FBI (anciennement)Agent spécial de la Sécurité IntérieurAgent de liaison du gouvernement pour Scorpion, Walter O'Brien (fils de substitution)Happy Quinn (fille de subsitution)Ralph Dineen (petit-fils de substitution), Rebecca Burns (ex-femme)Paige DineenToby CurtisTim Armstrong. As the rest of the team are away, Sly and Cabe get a lead on Mark's location and attempt to capture him. The team searches to find Cabe a competent lawyer without luck.

Callo's many years in both the military and working for Homeland Security have taught him that evil and anger can easily consume you—something that he would never want for any member of Team Scorpion. 13 Reasons why Agent Cabe Gallo is the true definition of an international man of action. Tout comme Walter, Cabe souffre d'insomnies à cause des bombardements de Bagdad.

As a result, Cabe is not present when the conference is taken over by bank robbers. Agent Cabe Gallo. Il est le seul membre de l'équipe à porter une arme. [3], Walter O'Brien approached Scorpion executive producer Scooter Braun with the idea of making a show about him in order to attract more genius employees to his company. Following his suspension in season four, Cabe was temporarily Scorpion's intern. 26 notes.

Il se rend tout les dimanches sur la tombe de sa fille, Amanda. The night before his trial, Cabe stays at the garage all night in case Sly comes up with something at the last minute. Due to his financial troubles, Cabe buys a crappy car that even Happy can't repair into any sort of good working state. PREV CLIP. Walter strongly overestimates their abilities, and he doesn't admit that they wouldn't have been able to achieve previous successes without Cabe's strong background…

During Cabe's testimony, he argues that he and Mark were on an island when he made the decision to release Mark on his own. After Mark Collins fakes an ankle injury while stopping an extinction-event, Cabe removes his ankle cuff in order to deal with the problem. Cabe tient énormément à Walter qu'il considère comme son fils.

He was also Sylvester's campaign manager while he … When the remaining two attempt to flee, Cabe chases them in his car and manages to stop their escape. Last episode Agent Cabe Gallo. O'Brien is often described as the stereotypical computer "nerd". 4 Though impressed with Sly's argument, the judge decides that Cabe's case will go to trial. When you earn it, other people will do it for you. My name is Walter O'Brien. Cabe is able to boost Sly's confidence to get the nerds' help in bringing down the bad guys and exposes a secret love of an old show shared by many of the nerds at the faire in the process. The trial turns out to be presided over by a judge known for handing down harsh verdicts instead of the judge that was expected. Einstein’s was 160. After the warhead is launched in an attempt to remove it from the situation, Cabe comes up with a brilliant idea that allows them to locate and safely disarm the warhead. He was Walter's handler and father figure for five years, until he asked Walter to design some tracking software for "humanitarian purposes". The judge determines that under maritime law, Cabe was within his rights to release Mark and finds him not guilty, exonerating Cabe. Malheureusement, l'armée décida d'utiliser ce logiciel pour larguer des bombes et Cabe l'apprit trois jours avant le début de la mission. Sinopsis. We're with Agent Cabe Gallo, badge number 2835. ! C'est pour cela qu'il n'hésite pas à lui cacher des choses et Walter finit par le comprendre que Cabe n'aurait jamais voulu le blesser volontairement.

In the pilot, Agent Cabe Gallo recruits O'Brien and his team to help the United States government fix a serious air traffic control problem and then asks them to become a liaison team to tackle difficult missions that arise that the main government organizations do not have the manpower or technological prowess to handle, like stolen nuclear weapons and similar issues. Special agent Cabe Gallo forms a new team of super geniuses, hiring former child prodigy Walter O'Brien to lead a team of his brilliant friends.

Riley B. Smith.

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