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This might be tempting to enter earlier in the game but be patient and unlock more troops so you can get more power while battling with other players.

Am I missing something? You want to try and keep the minimum number of units at the back to stop their assassins to free up maximum space to attack their main army. But they are hard to get! These are my personal opinion but have worked well for me. Chapter 7 – Level 1800 Art of War: Legion is an addictive Android game where you choose and organize your tiny army to battle the enemy. Art of War: Legions is a strategy game for Android and iOS where you play as a commander and lead legions of tiny armies. For example – if you have completed 200 stages in the normal battle mode(home screen -> above the battle button, you can check the stages), you will unlock the chapter 2. All the players in Art of War: Legions start their journey from the campaign mode, which features hundreds of levels. Do you have more tips, troop or formation strategies to share? This menu gives you a comprehensive troop guide; their stats, abilities, etc. You can merge or level up the troops on the battle formation screen. They are optional side quests, which will give you more rewards than a regular quest. Art of War Legions is a very intuitive game with a very simple dynamic. If you have strategies on your mind, make sure to share in comment section below! Placing the troop units strategically is one of the important things to do while building the best formation. The paladin adds defense while the inquisitors attack can be overpowering. What do the troops and heros race effect? Is there a way to claim more then 1 at a time? I hope some of the below hints and tips is useful to most of you. They are single Infantry, and you can deploy them anywhere on the battlefield by tapping. You should be able to claim one about every 6 hours. Art of War: Legions is focused on positioning your troops the right way and planning ahead, so in today’s article we are going to go over some crucial and most important steps so you can master the battlefield. To deal with ghost assassins, add mages in the back row. Currently there are 3. It's also a very underrated stat I believe, as the speed of attack means that you're getting more attacks in on the enemy meaning you're more likely to kill them first (say that extra speed means you are both about to kill each other with your next shot, but the faster one kills the other). And that would be it for our Art of War: Legions tips and tricks! All heroes have two sets of skills which are active and passive, where active brings havoc on the grounds, and passive enables a special ability. Chapter 5 – Level 1000 For example – Iron Guards have high DEF, Archers have high attack stats. I swapped a level 8 harbinger of fire for a level 5 goblikazes for level 6000 and went from a win percentage of about 10% to about 70%. 5) Get your troops at a consistently high level. – thugs (epic) On that page, there would be a “redeem” button where you can enter a “redeem code” to get the stuff. We would recommend you joining the FB group of the game if you have more questions. The World's Largest 'Game of Sultans' Guide; Brain Games: IQ Challenge - All 299+ Answers and Solutions To All Levels and Questions: Full Walkthrough Note1: legendary units (and non-ranged single units in general) are pretty useless against lots of ogres, as they get bounced around from one to the other and never really manage to get an attack in. Does their power actually help in battle at all? Most people seem very down on inquisitors and I’m not sure why. I confess I’m addicted to Expeditions only. It doesn’t seem to matter if I win or lose on the normal combat levels.

So it’s better to get familiar with each troop that you have so that you can assign them based on their strength – defensive units in the front row and followed by attackers like Archers, Bomber, or supporters like Pilgrims in the back rows. I just wish I had found and read it much earlier; it would have saved me a lot of investment in legendary troops. Welcome to the Art of War: Legions Wiki! Don’t forget to press that button constantly for the extra infantry troops. There are mainly three types of troops in the Art of War: Legions game; tank-type troops, buildings, and DPS-type troops.

We have many more guides to offer you in our blog section, and Angry Birds is on of our favorites! If you tap the gear icon in the upper-left corner, the settings page will open. I have completed all… and now what? Placing mage units in the front can help you divert the enemy’s front-line troops. Submit Here, For the love of god plz implement pvp for guild and for friends (friend list ) il turn it into the best game replacing clash of clans, Please help expedition chapter 1 level 5 will not allow me to play even though I have completed level 4. For example – 1-star Archer with 1-Archer = 2-star Archer. Go to the shop and there you will find a free treasure offer – it gives around 1500 gold coins by watching a video ad. We recommend adding the melee and mage units in front(melee troops are the units that attack from a close range; for example – bandits, iron guard, infantry, etc. A) If they are located at the front but none are at the back, then swamp their back line with ghost assassins and magic apprentices B) if they are at the back but none at the front, use a lot of front end troops and range units C) If they are down the sides only, put some tanks down the sides. As you complete a certain number of levels, new game modes such as Headhunt or Treasure Hunt, the PvP arena gets unlocked. I’m depressed of replaying the same boring battles again and again, always winning and growing this dull army that gives me no satisfaction… I’m only at Level 800 now, but very bored without expeditions: the only brilliant challenge of this game. So keep clearing the levels and increase the Idle Rewards amount. ,youll must wait untill you get 30+ troops with your left one and attack the castle with 20 above your left castle, upgrade that one now to 4 and your old lvl 3 to max, then wait untill you have charged all of the castles to 20+ troops and attack the middle 30 one with everything you have, then keep sending troops from your 3 castles to the middle one and keep upgrading the middle one, youll notice the enemy will try and take the middle from you and thats why you keep sending troops ,you cant stop sending them, when you get the middle castle to at least lvl 4, attack the middle castle of the 3 castles in the upper row, just so you can hold the enemy back in growing there numbers, its oke if you lose this one after again cause the enemy has to level it to max again, in that time you atack the right castles ,when you get those to at least lvl 3 , you attack with all your castles the middle one in the upper row , when you get that you go straight to attacking the last remaining enemy castle. Chapter 4 – Level 700 4) ice mages are great at slowing down ghost assassins. You cannot print contents of this website. Once you complete all, you will get to play the next chapter – only if you meet the level requirements. In the Art of War: Legions Expedition mode, you proceed by chapters. ... KIL and K2L is looking for community members and possible clan members to join us in our discord and play Art of War: Legions … Art of War: Legions is focused on positioning your troops the right way and planning ahead, so in today’s article we are going to go over some crucial and most important steps so you can master the battlefield. This battle field strategy  game tests your ability to command troops like Infantry, Archers, and Catapults as well as mighty heroes into victory. Art Of War Legions Hack Online can give you unlimited Gems & Gold for FREE. After the battle started, you will slowly acquire reinforcements and you can know exactly when that is happening by checking out the button at the bottom left corner of the screen. On my battlefield, five of my troops have circles lit up and spinning below them. After that you can place your Archers and Bombers which are long-range attackers. Chapter 6 – Level 1400 Locate them just in front of your melee defence (3rd row from the back works well). A non profit community forum providing Art of War: Legions information. Please note this is a unofficial fansite, we are in no way affiliated with Faststone Games HK. 8) Range units are great for taking down ogres, their special is really annoying when they have so many of them and their so strong, however, it has no effect on range units who can keep attacking them without getting any damage.

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