audi q3 leasehackr

36/12. I negotiated based on final sale price.

I wouldn’t say they are wrong… time will tell. If only 500 then the amount off is good and are you doing MAD which will lower your payment?

Jahreszins, 4,16 % Sollzins p.a., Gesamtbetrag € 20.778,62, Nettodarlehen € 18.000,-, 84 Raten mtl. Entdecken Sie jetzt unseren neuen Stil, den wir Schritt für Schritt auf der gesamten Website umsetzen. I appreciate your input alot! Please update, thanks.

Wir empfehlen: Beachte die detaillierte Fahrzeug-Beschreibung oder frage gezielt beim Verkäufer nach. Phoenix is a unique market. Looking for a vote of confidence or someone to tell me that I’m an idiot. I’ve looked at feels like everything. And I didn’t put that much down. help me if below is good lease deal for 2019 Audi Q3 2.0T quattro Premium Plus S, Details: Und mit 14 Tagen Widerrufsrecht! You’re effectively at $515 a month on a 7500 mile lease. I wouldn’t have high hope for the lease on these things, even up to the last 2018 Q3’s with the old old infotainment, had a pretty high lease. I’m in Phoenix area, which has been a challenge with only 4 Audi dealers within 200 miles. Monthly Payment: 418 including tax I had a deal on an 2019 XC60 T6 MOM MSRP $51k for $550 DAS and $539 monthly. Audi Q3 Gebrauchtwagen gesucht?

2/3 aller Kunden erhalten 4,24 % eff.

Das Preis-Leistungs-Verhältnis entspricht dem aktuellen Marktwert. APR 4.9% Jahreszins, 3,92 % Sollzins geb. I told him we wont be discounting this vehicle ( car literally landed the first one here hours before he drove it). So other than the upgraded MMI and digital cockpit in base model, there may not be any difference between Q3 and Q5 (P trim) in terms of technology. Die Audi Q3-Familie: Der erste SUV in der Kompaktklasse. I waited in line for the very first iPhone, (a long time ago) if that tells you how much I like the latest and greatest tech. Das Preis-Leistungs-Verhältnis liegt leicht über dem aktuellen Marktwert. .00181 MF and 60% residual.

Bitte sende uns keine persönlichen Daten. Please let me know! Gültig für max. Are you converting this from what the MF is or basing it off something else. Nothing special about it at all. Do you know the breakdown of the fees vs the $3k? Optional können Sie sich beim Audi Q3 für LED- oder Matrix LED-Scheinwerfer entscheiden. I factored in the $600-$1k in 3 maintenance also. $500 per month 36 months/12K per year, $900 drive out, which included the first month payment. Das Preis-Leistungs-Verhältnis liegt deutlich über dem aktuellen Marktwert. You need about 4K/5k dealer discount and lower MF to make this a reasonable deal. So I would prefer sooner then later. Funktionen wie z.B. He calmed down and showed him a q5 at 500 with first month down and he didnt get how a 8k more expensive car is cheaper. I will give the GLC a look. Leased the vehicle today.

This was our first day of discussion and I received an additional $750 off, bringing it to roughly $575 for 39 months with $2685 down. Are there any invents you’re being offered? Bitte geben Sie Ort oder PLZ in der Landessprache des Fahrzeugstandorts ein. There’s a couple California Audi dealers who post here in the marketplace. Doesn’t look like a good deal at high APR and low mileage. Sind zu wenige Vergleichsmodelle vorhanden, kann kein Label vergeben werden. Jahreszins, 4,16 % Sollzins p.a., Gesamtbetrag € 20.201,43, Nettodarlehen € 17.500,-, 84 Raten mtl.

€ 121,- mit einer Schlussrate von € 14.288,05, 2/3 aller Kunden erhalten 4,24 % eff. Jahreszins, 4,16 % Sollzins p.a., Gesamtbetrag € 17.200,08, Nettodarlehen € 14.900,-, 84 Raten mtl. Jahreszins, 4,16 % Sollzins p.a., Gesamtbetrag € 17.315,51, Nettodarlehen € 15.000,-, 84 Raten mtl. Rund um die Uhr.

Audi is willing to cover the remaining payments on my VW Tiguan lease (about $1200). I’d be fine with either year, if I could get a deal on one locally. Wir von AutoScout24 brauchen dein Feedback, um uns konstant zu verbessern. We also have 10k/20k/30k maintenance paid by dealer. Seems to only be a $500 incentive on the car so 12% off seems ok given how new the car is.

DAS $5k © Copyright AutoScout24 GmbH. I ran a lease for a customer who has a 2016 q3 and when I showed him a 780 payment with first month down he started to become outraged and swearing at me. Which by schedule would take me to lease end. € 247,36, 2/3 aller Kunden erhalten 4,24 % eff. It integrates available Multiple Security Deposit (MSD) and money factor discount programs.

I’m no lease expert but that seems REAL high. Der Gebrauchtwagen-Test klärt's. It’s definitely more attractive though.

p.a., Gesamtbetrag € 14.288,05, Nettodarlehen € 12.933,-, 36 Raten mtl. Term 36 Months

Search for incentives on the Q3, it may be a new body style, but it’s one of Audi’s most mass produced cars and it’s a sub compact cross over. Powered by Discourse, best viewed with JavaScript enabled, 7FDE649E-E2CB-4D06-A44D-CF03DD7EB00C.jpeg. Jahreszins, 4,16 % Sollzins p.a., Gesamtbetrag € 15.814,84, Nettodarlehen € 13.700,-, 84 Raten mtl. +1 for what kingbot said. Alle Rechte vorbehalten. As said above, Q5 would be a better bang for your buck. Die Preisbewertung gibt objektiv Aufschluss über das Preis-Leistungs-Verhältnis eines Angebots verglichen mit ähnlichen Fahrzeugmodellen. Q5 also has more power and space compared to Q3. Thank you.

This is a very popular car that is affordable compared to most in the line up. My personal rule of thumb is that for a $40K car, I am unwilling to ever pay more than $500 per month with no money down on a 36 month/12K lease.

If that deal sounds good, I will go ahead or I will drop. All you’re doing is risking your money if the car is totalled or stolen. Hi all, First time post and looking for feedback for the new Audi Q3. Obviously an x1 new and loaner will lease better but get a car you’ll enjoy.

€ 240,49, 2/3 aller Kunden erhalten 2,46 % eff.

Mit umgeklappten Lehnen hat der Audi Q3 ein Ladevolumen von bis zu 1.525 Litern.

And yes 500$ is the only incentive this car has. Jahreszins, 4,16 % Sollzins p.a., Gesamtbetrag € 15.583,96, Nettodarlehen € 13.500,-, 84 Raten mtl.

Working on a 2020 Audi Q3 Premium. Wir nehmen dein Feedback ernst, und arbeiten daran, jeden Tag noch ein bisschen besser zu werden. € 154,- mit einer Schlussrate von € 15.374,-, 2/3 aller Kunden erhalten 2,95 % eff.

They aren’t covering your remaining VW payments.You’re paying for it. Do you know the money factor? Diese Fahrzeuge fließen dann auch nicht in die Berechnung mit ein. Wenn du von uns Rückmeldung wünschst oder Hilfe benötigst, kontaktiere uns bitte über das Kontaktformular.

Please let me know! Finden Sie Fahrzeuge in Ihrer Nähe mit der Umkreissuche. € 166,- mit einer Schlussrate von € 13.885,-, 2/3 aller Kunden erhalten 4,24 % eff.

The 2019 is the new build Q3, so they are pretty much the same. Also includes first 3 maintenance`s. Appreciate the breakdown. Jahreszins, 2,99 % Sollzins geb. p.a., Gesamtbetrag € 16.349,-, Nettodarlehen € 14.938,-, 48 Raten mtl. Incentives: $500 Dann klicken Sie in der Abfrage, die folgt, auf "Zulassen". Thanks. MSRP : $41,040 We leased a 2018 Q5 Premium Plus MSRP $49K last November.

Dann greifen Sie gleich zu. Audi 2020 Q3 (base model) Auf einen Blick: In den Technischen Daten für den Audi Q3 erfahren Sie alles Wissenswerte rund um Motorbauart, Höchstgeschwindigkeit und Hubraum.

Also includes first 3 maintenance`s.

REVIEW PAGE LINK PM me if you are looking for an any AUDI. Any insight on what a modest deal would be? 2019 Audi Q3 ($38040 MSRP): $479+tax 2k DAS

Actual MF from Edmund is .00181 RV 60.

RV 60 Being in Phoenix your proximity puts you close enough to be working with one of them. Hier finden Sie aktuelle Audi Q3 Angebote bei AutoScout24, dem europaweit größten Online-Automarkt. Figure out the MF and then look into doing MSDs and it the OF isn’t marked up then it’s decent for a Q3. ~$600 value.

I personally would get a Q5 now (tech is not that important to me, but it sounds important to you) and then get a Q3 for your next lease.

Went to multiple dealerships for my girlfriend and some of the numbers look way too high for me since it just came out. € 159,- mit einer Schlussrate von € 16.349,-, 2/3 aller Kunden erhalten 3,79 % eff. Danach wird der Marktpreis mit dem Angebotspreis des Verkäufers verglichen. Is the 2019 also the new Q3? Money factor: .00215.

Selling price 32K Which by schedule would take me to lease end. Is this going to be doable? Have you confirmed on edmunds if that’s the base MF?

Finden Sie viele günstige Auto Angebote bei – Deutschlands größtem Fahrzeugmarkt Their offer is $1096DAS, $544 monthly includes taxes. Miles per year: 7500 (I actually drive less than I thought I would with my last lease?)

I work for Audi the Q3s wont have real money off only the 500 incentive rebate. There are only two 2019’s left here and that dealer is in Scottsdale, where they have zero reason to deal, won’t even return emails. Wireless charging and maybe some nice ext colors are about the only thing that excites me on it. I almost want to wait a month to see if anything changes but judging from what the dealers have told me it may take 6 months before any movement, if they are being honest that is. Das Preis-Leistungs-Verhältnis liegt deutlich unter dem aktuellen Marktwert. Jahreszins, 4,16 % Sollzins p.a., Gesamtbetrag € 16.161,15, Nettodarlehen € 14.000,-, 84 Raten mtl.

€ 188,27, 2/3 aller Kunden erhalten 4,24 % eff.

Mehr Leasing-Filter findest du direkt bei unserem Partner.

Residual: $22,063 (.58) I had to explain rebates residual money factor and so on. I do expect a good resale on these tho. Der selbstlernende AutoScout24-Algorithmus berechnet den Marktpreis für jedes Fahrzeug. The reason I ask b/c the audiusa website lists the 2019 w/ the new body style, but I have yet to see any new Q3 on the street, so I assume that the new one is actually a 2020.

Already got a quote from a dealer on this site in CA. Any insight on what a modest deal would be? Final Sale Price Excluding Tax : $36,172

Is there a question? Jahreszins, 4,16 % Sollzins p.a., Gesamtbetrag € 19.624,25, Nettodarlehen € 17.000,-, 84 Raten mtl.

Dein Wunschauto wurde zum Merkzettel hinzugefügt. Kreditvermittlung durch FFG FINANZCHECK Finanzportale GmbH, Winterstraße 2, 22765 Hamburg.

I prefer lower monthly payments to a lower DAS. Der Audi Q3 basiert auf der Technik des Tiguan I. Übernimmt er aber auch dessen Problemzonen?

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