delonghi ec702 steam wand not working

10/21/2018 by Clean the water tank and let it dry. I’m a professional barista in one of the most world-famous cafes. Overall, this coffee maker is a durable appliance, which is worth its price. I know it’s an old thread but just one more thing to add. The De'Longhi EC155 is a Pump Espresso and Cappuccino maker. The daily and periodic cleaning routine is easy and allows the machine to stay in a working condition. If the inlet to the pump is clogged (or, outlet, since that would have the same effect), and no water is getting into the system, how does the descaler do anything? also when I was descaling water out of the frother, there were a few drips of leakage coming from the espresso part. Thu-Truc Vu. This is a good option for impatient users who are irritated that their coffee maker requires time to wake up as well.

That should be it. There are also internet-trading platforms like Amazon and eBay where you can get this coffee machine. However, this model has a boiler but not a thermoblock or thermocoil like in more expensive models. If you buy products through these affiliate links, I may earn some commission directly from Amazon Company.

If it is a failing pump, is that replaceable or worth replacing (cost & service of new pump)? If you are fond of stainless steel household devices, this model will also draw your attention. Rotate the handle towards the right until it locks in its position. No water, or steam.

Then I looked at the bottom it has these flower shaped screws for which I don't have a tool. The table shows some common problems that you may face using this coffee machine. This means it doesn’t consume a lot of time to start operation. I do know all the secrets of making the best coffee ever in the world! Its cup warmer and the front panel are made from stainless steel. From time to time, turn the top frothing knob and let the descaler go through.

Rotate the cup slightly to get the best froth. (7 g) of coffee to make a single coffee and a double portion to prepare two espressos. Thank you HLC! This device is ready to brew coffee in no time. This will allow you to judge each machine and determine which is preferable for you. The steamer works fine, plenty of pressure. To make frothed milk, press the Steam button and wait until the water in the boiler reaches the required temperature. amzn_assoc_marketplace="amazon"; Plenty of water in the reservoir, and the coffee head works fine, with the shot being good and hot. Testimonials from other clients will help you know all upsides and downsides of the model. If you are going to buy an external one, choose a 51mm tamper. So the problem was with the double shot filter. To remove the reservoir, check out our easy to follow replacement guide. I was also not getting any water but then I put the portafilter in and water came out no problem! Pull it sideways and lift the intake tubes out of the water.

My machine was working as usual. This will help wash off the milk residue left inside the tube. The ground coffee may be too coarse. My machine is producing no water, even with an empty basket, and the machine is BRAND NEW! The rest of the housing is silver-painted plastic.

This feature is not optional, and the filter requires a regular refining. Per your preference, the three-in-one filter holder allows you to make single or double espresso, or to serve espresso pods. Yet no espresso. You can purchase new baskets and use them in this model. It's also possible that the brew head screen has becomed clogged; you can remove this with a phillips head screwdriver and inspect it as you did the coffee basket screen. You are right, the DeLonghi EC702 traces back to ’00s, but it is still popular on the market.

I pulled my machine out this morning after quite some time sitting in the cupboard, to find nothing was happening with the espresso drip. The EC702 doesn’t take much time to clean, but regular cleaning procedures are compulsory for its proper functioning. Inside, the two plastic pieces covering red wires have burned it brown. Thank You, Chris Darwin, I appreciate your Insight. This is the first use. This model is rather old but this doesn’t mean it is outdated.

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