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Civil, Construction and Environmental Engineering Theses and Dissertations . Theses from 2018 PDF. Civil Engineering Finally I get this ebook, thanks for all these Civil Engineering Thesis Topics I can get now! Avail for Free Latest Civil Engineering Dissertation Topics & Titles [2019] for College students suggested by our 1200+ Masters & PhD experts. Accessibility Statement, DigitalCommons@University of Nebraska - Lincoln, Civil and Environmental Engineering Theses, Dissertations, and Student Research, Biofiltration of Volatile Organic Compounds Emitted at Ethanol Plants, Optimum Mixing Design of Xanthan and Gellan Treated Soils for Slope Stabilization for Weathered Shales and Glacial Tills in Nebraska, Development of a MASH Test Level 4 Open Concrete Bridge Rail, Reliability-Calibrated ANN-Based Load and Resistance Factor Load Rating for Steel Girder Bridges, Eliminating Rebar Splicing in Transverse Joints of Precast Full Depth Bridge Deck Panels, Quantitative Assessment of Alkali-Silica Reaction in Small and Large-Scale Concrete Specimens Utilizing Nonlinear Acoustic Techniques, NITRATE AND HERBICIDES REMOVAL FROM GROUNDWATER USING IMMOBILIZED ALGAE, RIVETED STEEL RAILWAY BRIDGE HEALTH MONITORING AND DAMAGE DETECTION, Evaluation Of Internally Cured Bridge Deck Concrete With Standard And Optimized Aggregate Gradation, RESTRICTED CROSSING U-TURNS AT RURAL INTERSECTIONS, Numerical Simulation of Diffuse Ultrasonic Waves in Concrete, Full Scale 13-Story Building Implosion and Collapse: Effects on Adjacent Structures, Simulation of Antimicrobial Resistance Gene Fate in Narrow Grass Hedges, Probabilistic Analysis of Slide-Rocking Structures Under Earthquake Loads, Sustainability Assessment of U.S. Follow. Oxford, PDF pdf Copyright, Civil and Environmental Engineering Theses and Dissertations, Water Quality and Sustainability Assessment of Rural Water Systems in the Comarca Ngäbe-Buglé, Panama, Enhanced Nitrogen, Organic Matter and Color Removal from Landfill Leachate by Biological Treatment Processes with Biochar and Zeolite, Bond Life of Structural Epoxy-Concrete Systems Under Accelerated Hygrothermal Aging, Structural and Agricultural Value at Risk in Florida from Flooding during Hurricane Irma, Reimagining Bottom-up Participatory Climate Change Adaptation in the Philippines, Implementation of Large-Scale Anaerobic Digestion of Food Waste at the University of South Florida, Enhanced Fluoride Removal in Biosand Filters Using Aluminum Oxide Coated Media and Modified Filter Design, Post-overlay Flexible Pavement Performance Modeling and Its Application in Sustainable Asphalt Overlay Policy Making, Seepage-Coupled Finite Element Analysis of Stress Driven Rock Slope Failures for BothNatural and Induced Failures, Statistical Analysis of the Role of Socio-Demographic and Health Factors in Shared Mobility Related Behaviors and Usage Likelihoods, Model of a Sulfur-based Cyclic Denitrification Filter for Marine Recirculating Aquaculture Systems, Exploring the Equity Performance of Bike-Sharing Systems with Disaggregated Data: A Story of Southern Tampa, Prioritizing Rehabilitation of Sanitary Sewers in Pinellas County, FL, Innovating Green Stormwater Infrastructure for Nutrient Management: Long-Term Field and Modeling Studies of Conventional and Modified Denitrifying Bioretention Systems, Effects of Support Fluid Type on Concrete Integrity and Durability in Drilled Shafts, Removal and Recovery of Nutrients from Wastewater in Urban and Rural Contexts, An Assessment of the Influence of Local Conditions on the Economic and Environmental Sustainability of Drain Water Heat Recovery Systems, A Decision-making Framework for Hybrid Resource Recovery Oriented Wastewater Systems, Bamboo as a Sustainable Engineering Material: Mechanical Properties, Safety Factors, and Experimental Testing, Estimation of Number of People Living in Developing Countries that Received Water from a Spring Source, Characterization of Geogrid Reinforced Ballast Behavior Through Finite Element Modeling, Chemolithotrophic Denitrification of Nitrate Contaminated Groundwater Using Sulfur-Bearing Minerals, Steady State Hydroplaning Risk Analysis and Evaluation of Unsteady State Effects, Hydraulic Performance and Vulnerability on Sanitary Sewer Overflow in Southern Pinellas County, FL, An Analytical Solution for Attainment of Field Capacity, Biobased Epoxy Asphalt Binder (BEAB) for Pavement Asphalt Mixtures, Recovery of Nutrients from Anaerobically Digested Enhanced Biological Phosphorus Removal (EBPR) Sludge through Struvite Precipitation, Regulatory Methodology and Unmitigated Wetland Loss in Southwest Florida, Visualizing Load Path in Perforated Shear Walls, A Theoretical and Practical Analysis of the Effect of Drilling Fluid on Rebar Bond Strength, Numerical Analysis of Leakage through Defective Geomembrane Liners in Embankment Dams, Pursuing Resilience of Coastal Communities Through Sustainable and Integrated Urban Water Management, Impact of Substrate to Inoculum Ratio on Methane Production in High Solids Anaerobic Digestion (HS-AD) of Food Waste, Yard Waste, and Biosolids, Factors Explaining Changes in Household Vehicle Miles of Travel, Connected Autonomous Vehicles: Capacity Analysis, Trajectory Optimization, and Speed Harmonization, Development of a New Piezoelectric-based Energy Harvesting Pavement System, Expediting the Consolidation of Clayey Soils Utilizing Microwaves, Numerical Modeling of Concrete Flow in Drilled Shaft, The Role of Forests in Securing Hydropower Needs of Cambodia, Selection of Energy Systems in Aquaculture through a Decision Support Tool Considering Economic and Environmental Sustainability, Understanding the Effects of Demographic and Socio-Economic Factors on Public Transit Ridership Trends, An Evaluation of Pit Latrines and User Perception of Excrement in Ngäbe Communities in Panama, Improving Early-Age Cracking Resilience and Durability of Concrete Elements, Impact of Recirculating Nitrified Effluent on the Performance of Passive Onsite Hybrid Adsorption and Biological Treatment Systems, The Feasibility of High Strength Stainless Steel in Prestressing Applications for Pile Design, Assessment of Drinking Water Quality Management and a Treatment Feasibility Study for Brick by Brick Water Storage Tanks in Rakai Uganda, Assessing the Impacts of Climate Change on Streamflow and Reservoir Operation in Central Florida, Mathematical and Numerical Modeling of Hybrid Adsorption and Biological Treatment Systems for Enhanced Nitrogen Removal, The ICARUS Floating Membrane Photobioreactor for Microalgae Cultivation in Wastewater: Advancing Technology from Lab to Field Prototype, Framework Integrating Climate Model, Hydrology, and Water Footprint to Measure the Impact of Climate Change on Water Scarcity in Lesotho, Africa, Enhancement of Rainfall-Triggered Shallow Landslide Hazard Assessment at Regional and Site Scales Using Remote Sensing and Slope Stability Analysis Coupled with Infiltration Modeling, Modeling Corrosion Damage and Repair to a 3, Performance Evaluation of Choice Set Generation Algorithms for Modeling Truck Route Choice: Insights from Large Streams of Truck-GPS Data, Underground Stormwater Treatment Performance in Urban Coastal Catchments: Case Study of Baffle Boxes in the City of Tampa, Field Testing of Affordable Well Head Protection for Locally Manufactured, Self-Supply Pitcher Pumps on Manually Driven Tubewells in Madagascar, Comparison of Bacterial and Viral Reduction Across Different Wastewater Treatment Processes, Caregiver Perception and the Role of Seasonality in Under-five Childhood Diarrhea Incidence in Svay Rieng Province, Cambodia, Heavy Vehicle Classification Analysis Using Length-Based Vehicle Count and Speed Data, Comparison of Functional Porous Organic Polymers (POPs) and Natural Material Zeolite for Nitrogen Removal and Recovery from Synthetic Urine, The Sustainability of Ion Exchange Water Treatment Technology, Construction Effects on the Side Shear of Drilled Shafts, Understanding the Linkages between Urban Transportation Design and Population Exposure to Traffic-Related Air Pollution: Application of an Integrated Transportation and Air Pollution Modeling Framework to Tampa, FL, Geographical Information Systems (GIS) Applied to Urban Nutrient Management: Data Scarce Case Studies from Belize and Florida, DNS and LES of Scalar Transfer Across an Air-water Interface during Inception and Growth of Langmuir Circulation, Evaluating the Effect of Temporary Casing on Drilled Shaft Rock Socket Capacity, Opportunities to Mainstream Gender in Water and Wastewater Infrastructure Projects: A Case Study in Barbados, The Effect of Chemical Composition of Blast-Furnace Slag on Compressive Strength and Durability Properties of Mortar Specimens, How Transportation Network Companies Could Replace Public Transportation in the United States, Carbon and Nutrient Balances in Microalgal Bioenergy System, Quantifying and Modeling Surface Inflow and Groundwater Infiltration into Sanitary Sewers in Southern Pinellas County, FL, Comprehensive Exploratory Analysis of Truck Route Choice Diversity in Florida, Sustainability of Community-Managed Rural Water Supply Systems in Amazonas, Peru: Assessing Monitoring Tools and External Support Provision, An Evaluation of the Water Lifting Limit of a Manually Operated Suction Pump: Model Estimation and Laboratory Assessment, Autonomous Vehicles: An Empirical Assessment of Consumers’ Perceptions, Intended Adoption, and Impacts on Household Vehicle Ownership, Electrochemical Methods to Characterize Drilled Shaft Deficiencies.

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