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Eric Davis: I don’t think they’re being taken by extraterrestrials. ", Welcome to Pull Me Under, the official UFO Watchdog blog. Become an OpenMindsTV YouTube Member for access to exclusive content.

So I caught their attention to it and they saw. See All Stan Romanek Debacle Articles .

And by early 2002, that’s when Bob decided to start, actually starting in 2005, started cutting personnel because that’s when the ranch phenomena started getting too cold, it didn’t justify having all that staff. As a matter of fact, now that I think about it wasn’t really that warm. So that’s where we’re at. So I feel like that document that I was shown I am inclined to believe it, I think it was probably true. They’re here on earth already, not from elsewhere. So that’s fair enough. Well, everybody’s had the long awaited disclosure. I can’t think of the word that right now. Do you know, did it? Posted by: Alejandro Rojas And it’s a problem that really the expertise is desperately needs it outside of the cleared group, then the program manager and the security officer will write a justification to go reach out to the university expert and read him in on the program. Alejandro Rojas: Did the MUFON/BAASS relationship, Was that funding from AAWSAP or AATIP? Atom So and then, as far as what Lou Elizondo did after he retired from the God is he was pretty upset that this program, the AWSAP program, it’s not really called the hf a tip that’s the advanced aerospace threat identification program that Harry Reid pulled out from thin air and made it up on his own and a letter that he wrote to Deputy Secretary of Defense William Boykin many years ago. To me, it looks like a big cow. Alejandro Rojas 26:20: Welcome back to Open Minds UFO Radio  I have the pleasure of speaking for the first time with Dr. Eric Davis. Dr Eric Davis | Skinwalker Ranch, NIDS and To The Stars Academy. Dr. Davis is a Fellow of the British Interplanetary Society, Associate Fellow of the American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics, and a member of the New York Academy of Sciences, Directed Energy Professional Society, SPIE, American Astronomical Society, and Association of Former Intelligence Officers. That’s how they sell tickets to their special events. We had John Blair, who’s a retired FBI special agent. So I called, you know, Colm Kelleher was with me and so was the ranch manager. That’s what that’s what the Brazilians called Project played, I believe. Some of the titles of his Youtube Videos ("UFO LEAK OF THE CENTURY") are rather exaggerated, aren't they? And in the patches of snow, there’s no footprints and no blood drops, or trails of lots of blood that you would expect from an animal that’s been shot several times.

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