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As Drake's creative director and brand manger, he's charged with making sure all things Drake stay Drake-y. The 26-year-old rapper from Mobile, Alabama was understandably upset the next morning, but he did what anyone would do: he reached back out and hoped for the best. Musically, yes, but not in my career. If it's going to happen it's going to happen to me first." He's also Drake's regular basketball buddy. Where were you when you found out that Drake hit you on Instagram? I think I was at home. How long did it take for Drake to send over the verse? We've been talking a lot lately. You've been persistent. What was the inspiration for your latest Blue Vandross-inspired project, Love Scars: The Five Stages of Emotion? I feel like it is also me trying to help out people who are going through the same type of situation. I’ve been politicking with it. I love creating it and being in the studio, feeling the vibe, and everything that comes with it. So I was just like, “It's going to have a whole flap to it. But he was mad cool. And when he's not with Drake? The Memphis native reignited his own musical career in 2016 with his single "Kinda Crazy" and promised a forthcoming album. He really doesn't care how big you are. But I do have big follow-up work after this though. I'm getting people like Drake to collaborate with me. Aww. Then he wrote me on Instagram with the message that I posted and said “Let’s do the remake.” I said, “Hell yeah.” And I just sent his team the song. Since the 2013 release of his Hello World mixtape, which featured a buzzing single called "Go Head" produced by Drumma Boy, Yung Bleu has been steadily climbing the charts as both a rapper and a singer. Drake is a real genuine dude. OVO trainer Jonny Roxx helped Drake literally get his weight up. ", Moore also shares some images from her big night, tagging one of them as the "Best Day Everrrr.". Now, his fanbase is bigger than ever; underground news platform Say Cheese recently claimed that Yung Bleu is approaching having a billion streams across all streaming platforms. Boogie recently shared a photo on Instagram of the rapper Drake wearing a John L. LeFlore High School jersey in his In My Feelings music video, the high school which DeMarcus used to go to. He’s one of the biggest that you can find. On "Know Yourself," Drake shouted out the Scarborough native: "I might declare it a holiday as soon as Baka get back on the road." "Drake is a real genuine dude. Prom 2017 #FairleyHighSchool #901 #YoungLove @hyfr_jalaah , A post shared by champagnepapi (@champagnepapi) on May 13, 2017 at 10:06pm PDT, A post shared by Jalaah (@hyfr_jalaah) on May 13, 2017 at 10:35pm PDT, A post shared by Jalaah (@hyfr_jalaah) on May 14, 2017 at 1:39pm PDT, When Your Idol✨ Is Cousins With Your Cousin @champagnepapi Walks My Cousin @hyfr_jalaah To Prom , I LOVE THEM BOTH#More Class Of 2017 Prom #FairleyHighSchool #2FAIRderal✌✨ #thefinalaffair, A post shared by ✨Yung A^RO✨ (@yungarotv) on May 14, 2017 at 10:57am PDT, ❤️ he so cute #drake #drizzy #FairleyHighSchool #nolongtalkin #passionfruit #portland #travis #laflame #MoreLife #ovo #ovoxo #theweeknd #memphis #prom2k17 #socute #bbmas2017 #quavohuncho #yrn #2chainz #youngmoney #youngthug #bbmas2017, A post shared by RIHFUND (@issa_savage_xoxo) on May 13, 2017 at 11:49pm PDT, A post shared by champagnepapi (@champagnepapi) on Apr 12, 2014 at 4:59pm PDT. On October 9, fans noted that Drake followed Yung Bleu on Instagram and soon after, Bleu posted a screenshot of their conversation, excited that Drake wanted him to send over vocals for a remix of "You're Mine Still." As Yung Bleu explains to Complex, there's a larger story at play as to how that exchange came about—one that involves a certain NBA star from Yung Bleu’s hometown facilitating that conversation.

They said it when I was putting out mixtapes, so they just started calling me Bleu Vandross. That was something that the fans made up. Suffice it to say the students at Fairley High were pretty excited and there was plenty of social media evidence of their delight. © 2020 Complex Media, Inc. All Rights Reserved. Drake posted a photo of the couple on his official Instagram account with the caption "Prom 2017 #FairleyHighSchool #901 #YoungLove." The reason Baka wasn't out on the road is because he was charged with six human trafficking offenses in 2014. "According to police, a 22-year-old woman was forced into prostitution after being threatened," a news report from the time of his arrest reads. I mean, to be honest, I really don't even think I'm on a level like that. If you had to pick between the Bleu Vandross series and the Investments series, which one do you like to make more and why? I really thought it was over. I don't think I’m as big as the other artists that he has collaborated with. news report from the time of his arrest reads, Oliver noticed her knack for aesthetics on Instagram, house sitting Drake's Calabasas mansion in 2016, Drake visited him in the hospital after his injury last year to offer words of encouragement. So it's a blessing for me. Maybe that's why he's the only OVO member to stay by Drake's side during the Miami Vice style shoot-out at the end of the “Hold On We're Going Home” video. I try to make therapeutic music for other people, too. To just stay focused and do his music. He wants to put out the best song every single time. Oh, that's the crazy thing. Cousins reached out to me saying that he was loving the EP and he was saying, "Man, I can hear Drake on this one. Since then, he’s released a slew of projects and has worked with high-profile artists like Lil Durk, YFN Lucci, Wiz Khalifa, and Kevin Gates. As he put it to Complex in 2011: "Everybody wants to poke and jab at Drake because they don't feel like he will throw back. He and Drake have more than music in common: 40 was also a child actor, making appearances in Wind at My Back, Goosebumps and The Virgin Suicides. I think I was at home. Chubbs is Drake's muscle. He's released three singles. Habibiz, Drake's hookah man.

He’s a real musical person, like the genius kind. Today has probably been the first day since I got the verse that we haven't chopped it up. Have you guys talked since getting the verse? The star of Drake's "HYFR" video, OB O'Brien also raps and produces; he's listed as a co-producer on "Energy" from If You're Reading This It's Too Late.Toronto producer Boi-1da says Drake, OB and Ryan are "straight comedy" when they get together, and we would believe it: he's the life of the party at Drake's music video bar mitzvah, and the guy cracking all the jokes in the "Started From The Bottom" video. That's fire. I just heard the beat and it caught me and didn’t leave me. In Pusha-T's diss. The only reason he knows famous people or even has a life is because of drake.

"I really thought it was over," Bleu says over a choppy Zoom call as he drives through the woods. Shebib is as instrumental to Drake's sound as Drake — by his own calculation, he's had a part in "100 percent" of the music Drake's put out: "Everything goes through my hands," he told FADER in 2011. I'm not ever going to let nothing happen to him. Report: Guitar Center considering bankruptcy, Serj Tankian on the threat of genocide in Artsakh, Report: Trump admin reached out to Billie Eilish for COVID ad campaign, A guide to the members of Drake’s OVO crew. The Memphis native reignited … He continued, "our friendship is what keeps me alive and focused, I always thought I was an only child buy my mother lied!!

Probably around my first Investments project, I was just playing around with it and people started to like it, so I ended up running with it.

I was so mad. I can imagine that other high-caliber artists have been hitting you up for features after seeing the news about the Drake collab. 19.9k Likes, 178 Comments - TSN (@tsn_official) on Instagram: “Klay Thompson & DeMarcus Cousins keeping it real on how they feel about #Drake and his music ” It is pushing me to make more songs like this, because that's what I really want to do anyway. What's kept you going for so long over the years? He sent it back the same day. He really must have liked the song to get it over so fast. Hush has got the gun. So it wasn't a real thought in my head, you know what I'm saying?

According to “Miss Me,” CJ, Drake's road manager, keeps the credit cards and lots of ones organized. 1.4m Followers, 265 Following, 2,841 Posts - See Instagram photos and videos from Marcus & Martinus ♪ (@marcusandmartinus) It seems that Niko's primary Drake duty to be a good friend.

So if it was right now, it would be the Bleu Vandross series, but back sometime, it'll probably be the Investment series. If you missed a FaceTime call from Drake at 1:00 a.m., what would you do? The OG with a signature mustache and suit, Graham is a constant presence by Drake's side and in his Instagram pictures. Niko recommended a good barber to Drake when he was still just Jimmy on Degrassi. This is where I’m getting the most blessings, from doing this type of music. ©2020 The Fader, Inc. All rights reserved. And I was like, "Yeah, that would be real hard." He's Drake's cousin, the son of Hal (not Steve, the uncle who let Drake borrow the keys to his Lexus). It was crazy because after he had hit me up, I went to sleep that night and he FaceTimed me at one in the morning, and I missed it. If he fucks with it, he fucks with it. and the two have been BFFs ever since. Even though I know I can do both, I'm enjoying doing R&B more right now. He signed to Boosie's Badazz Music Syndicate record label in 2017 and came up with a breakout single, "Miss It," soon after. The rapper has a bit of a rep for making prom dreams come true. So I had sent them the record and after a little while, I thought that he probably didn’t like it or hear it for real, so I just forgot about it. The charm of what I bring to the table is that sometimes it’s just ideas.” It's his taste that largely makes up the program for OVO Sound Radio and drives the creative direction behind the OVO clothing line. I feel like it's going to take me to where I think that I need to be, for real.

Yeah. Sometime's he's tasked with calling in the room service orders, but most often it seems like his job is to just look good next to Drake, on nights out or in the "HYFR" and "5AM in Toronto" videos. You’re already successful, but what do you think his co-sign will do for your career? So, what originally happened is that DeMarcus Cousins … He wrote to me in the DM.

It feels like every time I drop this type of music, I'm going either gold or platinum. Do you think that? When did you realize that you could sing in addition to rap? Do you remember what was going through your head when you made "You're Mines Still"? Drake performs on the Coachella stage at the Empire Polo Club on April 15, 2017 in Indio, California. He's the father to a very cute daughter and apparently a decent fly fisherman. Here's what Graham told The FADER in 2016 about the lessons Drake has learned from him: "I think he learned how to be humble, down to earth, to be real, or 100%. A list of fundraisers you can support right now. Where were you when you found out that Drake hit you on Instagram? He is a nasty dirty pig who will slide in all your friends dm saying he is drakes cousin. So, what originally happened is that DeMarcus Cousins reached out to him. I liked the concept and ran with it. Yeah, he just went with it. "Like I said, he wants to be the greatest. Prom … We caught up with Yung Bleu for an interview about "You're Mines Still," Drake, wanting to sing more than rap, and more. In the underground I'm big, but I haven’t really hit that peak yet. He wrote to me in the DM. I used to just toy around with it, really. I saw that you've been making music since 2013. That was the question Yung Bleu faced the morning after he sent Drake his tormented Love Scars: The Five Stages of Emotion track "You're Mines Still"—a viral confession about being the most toxic post-relationship guy in the world—earlier this month. After this song, there’s another with a big artist.

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