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Asuka reverts back to a child, afraid that her suicidal mother will leave her.

Shinji looks up to see a giant Kaworu looking back at him. Directed by He now understands that his feelings in the pre-Instrumentality world, whether they took the form of happiness or sadness, were at least genuine.

1. This indicates that Rei's A.T. Field is weakening, and Gendo observes that time is running out. The Mass Production Evangelions arrange themselves in a pattern around Unit-01. He hears Asuka repeatedly calling out for her mother before Misato says, "I wasn't able to be a mother to Shinji in the end. This forces all human souls to combine into a single lifeform. Gendo Ikari steps in and says he will give him a restriction: he draws a horizontal line across the void that defines as ground and sky.

Back in reality, Lilith's throat is suddenly slit by an unseen force. This article contains a large number of spelling and grammar errors, or its terminology fails to confirm to established Standards and Conversions.

After a discussion about the meaning of existence with Rei and Kaworu, and deciding that the joy of connecting with others outweighs the risk of being hurt, Shinji rejects Instrumentality. It's better to think of it this way. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Yui says that as long as the Earth, Moon and Sun exist, everything will be alright. Inside the Tree of Life, Shinji hears his mother speak to him, telling him that the Rei he sees is from his soul—she is the embodiment of his wish. And he hates himself. In a flashback to the conclusion of Fuyutsuki and Yui's Episode 21 discussion, Fuyutsuki asks Yui if her real intention behind Eva is for the Eva to become God.

The others say that if Shinji depends on outward things to define himself, all these things will eventually change and disappear, as time passes. Officially produced by Production I.G and Gainax, the film contains live-action clips from Episode 26', as well as additional clips not used in End of Evangelion. Shinji freezes for a second...then violently strangles Asuka in an act of rage. Misato is examined as well: She acts out because of anger and frustration toward her parents (hopefully you've noticed this is a theme by now) and is confused about what she feels for Shinji as a 29-year-old woman. As Rei tells Shinji that reality begins where dreams inevitably end, a gash opens on Lilith/Rei's neck, releasing a fountain of LCL that reaches the moon. Shinji sits up, and looks over to where Rei had been, before looking down at Asuka. Shinji observes Misato and Kaji during their period in college in which they skipped classes to have sex for a week. [1], Begins like Last A, but Asuka never shows up. The automated Evangelions bite into Unit-01's cross of light, lifting the purple Evangelion higher into the sky.

Shinji says he don't mind, then asks Rei and Kaworu who they are within his heart. Gendo worked with SEELE to bring about Instrumentality, but only because he wanted to be reunited with his love, Yui (whose soul is trapped inside EVA Unit-01). But Shinji is unsure of all these things.

A determined attack by the Japanese Strategic Self Defense Force, carried out through SEELE's influence, brings NERV's defenses to its breaking point. We were to see Eva-01 lying on the Moon, and woman's hair flowing from its broken mask, her face remaining unseen.

We eventually see that there is nobody lying near Shinji, just a white arm without the rest of the body. The Anti-A.T. Field generated by Lilith/Rei is strong enough prevent all life from maintaining their physical forms. Asuka is told that the EVA she has deemed useless is only useless because of her own failure, and that she only pilots Unit-02 (where her deceased mother's soul is locked up) for herself.

We then see the full moon, followed by the ending credits as in Last A. Silently, Asuka reaches up with her bandaged arm to caress Shinji's cheek. Seele decides to set Third Impact and Instrumentality into motion by using Unit-01 and its pilot as a medium.

Upon seeing the giant version of Rei, Shinji begins to freak out and scream uncontrollably. The kitchen fades into a mindscape, and as the events of the year 2015 unfold before his eyes in rapid succession, Shinji concludes that no one understands him and the world is full of pain and uncertainty. SEELE applauds the Lance's return, since it means they can complete their Third Impact ritual.

Rei says that the truth is painful, but Shinji answers that ambiguity only makes him feel more insecure, and admits to being scared if things keep on progressing as they are.

"—before the EVA bites him in half, leaving his lower half standing on the floor of Terminal Dogma. He touches Rei's chest with the hand that contains Adam, which goes right through her skin. Shinji says he doesn't understand reality and that he doesn't know where happiness is.

Her limbs and head detach from her body and fall away. "I thought I could find something if I came here." This is based on the fact that she refers to him as "stupid toji" (baka touji), although it's not known if he is the same Toji as the character that appears in the rest of the series. His plea remains unanswered as Asuka, Rei, and Misato silently stare back at him. Evangelion: episodes 25 & 26. Shinji begins to strangle Asuka. Shinji lays in the hot coffee spilt from the pot he knocked as he fell, burning himself as Asuka stands there and calls him "Pitiful", before he weakly gets up, still begging for help. She asks Gendo if he was afraid of Shinji, and Gendo says he believed that nobody could love him, as he didn't deserve it. Her wings dissolve. Rei levitates towards Lilith as Gendo begs her to change her mind.

He screams in horror after seeing the mangled remains of Unit-02 beneath him. The Evangelion then bites off the upper half of Gendo's body, killing him.

As Shinji continues to cry, Asuka mutters: "Disgusting/I feel sick.". Misato Katsuragi:Uh huh. Powered by Shinji's despair, Unit-01 breaks free of its bindings, which causes the original Spear of Longinus to return from the Moon onto Earth, stopping right at Unit 01's neck. SEELE is confident that the time has come to restore the Tree of Life, so they order the MP EVAs to activate their S2 engines. "Magokoro o, Kimi ni" is also the Japanese title of, The song that plays during the Sandbox Scene is, The song that plays during Third Impact is. 20 Quotes From Neon Genesis Evangelion. You do know what he does, don’t you? The monitors in Central Dogma show his psychograph going down; Fuyutsuki realizes Shinji won't be able to last much longer. The MP EVAs drop the remains of Unit-02 and focus on Unit-01: they crucify the EVA by piercing its hands with their replica Lances, then drag it upwards towards the upper troposphere. He decides that he wants to be himself after all, rejecting Instrumentality to the joy of all his friends, who, in the series' weirdest scene, which also happens to be its final one, stand in a circle and congratulate him. But Yui Ikari tells her son that only he can find his worth. Shinji still hates himself, though. "Sincerely Yours" is Episode 26' of Neon Genesis Evangelion. For an explanation of Rei 3's various appearances in Episode 26', please see this page: When Maya gets turned into LCL, the Rei Apparition that turns into a Ritsuko Apparition types on Maya's laptop and the words "I NEED YOU" can be seen. They begin to overload their S² engines, which generates an Anti-A.T. Field and forms an image of the Sephirothic Tree of Life in the sky. A ghostly Rei appears before a shocked Hyuga, then turns into Misato and kisses him deeply...at which point he turns into LCL. In Episode 25, Shinji, Asuka, and Rei are all brutally psychoanalyzed. Unit-01 uses an extended version of the Spear of Longinus to petrify the MP Eva Series. Shinji walks to up her and says he wants to help her and be with her. The short scene during the Live-Action sequence was actually significantly cut from the initial version. Aware of Shinji's pain, Rei defies Gendo (saying she is "Not his doll") by absorbing his arm and joins Lilith on her own. Neon Genesis Evangelion is on Netflix!

They note that the size of the anti-AT Field will make it impossible for people to maintain their individual AT Fields—and their physical forms. Gendo's bloody legs and torso are left standing erect in the background as a bandaged Rei II picks up his fallen eyeglasses. Rei replies that Shinji is having a dream and that he recreated the world based on his own reality. Theory and Analysis:Kaworu's lines in Episode 24. Aoba cowers under his desk, beset by a horde of Reis, and he screams in horror one of them touches him and turns him into LCL.

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