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an action that is likely to be harmful in a "karmic" way. our editorial process. Innocent hammer, while a fine choice of name for your Metallica polka cover band, did not have quite what it takes to make it in English as a fixed phrase. As for fogger, it once meant "lawyer" in English. Supposedly, this insult originated with an illiterate priest who said mumpsimus rather than sumpsimus ("we have taken" in Latin) during mass. German has some amazingly descriptive words for all occasions… And swear words are no exception.

In a viral video uploaded by a Facebook user named Dawn Oliphant-Dababneh, we'll see a fish peacefully creating a burrow underneath a rock. Your email address will not be published. Although the word was long thought to have been the product of the 19th century, recent findings show that we have been referring to lickspittles since the middle of the 17th. We have divided and organized all the jokes, riddles, insults and pick up lines into different categories, to make is easier for you to find your favorites pieces. These were diluted into a combined mass of travels, by the Smellfungi and Mundungi within the century, and blazoned forth in all the pomp and parade of novelty, preceded by a very pretty preface, in which the tourist affects to be led, like blushing maiden, to the printing office, by the relentless persuasion of friends.—The Sunday Times (London, Eng.) Both of these uses are almost entirely confined to British English, and the word has little currency in the United States. German Dirty Words. 20 Really Funny Grammar Jokes 120 Best Funny Pick Up Lines 25 Really Funny Harry Potter Jokes 30 Funniest One Liner Jokes 27 Best President Jokes 20 Best Banker Jokes Kevin Hart Funny Quotes. Your email address will not be published. is a site of entertainment. Share PINTEREST Email Print Humor. See more words with the same meaning: luck, energy, karma.

Check out this compilation of photos and be amused at how the grammar police ripped these people to shreds: Some people can’t seem to stay in one place that they just had to cheat on their partners. The earliest known use of the word comes from a 1540 translation of Gulielmus Gnaphaeus's The Comedye of Acolastus, in which it is used in an attributive sense, referring to young men's "hobledehoye tyme" (further explained as "the yeres that one is neyther a man nor a boye, at which yeres our voyce changeth"). How dare you called me a ninnyhammer you pillock! Presidential debate about migration. The petti part of this word comes from petty, meaning "insignificant" (from the French petit, “small"). From crying non-stop to giving the newborn the dirty finger, we just couldn't help laughing out loud at these kids' antics. Grammar and spelling can make or break us – it can make us appear smarter and more credible but it can also reveal to the whole world just how much of a blockhead we are. Sometimes a little more. Milksop literally means "bread soaked in milk." But for those who plan on cheating on their partners, getting caught red-handed for cheating on your partner would be the dumbest thing you could ever do. 1850. Clarisse Estrada. Dirty and funny nicknames are used to lighten the environment. There are just people who can’t help themselves. The thing is, those who are on the erring side do not always “get it.” While some may immediately realize that they made a mistake, others had to be savagely corrected for them to figure out that they made a blunder. These insults have mainly two names, funny insulting names and one word insults. Posted. Smash it all together, though, and you have a French compound noun that sums up the existential quandary of adult life: commute-job-sleep. and Photobombed. ), 17 Jan. 1977, Definition - a fawning subordinate; a suck-up. One is a literary word for a deformed monster (for instance, in Shakespeare's The Tempest, Stephano entreats Caliban, "Mooncalf, speak once in your life, if thou beest a good mooncalf”). noun. Get it because it's faster than the guy who's running to pee. is a site of entertainment. Funny 25 of the Most Hilarious and Most Embarrassing Grammar Fails Ever.

fracking Rifts and arguments are inevitable occurrences in human existence. If is weren’t business I’d have soaked the tar out of him. These people are everywhere and while some can be downright honest and can own up to their mistakes, others can be dumb, hopeless cases. The matter of whether smellfungus is properly pluralized with an -i or an es has never been established. Now that we have your attention, get our awesomely funny app from Apple App Store for free. And, the way these kids show their utter disappointment and disgust are just absolutely hilarious! Beverly Jenkins. Share; Tweet; Send; Comment; A A A. Grammar and spelling can make or break us – it can make us appear smarter and more credible but it can also reveal to the whole world just how much of a … Quacks (also known as quacksalvers) were a bit nimbler several hundred years ago, if the etymology behind some of the words for them is any indication. This Baudelarian term is perfectly suited to French culture. Definition - a boastful and self-important person; a strutting little fellow. Definition - a fawning subordinate; a suck-up. Can You Find The 7 Hidden Letters In This Colorful Square Brain Teaser? Here you will find a list of insults consisting only of a single word. In addition to describing a boastful person, cockalorum can be used in referring to the boastful talk (and also for the game of leapfrog. 'All Intensive Purposes' or 'All Intents and Purposes'?

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