g3 zed 12 vs marker alpinist 12

Čelní pohled na Marker Alpinist v Totes Gebirge. Binding geometry varies from one product to the next.

Výhodou U-pin paty je nízká hmotnost a jednoduchá konstrukce.

I also was keen the opportunity for a classic Coast Range ski descent (G3 dangled some amazing ideas for our “test day.” Overall, touring on lighter bindings is noticeably easier. A nice middle ground (save for the price), the M-Werks is “solid in chop, crud, and firm snow,” said one tester. Napište malými písmeny, jaké je hlavní město ČR. Metal has been shaved off throughout so that the toe sits closer to the ski and weighs much less than the ION toe (189 g for the ION toe vs 125 g for the ZED toe). Aktivace brzdy se oproti jiným vázáním provádí trochu nestandardně potáhnutím za plastovou úchytku propojenou s fixačním drátem. Finally, downhill skiing release action is less sophisticated than any of the above options. Another thing that I really love about the ZED is its heel risers. ), you will use ski crampons all year long. We’ve made this caveat in all of the downhill performance sections for the bindings in this test. The Shift is lighter and more user-friendly uphill than now-outdated "frame bindings". It is worth noting that some have had issues with the long adjustment plate that some places use on their rental gear. Our team put each of these bindings through the wringer to take the guesswork out of your decision-making experience. What is not clear, and the place where Blister should step in to illuminate the situation, is the broad spectrum of safety characteristics of various bindings within a shootout like this.

We beg to differ. The final step in binding examination was to assess how each contender resisted icing. Similar to the ION and ATK / Hagan Raider 2.0 12 / Core 12, the ZED doesn’t use a U-spring heel.

Durability and function continue to be reliable. Rozsah posuvu nastavení paty je u standardní verze 15 mm, zatímco dlouhá Long Travel varianta má rozsah 30 mm (Long Travel najdete vždy v půjčovnách).

Transitions with the Plum Summit and Dynafit Rotation ST are very similar and about average.

The most efficient kick turners get the tip of the ski to their knee (and, therefore, the top of the toe of their boot) near the top sheet of the ski during a kick turn. The beefier and bulkier Plum Summit, Dynafit ST Rotation, and Marker KingPin collect more ice than most. Crampon mount and brakes not included, heavier than closest competition. The binding's design only allows for moderate amounts of icing and snow build up. The Duke PT’s unique toe piece is a major step forward for the German ski binding manufacturer. Or accident waiting to happen? As compared to other bindings at and near its weight, the Zed 12 has greater elasticity and more reliable release performance. GearLab is reader-supported. We... On the hunt for a new women's ski jacket? Spona z nylonu vyztuženého skelnými vlákny. Thanks! Testers found the new interface powerful, with more edge sensitivity than pin-style heels. Marker Alpinist jsem poprvé obdivoval na ISPO 2018 v Mnichově, ale prakticky jsem se k němu dostal s několikaměsíčním zpožděním.

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