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The oil and the seed itself is often used in recipes for curries, chutneys and other food. Once a bed is successfully seeded, it will produce the plants by seed the following spring. We had some last year in another feeder that the birds ignored, it looked OK to me but clearly the birds thought otherwise; they would inspect & then fly off.

Dry the crop, commonly done with a crop dryer, to no more than 9 per cent moisture. I mean it won’t harm to give it a go of course! Black thistle bird seed is known as Niger, Nyger or Nyjer seed. Where do niger seeds come from? Seeds with hard seed coats need to have their seed coats scraped, cut or soaked to allow in moisture before sowing. It is often mistaken for a thistle, which is not the case. Seedlings in modules can be left a little longer before transplanting, allowing their roots to fill the module, and then transplanting the whole plug of roots and compost in one go. But for the sake of continuity, I’m going to be using “nyjer”, in this post. The seed pods can remain on the plant to feed wild birds during fall and winter, or they can be gathered to feed caged birds. I cannot see me being allowed to put it in the oven! The seeds can survive in diverse soil conditions. Join Prepare the soil bed by ploughing or tilling to remove existing plants. Our entire seed range is made up of what we believe to be the very best vegetable seeds you can grow today, each variety has proven under own trials year after year to meet our high standards.

Are these empty husks or just seeds that have dropped? When large enough to handle, transplant/prick out each seedling in its own pot of multi-purpose compost. For the best experience on our site, be sure to turn on Javascript in your browser. A wire mesh, or soft mesh are also popular designs for nyjer feeders. His works have appeared in regional newspapers in North Dakota and in "North Dakota Horizons" and "Cowboys and Indians" magazines.

When the birds are not eating it quickly, it does not go off, even if the bag takes months to go through. Label with the date and plant being sown, Sow the seeds thinly, with a finger's width between each seed, or sow one or two per module (depending on the size of the modules), Large seeds require covering with sieved compost or vermiculite.

It will also likely encourage larger seed-eating birds, which tend to forage for their food, such as pigeons or doves. Poor pollination results in poor seed yield.

The Goldfinches here love it & get though a tube full every week. The plant produces an abundance of yellow flowers, and each flower head contains 30 to 40 seeds.

The niger plant picture below shows the plant that the niger seed grows into, and where the seeds are harvested from. Keith Allen, a 1979 graduate of Valley City State College, has worked at a variety of jobs including computer operator, medical clinic manager, radio talk show host and potato sorter.

The seed is particularly fine - too fine for a standard seed feeder - and should be fed from one of our specialist Nyjer feeders designed with smaller gauge feeding ports than standard seed feeders to minimise the amount of food that is lost from the feeder.

Plant them out into the garden in the autumn, giving them the winter to settle their roots into the soil before coming into active growth the following spring. Many people also refer to the seed as thistle seed, but in fact Nyjer is not related to the thistle plant. The process also renders the niger seeds unable to germinate.

Offering Nyjer Seed can help to attract these species to your garden if you have them in the area. As gardeners, we can supply seeds with favourable conditions all year round, so sometimes we need to artificially break dormancy for seed to germinate. Choose a location that offers full sun to plant the Nyjer seed. About 80 percent of the seeds are rendered incapable of germination through this method, but the remaining 20 percent will sprout. Black thistle bird seed is known as Niger, Nyger or Nyjer seed. the RHS today and get 12 months for the price of 9. Use sandpaper or a file to scarify (abrade) the seed coat. Nyjer seed can get mouldy, and can be really bad for the birds, even fatal. Nyjer seed is a big hit with the finches, especially the goldies, who will spend 15 minutes at a time sampling the nyjer delights. After doing a quick search I found this information I hope its of some use. Orioles, waxwings, and other strongly frugivorous species will not pay any attention to Nyjer, and nectar-loving birds such as hummingbirds will also ignore a Nyjer feeder.

They are also very acrobatic when they are eating from feeders, often clinging to the sides or even upside down! Happy birdwatching! While this seed has relatively wide appeal in the backyard, some birds won't give it a second glance. Offering Nyjer Seed can help to attract these species to your garden if you have them in the area. Use only niger seed marketed for planting or seed use. I will let you know how the self-treated nyjer goes….. My messy little finches leave a pile of Nyjer seeds or see shells under the finch feeder. These techniques apply to all hardy trees and shrubs that have successfully set seed. The seeds are widely cultivated in Asia and Africa for their oil content, as a livestock feed and for export as a bird seed feed. Plan the perfect garden with our interactive tool →, Feeding Birds Nyjer, Niger or Thistle Seed, Goliath: Plant Population Influences Niger Seed Yield in the Northern Great Plains. Its a favourite with quite a number of other birds, but nyjer seed would be the one to get the Goldfinches coming back. Skip to the beginning of the images gallery, Buzzy® Organic Fruit & Vegetable Seeds, Hidden Nature Book: Uncovering the UK's Wildlife, Defender 4 port Nyjer Feeder Starter Pack, Premium Kibbled Sunflower Hearts - Bird Food.

I don’t mind bits dropping, but I don’t want it growing. This is used for seeds which respond to either heat or cold. I will try a small bag in the microwave to see if the birds still feed from it. If given the choice, most birds will eat nothing but nyjer seed. Farmers grow niger seed, sometimes called thistle seed or nyjer seed, for use as an oil source and human consumption in its native Ethiopia.

It's the seed of the nyjer plant native to Ethiopia. Water until the soil is moist. The UK experiences a temperate climate defined by cool, wet winters and warm, wet summers. Use only niger seed marketed for planting or seed use. On the contrary, nyjer is not a thistle at all. It usually sprouts into a yellow-y flower, the scientific name being Guizotia abyssinica. The country rarely experiences extreme weather events, although flooding and droughts do occur from time to time. Subjecting seed to a warm spell followed by cold can increase germination in the first spring after sowing. Black thistle bird seed is known as Niger, Nyger or Nyjer seed. Because of it’s small and fine size, the nyjer seed will spill out of regular seed feeders as their ports are larger due to the larger seed. Allow the seed heads to dry when harvesting, and then shake the seed heads to release the seeds into a plastic bag. On the contrary, nyjer is not a thistle at all. The seeds are widely cultivated in Asia and Africa for their oil content, as a livestock feed and for export as a bird seed feed. This fine textured seed, rich in oil, is often regarded as a highly beneficial food for garden birds and is thought to have played a significant role in increasing population numbers of Goldfinch and other declining species in recent years.

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