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These are no longer posted to you, it may need to be requested online. As far as I can tell, the two options are comprised of the following parts and cost (give or take). Vehicle modifications. They tell her it will, so she starts lowering the forks, when its' ar$e is dragging on the ground before the full weight is on it, she asks again if they really think it is a good idea. Provide in detail how you heard or found out about BAM Garage, Upon insuring your new vehicle do make your insurance provider aware of the upgrade. Are there any future plans for additional front axle constant loads (i.e. Its given the Cruiser a nice high stance, it handles the additional weight of the caravan very well and it has given us a fair bit of flexibility when it comes to loading our rig. bullbar or winch). Altering the spring platform height at a later date can be costly. In any case, I will still check with Lovells and see what they say. Save $550 - $660 if GVM upgrade is done prior to first inital registration point under the second stage manufacturer (SSM) scheme. Read more; KING of the Strip Dobinsons Inaugural 4WD Drag Event. I believe that while the VX rims are 1” (or approximately 2.5cm) taller, the tyres fitted are a lower profile and would bring the overall size back to, or very close to, the same as the 17” set. Save $550 - $660 if GVM upgrade is done prior to first inital registration point under the second stage manufacturer (SSM) scheme. The grab handles in the cruiser come in handy. Stage 2 Kit. To increase a vehicle to 4000kg Platinum GVM that already has a Lovells 3800kg GVM upgrade fitted will require suspension alterations.

See pic below. Expect approx. If the rule is that the individual components need to be taken into account separately, then it may still be an issue. The outside diameter of the wheel and tyre combination must be no more than 15mm over the largest diameter wheel and tyre combination specified for the vehicle and not more than 15mm below the smallest diameter wheel and tyre combination specified for the vehicle.”. It should not affect your premium, under the rare condition that it does it may be worth looking at a different insurance provider. All rights reserved. Expect approx. This is a suspension upgrade that increases the Cruiser's Gross Vehicle Mass (GVM) from 3300kg to 3800kgs, an increase of 500kgs. One of the first options we had fitted to the Landcruiser was the Lovells GVM Upgrade. Whether this is a satisfactory analysis or not, I’m not certain. Corrugations simply do not make their presents felt like they did in our Patrol. If GVM goes over 4.5 tonne, you'll pay extra rego and need a truck licence to drive it. Like I say, rating and doing are two completely different things. If yes, are we to replace, reuse or decomission? Lift kit = 4 shocks, 4 springs and some connection bits. Will cost you $4k. GVM upgrade kit = 4 shocks, 4 springs, some connection bits and an engineering certificate. They usually have to swallow their pride and do two trips. It does inspire a high degree of confidence. More to come.

The Landcruiser is better than many other vehicles in this regard however the GVM upgrade allows us to have the additional capacity up our sleeves. Copy of registration certificate - must show full engine number. This is a suspension upgrade that increases the Cruiser's Gross Vehicle Mass (GVM) from 3300kg to 3800kgs, an increase of 500kgs. There is no resale value on OEM suspension and it cannot be used as spare parts as it will deem your upgrade as non-compliant until GVM certified parts are re-fitted. Last week I found out something very interesting that I never realised. All up we are very satisfied with the Lovells GVM upgrade. Yeh sounds about right. That leaves about 625kgs of capacity for a load and passengers. This website subject to the terms & conditions listed in the 'Help' section. These have been tested and proved for your car.” It goes on the say, “wheels up to 26mm wider than the largest optional wheel recommended by the vehicle manufacturer for the vehicle can be fitted without the need to notify the RTA.

Second Stage Manufactured (SSM) GVM Upgrades West Coast Suspension is authorised to supply and fit Second Stage Manufactured (SSM) GVM suspension upgrades for many of today's popular vehicles. One for the GVM upgrade and one for the GCM upgrade. The ride is definitely different from the standard BT50.

It starts to add up very quickly. If the intent of the rule is that the overall diameter remains the same, then there should be no issue. That's because I don't think there are any that go that high? We have tested and certified hundreds GVM upgrade variations and this experience helps ensure you will get a safe, legal and cost-effective solution. She tries to tell them before she loads it on that their pootrol/cruiser/lux won't take it. Single cab, Space cab, Dual cab, Confirmation vehicle is 4x4 or 2x4 high-rider, $1,000.00 deposit, if financed through vehicle package then a purchase order number from applicable motor vehicle dealership. In some examples the airbags are impossible to remove from the old coil due to swelling.

With the Lovells GVM Upgrade fitted, the rear of the Cruiser sits nice and high. Read more; Coil & Leaf Springs Coil and Leaf Springs for most 4x4 and 4x2 vehicles. Vehicle must be fitted with a Lovells GVM upgrade in addition to this kit. This is so the front spring platform height can be adjusted correctly.

All suspension components installed as part of a Pedders GVM upgrade package are backed by a Pedders 2 Year/40,000kms Nationwide Warranty. Am I missing something when it comes to doing a Gross Vehicle Mass vs a normal lift? Perhaps just a slightly jerky ride over some bumps. GVM Upgrades will suit any vehicle owner/operator who has a need to carry loads approaching/topping the OE GVM GVM. It shows the new GVM post upgrade. When the upgrade is done, there is a second compliance plate fitted to the vehicle. Lift Kit vs GVM upgrade, and engineering certificate cost, Re: Lift Kit vs GVM upgrade, and engineering certificate cos, Return to Four wheel driving and off road travel. The resulting GVM upgrade certification is valid Australia wide, linked to Queensland registration using modification code LS11. bullbar or winch). There is no warranty provided for leakage post-recycling as per these age suggestions. It has also made for some heart stopping moments in low clearance carparks. Getting in and out of the cabin is...well....entertaining to say the least. Change of particulars form to be lodged with state transport authority (provided by BAM Garage). Then you put your huge caravan on the back and the now the towball weight has to be included, its easy to see how the available cargo capacity can be exceeded. Imaging if you had to include kids and all their gear. Notify your insurance company of the upgrade. The compents come with engineering certs which makes it easier to get the whole thing engineered here in vic. Is old suspension to be disposed of? In the case of the VX or Sahara, this raises a bit of a question as the tyre and wheel size on the placard states 17” rims where both the VX and Sahara are fitted standard with 18” rims causing a potential issue. If you decide to move state, you can have the vehicle registered with the GVM upgrade without the need for an engineer's certificate. New vehicle servicing | Fleet and private maintainence | 4×4 accessories. It still drove really well, probably better than with a lighter load, but I still feel a WDH is required. With a full load, the ride hight dipped a fair amount. You won't get a Landcruiser upgraded to 4500kg so don't worry about it. Answering those questions is not too difficult. Suspension to be retensioned within 0,500km. Off road driving and recovery techniques. Will cost you $2k.

If decommissioning the OEM bump stops will need to be refitted, Always check with your insurance company as some do not cover a vehicle at all that has bellows airbags fitted. It cannot be re-certified from 3800kg GVM to 4000kg GVM until the shock absorbers and springs are changed to 4000kg Platinum GVM compliant type. We will be fitting one of these in time. Surely it has sufficient cargo capacity as well as sufficient off road ability.

Not that it matters to us as we took the third row seats out. Is old suspension to be disposed of? That said, it certainly is not uncomfortable and for the most part, the ride is insulated from most harsh bumps and potholes. Then add 2 full grown adults at say 80kgs each (total 160kgs) and you're left with 215kgs for all the extra stuff you may need like tool kits, spare parts, first aid kits, fridge, food and water. If your old suspension has already been lifted but is more than 3 years old or 60,000km you likely will find it difficult to get a worthwhile resale. We had our upgrade done prior to the vehicle being registered. For more information about Lovell's GVM Upgrades contact Shents Automotive. In standard form, the Landcruiser VX has a kerb (or empty) weight of 2675Kgs with a full fuel load. I highly recommend getting this upgrade before you register your new Landcruiser. Handling also seems to have improved. With a load and with the van on the back, it rides really well. All components installed as part of a Pedders GVM+ upgrade package are backed by a Pedders 2 Year/40,000kms Nationwide Warranty and provide Toyota LandCrusier 200 series models with the following certified GVM ratings: Toyota LandCrusier 200 series 5 seater model: GVM rating of 3720kgs – an increase in payload of 420 kgs Whatever the ball weight is, must be subtracted from the vehicles GVM and GCM. It also gives the vehicle a ride height increase of about 2 inches. Four wheel driving. (0.5 hour labour charge applies). For a 2.6t high riding truck, the cruiser corners near flat. Back on towing, with the Safari Tamer on the back and a minimal load, the rear of the cruiser dips a bit not not too much.

We have driven around without a WDH without any problems at all. If I had one negative thing about this upgrade, is it has raised the height of the cruiser quite a fair bit.

Read more; MRR 3-Way Adjustable The Latest in Shock Absorber Technology. (0.5 hour labour charge applies). This enables the operator to legally carry up to 600kg over the factory stipulated GVM. This applies to both light duty and heavy duty airbags. Getting it done before registration means the upgrade is valid in all states and territories. Warning: if airbags are over 18months old they are not suggested to be re-used as the airbag will have moulded into shape with the old coil spring which can result in leakage. After first suspension retension the ubolts are to be tensioned again within another 1,000km-1,500km. Add a steel bull bar, driving lights, drawer system, towing hitch, extra batteries and all the other accessories we may want to add and it could increase the 'empty' weight by 250kg or more.

30mm-50mm lift over OE, dependant on weight and location of accessories fitted. Even worse if it's a duel cab. We have not had the chassis strengthened as the weight in the tub is even and we have a relatively low ball weight at under 200kg. If you want to do this, you need to talk to your Toyota dealer to ensure they are happy to do it for you. Altering the spring platform height at a later date can be costly. Driving the cruiser with the GVM upgrade, the ride has certainly firmed up compared to the standard model.

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