hms glorious wreck

Please click on the name to view more information about them. Sharnhorst, accompanied by Gneisenau, made for Trondheim for repairs, and due to their exposed position did not stop to pick up survivors from any of the three ships.

Glorious, age 21, 08/06/1940, missing Lieutenant John L. Hallewell, RN, H.M.S. Roskill painted a picture of a desperately unhappy ship run by a captain whose First World War legend disguised incompetence, tyranny and questionable mental stability, who had put Heath ashore when the latter could not comply with impossible orders. Glorious in use as transport for RAF aircraft was no good to Wells, she could not fulfil the convoy protection role because she had only a fraction of her own aircraft onboard.

Was D’Oyly-Hughes playing a psychological game with names and codes?

The VC recommendations were turned down. You wonder what possible business it was of the gallantry and awards committee to be worrying about the re-opening of naval enquiries, but it then it becomes blindingly obvious when you realise the new secretary of the awards committee in 1946 was none other than; Sir Edward Bridges – Churchill’s very own Cabinet Secretary throughout the war and then, of course, the plot thickens. It’s a story of immense bravery that has never been told before. Glorious By early June 1940, the British position in Norway had become perilous, as was the growing threat to the UK from the success of the German Blitzkrieg that an evacuation of the forces landed in Norway had become a necessity. HMS Ardent and Acasta (As seen from the German Battlecruisers) lay smoke to screen Glorious from their gunfire (Courtesy of GLARAC). Glorious, age 27, 08/06/1940, missing Air Mechanic 2nd Class Ernest W. Harper, RN FAA/FX.

The carrier force had already been reduced from three to two and would shortly be reduced again to one. 79432, H.M.S.

The destroyers put their utmost into the task, although, in their position, success was impossible from the start”. Now faced with actually having to mount Operation Paul, would Pound risk the only three carriers he had to protect home waters? After a fierce two-hour battle, all three British ships were sunk. The Chief Torpedo Instructor in the ship said that they were getting a “lap ahead”. The final range was about 5 miles. The relatives of these men do not want monetary retribution.

This was June 1940, Britain’s darkest hour; the month we evacuated Dunkirk & Norway, Italy declared war and France capitulated.

Neither account connects Operation Paul to the loss of Glorious, Ardent & Acasta. Meanwhile, in London, Churchill was pushing his First Sea Lord, Sir Dudley Pound, to make Operation Paul happen. He was the one being asked to make the decision.

Copyright © 2020 Times of Malta. The second theory is that D’Oyly Hughes was in a hurry to get back to Scapa Flow to attend the court marshal of Heath. Cdr. It was nearly three days later when the first of only 45 survivors were pulled from the sea by a Norwegian boats. Kenneth Macksey, in his book “ Invasion” went further and sighted the torpedo hit and damage to Scharnhorst as putting an end to German plans for Operation Sealion;  the invasion of Great Britain, planned for July 1940. Churchill’s First Lord of The Admiralty Diary Entry for 7th May 1940 – Fleet Air Arm Conference. We know from the signal sent on the 8th May 1940 (The day after D’Oyly-Hughes met with Churchill) to the Admiralty from Glorious that the ship had 12 sets of long range fuel tanks on board. The cover up of Churchill’s Operation Paul, HMS Glorious – The cover up of Churchill’s Operation Paul.

75596, H.M.S. Glorious, age 25, 08/06/1940, missing Air Mechanic 1st Class Roy E. Hounsell, RN FAA/FX. The Royal Navy took no action to try and rescue the 900 men who were left to freeze to death in the frigid Norwegian waters. The Gloster Gladiators proved to be vital for the air defence of Malta in the beginning of the war. Maybe there is also a kind of conspiracy, giving them a merry-go-round of answers that lead to nowhere until the 100-year Secrecy Act slapped on this tragedy in 1940 elapses. At this early point of the war, it is fair to say all was not well at the Admiralty. Glorious, age unknown, 08/06/1940, missing Leading Airman Joseph Houldsworth, RN FAA/FX. He made Churchill his principal political target. 60 was actually 6. She fought with outstanding resolution in a situation that was hopeless for her. On the 5th June 1940 at 1655 a lengthy signal from First Sea Lord, Dudley Pound, was sent to the Commander in Chief, Home Fleet, Admiral Sir Charles “Wrong Way” Forbes and Vice Admiral Air  Lionel “Nutty” Wells in HMS Ark Royal off the Norwegian coast (in company with Glorious).

The carrier had in the meantime capsized, and the place where she went down lay far astern of the ship.

16, H.M.S. The final range was about 5 miles. Pounds’ hand written note on the Board of Enquiry reads “Glorious seems to have forgotten she was a Man o’ War” laying the blame squarely at D’Oyly-Hughes’s door. With them were tons of gold bullion and cash, all of which was sent in separate shipments to the UK.

The end of May and beginning of June 1940 also brought warnings of increased radio traffic from the German naval base of Kiel, home to the battlecruisers; Scharnhorst and Gneisenau. The hit immediately affected the main turret magazines, the turret starting to burn. The Allies were trying to stop the German war machine from occupying Norway, which provided iron ore as well as safe shipping lanes for German navy vessels. The war moved on and the issue went quiet for some years until in 1946, after further probing from Stokes, a brief official account was released. But there were no medals for this action, which was a disaster that the Royal Navy would have no wish to advertise, either now or after the war. The signal confirms 12 sets of fuel tanks were being held in Glorious plus the 6 more to be fitted to the aircraft of Glorious’ 823 Squadron, (Temporarily put ashore in the Orkneys to make way for the RAF fighters being ferried by Glorious to Norway) giving a total of 18.

Why did he give Glorious permission to leave the convoy?

The Swordfish from Glorious landed on at 14.40 and flew off 54mins later, at 15.34.

Follow him on Twitter @NavalHistorian. The Chief of the Naval Staff reported the results of an air reconnaissance, and consideration was given to the question whether a certain operation (Paul) should be carried out.

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