how do the characters on the stagecoach change from the beginning to the end

Ringo is a rugged outlaw who was wrongfully put in jail after the Plummer brothers killed his father and brother. Ringo takes an immediate liking to her, and his acceptance gives her the courage to begin respecting herself more and imagining a better life for herself. Part of the exposition sequence in the film is to establish the ensemble of characters who will be riding the stage coach. Doctor Boone is also being pushed out of town, for failing to pay rent and general drunkenness, and he is contrasted with the priggish and effete Mr. Peacock, a whiskey salesman whom everyone mistakes for a clergyman. Next comes an extended sequence of exposition, in which we see the social and political dynamics at play among white settlers in the West. Change ), Class Mobility — Another Follow Myth — Read with Rocky, LOOK! resource to ask questions, find answers, and discuss the novel. Buck is the affable and comic driver of the stagecoach. At the bank, Gatewood, a bank manager, accepts a payroll delivery from the coach line, the equivalent of $50,000. Because Lucy is pregnant, the women also worry about Lucy traveling without a doctor, but Lucy insists that someone said there was a doctor onboard. Boone is a perfect example of a person who doesn't have a good reputation in society, but has a strong sense of what is right. Within the first three minutes of John Ford’s Stagecoach, the viewer is transported to the “Old West.”  The opening sequence features galloping horses towing along a wooden wagon with dust filling the air as they move towards the West. Curley arrests him and he joins the travelers.

He then tells Curley that he’s saving up money to get married, and Curley wonders about what Gatewood was doing on his way out of town. He arrests Ringo for breaking out of jail, but he also sympathizes with and likes Ringo, knowing deep down that Ringo is on the side of good. Instead of fleeing from custody, he senses danger and stays to help the others: a heroic move for a supposed con-man. At the bank, Gatewood’s wife asks for $5 to pay the butcher and that she’s invited the Ladies of the Law and Order League over for dinner. The novel centers on the emotional development of two protagonist characters who are two worlds a part socially but very alike in their pride and ability to form prejudices. His character traits didn’t necessarily change throughout but the audience’s view of him did. Mr. Peacock is a comically effete and polite whiskey salesman. A group of men leer at Dallas as she gets onto the stagecoach, exposing her ankle seductively to a group of cowboys.

GradeSaver "Stagecoach Characters". Inside a tent, a man tells another that a group of Apache Indians are being stirred up by Geronimo, a tribal leader. Feeling sorry for Boone, the bartender pours him a drink and points out that the only other man in the bar is a passenger from the stagecoach, a whiskey salesman named Peacock from Kansas City. Rather than dangerous, he is courageous. Part of the adventure of the film comes from such a mixed crowd embarking into the unknown. Boone doesn't know, but gives his blessing and does all he can to help the couple unite. You’ve never seen an angel, or a gentlewoman…”. None of them are especially used to travel, but are all thrown into the same situation. We then see a group of American Indians on horseback as the credits roll. There is…

Our class made it to the Honors webpage. At the start of the film he has escaped, and the stagecoach encounters him on their journey. Change ), You are commenting using your Facebook account.

Dallas goes to Boone and mourns the fact that they are both being run out of town. Lucy says it’s just a few hours and she isn’t worried about it. He is well-intentioned, kind-hearted, and a bit simple-minded. “Haven’t I any right to live?

Buck thinks that the Ringo Kid ought to stay away from Luke Plummer, who is a dangerous and violent man, and whom Buck has recently seen in Lordsburg, the destination of the stagecoach. I’ve watched couples meet, start dating, get married, have kids, and even get divorced. We see them solely from the perspective of the white men, as threatening savages on the warpath, who, we get the vague sense, are going to attack the stagecoach only because they are violent and spiteful people. A dynamic character , in contrast, is one that does undergo an important change in the course of the story. He is driven from town for not paying his rent and serves as comic relief on the stagecoach's journey.

Hatfield has an ambiguous interest in Lucy and is disreputable in the town. Dallas is a classic example of a prostitute with a heart of gold. The first character is Elizabeth Bennet, Mr. Bennet’s second daughter and the most…

Even though the threat… The opening sequence features galloping horses towing along a wooden wagon with dust filling the air as they move towards the West. He is not a fighter. Hatfield is a former Confederate soldier who takes an interest in Lucy Mallory and feels protective of her on the stagecoach journey. Boone climbs on after her, as well as Mr. Peacock. Even apart from the fact that their travel route is a high risk area, all of the characters on the stagecoach are putting themselves into unusual circumstances, save perhaps Peacock, who is a traveler by trade. I’ve counseled professionals through being laid off, searching for new jobs, starting in new fields, and t… As the driver lets people out of the stagecoach, a woman asks if there’s somewhere she can go for a cup of tea. While she is very brave, she is also very snobbish and rude to people who she deems to be beneath her, such as Dallas, a prostitute. When Curley asks the group if they still want to embark on their journey, everyone does. Dallas and Boone walk across the street and Boone goes into the bar to talk to the bartender. Within the first three minutes of John Ford's Stagecoach, the viewer is transported to the "Old West."

It cuts to an isolated town with the county sheriff, guns in every man’s hand. An Indian envoy, who gave them the information, stands nearby, and when one of the white men questions whether the envoy is lying, another tells him that the messenger is Cheyenne, and “they hate the Apache worse than we do.” Suddenly a message comes in via telegram; it reads simply “Geronimo.” Ominous music plays as the men pass the message around. In contrast to the serious and sophisticated Lucy Mallory is Dallas, a rowdy saloon girl who is being pushed out of town for her prostituting ways. These dear ladies of the Law and Order League are scouring out the dregs of the town.

Westerns play off this notion by having an outlaw either be the antagonist or the protagonist that eventually becomes good.

Both Dallas and Boone are outcasts, forced out of their homes for their undignified vices. Doc Boone is a drunken doctor with a good heart and a strong moral conviction, in spite of his near-constant intoxication. His reasoning for the jailbreak is just: he was wrongfully accused. Even apart from the fact that their travel route is a high risk area, all of the characters on the stagecoach are putting themselves into unusual circumstances, save perhaps Peacock, who is a traveler by trade. Change ), You are commenting using your Twitter account. A stagecoach is a four-wheeled public coach used to carry paying passengers and light packages on journeys long enough to need a change of horses. He believes in upholding the law, doing what's right, and being brave, and he acts as a kind of leader in the trip to Lordsburg. “I’m offering my protection to this lady,” he says, referring to Lucy. GradeSaver, John Ford: The Landscape of the American West.

At a camp, a flag is raised as a man plays a bugle. In the stagecoach, Gatewood talks admiringly about the army men back in the town. She is conflicted, however, about going to live with Ringo because she fears that his affections are conditional, that he won't love her once he finds out about her bad reputation. It cuts to an isolated town with the county sheriff, guns in every man's hand. The main conflict is outlined at the start, and concerns the tension between Western settlers and American Indians. When Mary asks Lucy what she’s doing in Arizona, Lucy tells her that she’s joining Richard, her husband, who is out West with his troops. In a nearby bar, the mysterious man that Lucy spotted earlier is gambling and playing cards. At the start of the film he has escaped, and the stagecoach encounters him on their journey. It is strongly sprung and generally drawn by four horses.. A stagecoach trip pulls into town to take a short break on their journey. Gatewood is running away with thousands of dollars. The movie investigates a particular moment in American history, one in which white settlers were at odds with indigenous American Indians. The film follows a very straightforward structure. They help her onto the stagecoach. Curley doesn’t quite trust him, but lets him in. We are invited into people’s most painful and personal moments. Because he is running from the law, he is anxious to get a move on at various points in the journey, getting into contentious fights with the other passengers. Clergy get a unique view into people’s lives. Come on. Lucy’s class is particularly highlighted by her interaction with the raffish and sinister Hatfield.

Stagecoach (1939) portrays Indians in a wholly negative light. Hearing that Peacock sells whiskey, Boone gets excited and walks over to introduce himself, taking a swig from the bottle that Peacock is carrying. Ringo defies this once more at the climax of the film. Mary notes that Lucy is only one stop away from her destination, when a strange man comes out of the hotel and tips his hat at the group. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: You are commenting using your account. He even falls in love with the damsel, an outcast in and of herself. After she leaves, Gatewood takes a sum of embezzled money from under the main desk and puts it in a bag, planning to leave town. Widely used before steam-powered, rail transport was available, a stagecoach made long scheduled trips using stage stations or posts where the stagecoach's horses would be replaced by … One of his more humorous affects is his constantly cracking voice. The Question and Answer section for Stagecoach is a great Gatewood is surprised, insisting that he wasn’t told, but quickly covers up his surprise so that it isn’t obvious that he had already left town when the announcement was made. Talk of Indians or “savages” are on the tips of tongues.

“Doc Boone? “But, brother, aren’t you aware what’s happened?” asks Peacock. While he is not a particularly respectable individual in society's eyes, he has a strong sense of what is right, and is loyal to his father and brother's memory, vowing to avenge their deaths. The change in her character occurs strategically owing to her experiences that compel her to mature thus act in a wiser manner than the rest of the character assume her to be.

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