independent fundamental baptist stories

Then I went to college at Pensacola Christian College. We were close to divorcing so many times. Here in ‘the body’ everyone finds rest. Heading nowhere to rid her mess. I want to call it out, but I don't know how. ( we now realize we were WAY too young, but both agree that we jumped into marriage as it was the only way our strict IFB parents and church would let us be together, i mean we weren't even allowed to sit on the same couch, go out on a date, or be alone together for even 5 minutes, wouldn't you do anything to get out from under that kind of control? ) I searched scripture& attended MANY churches & denominations to find answers and redemption even from a standpoint of not being a "heavy hitting sinner"I feel I fell from grace and sought repentance from sex outside of marriage at a young age. Please hit me back if you can. It just upsets me this is the first faith they tried and now they have all these twisted perceptions about how to be a Christian and have all sorts of misinformation about my faith. The pastor and pastor's wife had us in counselling a day or two after. My experience is one of cult like and anti-intellectual retaliations. The folding chair was made from cheap aluminum with vinyl 60's design floral prints in a cross weave pattern. My temptation is high." I used the NIV bible at my church and the My issue in the inerrancy is found here... 1 Chronicles 1:36 The sons of Eliphaz; Teman, and Omar, Zephi, and Gatam, Kenaz, and Timna, and Amalek.

But after awhile the "rules" felt very oppressive. I had that gift since I was 15 years old when a Christian friend invited me to their church event. Her father is not saying anything that she could use against him. Yet this was GRACE RELIGION…..I dont think so! Surely these were some backwoods nuts who didn't know any better...some sort of cult or something.

The aim of Biblical Counseling is to effect change in the counselee by encouraging conformity to biblical scripture.

There were NO checks & balances for the pastor. To give you an example of his twisted logic, you may think it's okay to have gay friends, however, in his mind we're supposed to be separated from the world according to the Bible verse mentioned above. But I would rather be there than anywhere near their false way behaving. It not be his will I suppose and most probably it be selfish on my part. Our church is small but has several unused buildings that I can’t help but cry thinking of homeless people freezing outside. I guess my question would be how to find a church (&/or denomination) -- without attending hundreds of services/churches. Sincerely, Bj.

I was homeschooling two children and trying to keep the fort all together by myself.

I lived in constant fear of being 'sent away'. After a short time, she began telling my dad (who was and is a conservative and respectable Lutheran) that he was a heathen and leading his children astray.

I mean how do we define spiritual abuse anyway?

There's so much more...thanks for this site. The pastor came and saw me after i had shared with the associate pastor that i was considering leaving.

Naive. I have picked up their bad habits and do the same thing they have done to me without even knowing that I commit the same sins and I have cause to be angry at my brethren the leaders, I seem to attract these types of abuses of Churches. Hello.

We cannot have a solid interpretation of a particular passage in the Bible based on one verse. About my friends. our son & his wife stayed on the porch telling her why we came and we love her. At the time he couldn't give me a straight answer. A short time into the pregnancy the wife miscarried. My husband decided he could go in the military, maybe pursue being a chaplain and when his time was up we could use the retirement and benefits to help us as we pastor a church. As with any sysytem over time it tends to degrade.

Child Abuse: IFB's believe at least one of the two following statements: 1. I have completed four years at HAC and have one semester left. ?…”you can’t go to anyone else??

Not being “cool” enough was a good reason.

They basically rebooted his brain and he bought in to their theology. I would like to start by saying I am 15 years old, so I hope that everyone will be kind to me and not say anything that would be extremely hurtful. My older grandchildren have given up the church they grew up in, all holidays, time spent with extended family on holidays, no K-love radio, no sports, the list goes on.

she wouldn't let us in, yelled and screamed at us, the hate in her eyes was demonic. I was wondering how, if at all, your feelings on the IFB have changed since you started this page.

Im think it would be biblical to approach my Pastor and follow Matt18:15-17 ...what are your thoughts.

As if reading some material that isn’t IFB approved will be the wrong influence and cause me to sin. I am having difficulty overcoming the pain of the unresolved past that I experienced in the IFB cult. The hardest thing is loving my family who acknowledges everything that is wrong and horrible with IFB, but chooses to remain anyway, because "God hasn't called them anywhere else" sigh. So I presume this stumbling on your site was the answer I needed. They base it on I read on the manuscripts from Antioch. Baptist will always be somewhat judgmental and legalistic to some degree or another. Even though I had thoses visitations of Christ I never saw his facial features which no one can see in the flesh I do believe. A divorced woman still is working as a staff member , a pastor still committing emotional adultery , another family destroyed by the "leadership " of this IFB , Can you help me in anyway ?

I still — if something bad happens to me, my immediate go-to in my brain is God’s punishing me, and I have to talk myself through it.”.

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