iowa blizzard 1975

The blizzard that raged over parts of eastern Iowa and southern Wisconsin April 8th and 9th of 1973 was epic. The tornado outbreak continued, with an F2 and two F1s reported around this time in southern IL and IN.

The corresponding 0000z surface chart shows the occluded front lying along the axis of the 850 mb trough in the north, and about 100 kilometres to the west across the Great Plains. Although electrical power to homes in the city was off for about 45 minutes, the municipal utilities force was quick to activate the three diesel generators in the local plant when an outage occurred in the transmission lines from the Bureau of Reclamation.

The storm crossed the Rocky Mountains later that day and began to reform in the Colorado area early the following day. This is the lobby of the Omaha Hilton Hotel after the blizzard. Power failed for many about 10 p.m. Friday.

By 1500z (9 am CDT), the lows have merged into a single 982 mb centre just east of Kansas City KS, which appears to be the continuation of the original low.

The 850 mb low is now in extreme southeastern Nebraska.

The 850 mb chart shows a pool of cold Arctic air, θw of -25C over northern BC, with a nose driving south-southeastward across southern AB and into WY in the northerly flow to the west of an elongated, crescent-shaped low centred over Nebraska. It is worthy of note that the low is now separate from the wave on the Maritime front, which is about 120 kilometres northeast of the low.

Jerry Stuckey contributed the use of his four-wheel drive International Scout to the Sheriff’s Department throughout the storm for use in rescue efforts.

Although we’ve tried to picture the situation in Milford, you “sun-bathers” in Florida, New Mexico, Texas, etc. Hotels overflowed. On Jan. 10, 1975, Omaha was crippled by a blizzard, part of a larger storm that suffocated the Midwest in wind and snow and that hurled tornadoes across the southeast. Moderate to heavy snow is falling across a broad area ahead of the low and to the west of the weakening occluded front and the polar trowal. Power was lost in Spirit Lake, Arnolds Park and Wahpeton at 11:10 p.m. Friday as the storm was building to its peak.

Although Friday was cloudy and cold, everything was “go”—schools had started on schedule, it was business as usual on Okobojl Ave., and highway travel was normal. He was Don Undine of Sioux City, driving a Kaplan truck.

Councilman Bob Hanson, chairman of the street committee, said the street department crew started clearing Milford streets early Sunday morning—the wind and snow of the weekend storm curtailing any plowing until that time. I hope he got his belly full.

I've been trying to remember his name but can't come up with it. The 800 Club was a neighborhood bar surrounded by small homes in a totally residential…. More than 18 inches of snow fell in some parts of Iowa, with winds reaching 65 mph.

Two cold pools are evident, one near Edmonton AB (-42C -1C θw) and the other over northern NM, (-32C 5C θw). Three to five thousand chickens are dead at the Hilltop Chicken Farm and the possibility of having to destroy the rest (18,000). [3] Rather, as the storm system pulled out into the central plains, strong thunderstorms and tornadoes quickly began to form despite the late hours. Outstanding Iowa blizzards total 16; they are described in Table 1. He received assistance from the Dickinson County Sheriff’s office and walked out over the drifts at the hospital to a waiting 4-wheel drive jeep driven by Sheriff’s Deputy Von Kilts. A special thanks is in order to all snowmobilers who provided needed assistance during this crisis. The Polar wave and frontal system are still evident, as is the Maritime frontal system with a wave in the centre of the low. It was time then for maintenance crews to again attempt clearing streets and highways-but it was slow, since even the heavy duty equipment had problems slicing through mammoth mounds. About noon on Sunday a few cars and trucks could navigate, but their travel was limited since not all highways and streets had been opened-even heavier equipment had to be called in to cut through some of the hard-packed piles of snow. Gary Lowman, manpower coordinator of the Postal Service, sorts through the overflow of about 20,000 pounds of mail on Jan. 12, 1975.

Temperatures are near 20C near the Gulf but drop to the 16C-to-18C range over Kentucky and southern Indiana and Illinois. Street Commissioner Gary Simpson and Jim Wolthuis operated the city equipment, but additional aid had to be summoned from Alexander Blacktop Co, and Syndargaard Construction Co. — payloaders, trucks, etc.

January 11, 1975 Bluffs Area Is Pounded By Blizzard.

They did not return home until Sunday morning. A multi-state winter storm watch was in effect, but where would the storm hit?

Meanwhile, the snow has spread as far north as Gillam MB and strong winds are developing across the southern Kivalliq district, with north winds at 30 mph reported at Ennadai Lake NT.

The “Great” Blizzard of 1975 Bryce O. Stenzel; Jan 12, 2018 Jan 12, 2018; Bryce Stenzel. [2] Sustained winds of 30 – 50 mph (48 – 80 km/h) with gusts from 70 – 90 mph (113 – 145 km/h) produced snowdrifts up to 20 feet (6 m) in some locations. This storm remains one of the worst blizzards to ever strike parts of the Midwest, as well as one of the largest January tornado outbreaks on record in the United States.

The declaration will help trigger disaster assistance through the U.S. Department of Agriculture. . People were snowbound everywhere during the Jan. 1975 blizzard in Omaha. I accused Walt Polk but he hit me in the mouth so I dropped the subject. The snow began to fall about 8:00 in the morning but things began to pick up about noon and by one p.m. the wind was blowing a gail [sic] and everyone started heading for home with most business places locking up for the day. Those strong winds and drifts prevented IE linemen and substation crews from reaching the Montgomery substation to restore power to that area.

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