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But if I was subpoenaed, I would obviously tell the truth. I have a hard time believing it.

"Mark's like Tiger (Woods). I guarantee it drove Bonds to get competitive.". I was a user and had good, clean stuff. Jay McGwire was a professional bodybuilder based at Gold's Gym in Walnut Creek in 1994 when he began overseeing a training program for his brother … According to Deadspin.com, Jay McGwire claims he introduced his brother to a steroid dealer shortly after he won a bodybuilding contest in May 1994. ", In his 2005 book "Juiced," Jose Canseco wrote that he began injecting Mark McGwire with steroids in 1988, when they were teammates with the Oakland A's. He began spending a $150,000 insurance settlement on steroids and partying.

“Somewhere in the course of a conversation between brothers, baseball history was changed,” Jay McGwire wrote. Deadspin.com reported Wednesday that Jay McGwire has been shopping a book proposal to major publishing houses that claims he introduced the scandal-stained slugger to steroids and that he also used human growth hormone. It motivated other athletes. Bodybuilding became his passion, and he soaked up the lifestyle, including steroid use. Jay McGwire was a professional bodybuilder based at Gold's Gym in Walnut Creek in 1994 when he began overseeing a training program for his brother that included steroids and human growth hormone - according to Jay's book ("Mark and Me: Mark McGwire and the Truth Behind Baseball's Worst-Kept Secret"), to be released Monday.

"In addition to the healing prospects I saw ahead for Mark," Jay wrote in the book, "I saw in him a blank canvas. I come to find out that Jay McGwire is circulating a manuscript titled “The Mcgwire family: The truth about steroids, a slugger, and ultimate redemption”. Sean Connery, The Original Bond, Oscar Winner, Dies At 90, McGwire Steroid Use Outed by Younger Brother. Jay said he also introduced Mark to androstenedione. Deadspin.com reported Thursday that Jay McGwire's former fiancee, Lauren Brown, told the Web site that the former Bash Brother was very open about his steroid use. Can You Name the Most Iconic Athletes in Sports History?

In his Jan. 11 admission, Mark said he continued using steroids while breaking Maris' record - "leftovers from what I gave him in '96, or maybe he ran into someone else," said Jay, who speculated that Mark was off steroids by his final season in 2001 if only because he was slowed by right knee tendinitis that juicing might have helped prevent.

In the book proposal, Jay McGwire said that while other players may be devastated, his brother probably doesn't care. "I didn't have regrets at the time. It needs to be told," Brown told Deadspin.com "And why shouldn't Jay tell the story instead of some random media person? John Shea is The San Francisco Chronicle's national baseball writer and columnist. I got him back on the field and performing.". Calling it a "sad day" for his family, Mark McGwire said Thursday he doesn't plan on "ever seeing" his brother Jay again after learning about steroid allegations made in a … In his proposal, first reported by the Web site deadspin.com, Jay McGwire, a bodybuilder, said he introduced his brother to steroids in 1994. Jay McGwire writes that Mark started juicing after watching his brother build himself into a 6-3, 320-pound professional bodybuilder. Mitchell Report investigators whiffed, said Jay, claiming he never was contacted. It was no big deal.".
He keeps quiet.". Jay said Selig and owners knew players were juicing in the '90s but ignored it because the home run jolt helped return fans to ballparks after the 1994-95 strike. season, he talked him into trying a combination of human growth hormone (HGH) and Deca-Durabolin. “He wants to watch his two boys play high school baseball,” former Padres manager Andy Green said at the time, per ESPN. But all of that was shattered in 2005, when McGwire, who had retired from the Cardinals in 2001, refused to testify under oath about his steroid use at a Congressional hearing.As if that wasn't enough, now his estranged younger brother is apparently releasing a tell all book about their excessive use of performance enhancing drugs... Jay McGwire is the brother of former MLB player Mark McGwire. In the book, Jay writes of his dream to excel in team sports ending in high school when he lost his right eye in a BB gun accident.

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If Mark had kept playing, Jay said, "He could've hit 700, 750, 800 home runs.". Jay said he was the first to inject Mark (then with the A's) with steroids, four years before McGwire broke Maris' record (1998) and seven years before Bonds broke McGwire's record (2001). But later on, yes," said Jay, who now lives with his wife and three children in Corona (Riverside County) and recently opened his own gym. You keep it hush-hush. Jay McGwire said Friday in a Chronicle interview. The supplier, who was also a trainer, explained how different drugs affected the body and answered his brother's questions. Jay McGwire's book proposal describes an idyllic childhood as the youngest of four boys in an exceptionally athletic family (another brother, Dan McGwire, was an NFL quarterback). Jay said Mark used Deca-Durabolin to recover from workouts and ease joint pain. Jay said it's about sharing his own story of a once-suicidal drug abuser saved by religion, sending a message to others to avoid steroids and even defending Mark for being much more than a steroid user. "My bringing the truth to the surface about Mark is out of love," Jay McGwire wrote.
Jay McGwire's book proposal describes an idyllic childhood as the youngest of four boys in an exceptionally athletic family (another brother, Dan McGwire, was an NFL quarterback). Brown said she knew that her boyfriend was supplying the slugger with drugs, and she said she saw "several tubes of an injectible substance in Mark's refrigerator" during a 1996 visit to his home.

"Basically a guy I ran across," said Jay, who used the connection to win a Contra Costa County bodybuilding title and found another supplier for Mark in Walnut Creek.

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