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Just so it doesn’t get detected on the radar as a suspicious activity, the tool keeps changing IPs using the virtual servers. Customize the amount of points per challenge question. From my testing, numbers lower than 1500 work, and big numbers get ignored by Kahoot! The Hide Correct setting hides the correct answers, making the page look more like Kahoot! Challenges have options, custom points and always correct. There are many online kahoot bot generators, however, the advancements in the security used for the tool has made a lot of ineffective as well. If you are on a desktop or laptop, you can download our web/electron application and run it on your own computer. The Disable Question Timer setting allows you to answer a challenge question without worrying about the timer. It also works on Kahoot challenges. Panic Mode hides the settings menu, enables Manual Control and Hide Correct. Quizzes with multiple questions with the same correct answer), 2.13.0 - Bug fixes, client now reconnects to the game if the sever goes down. We do not recommend using Kahoot bots in the classroom since it is unethical, risky, and could get you suspended if you get caught. Also, jumble questions have a new UI, now you can drag things around! Now changes title of page and icon. Sometimes using the quiz name as the search term is not the best idea. By default, it is disabled, meaning that you would get the normal 1000 points for a quick correct answer. Bot Name Status Auto Play Place Score Manage; 1: Bot: Off: Off: 1: 10000: Manage: Username. From testing, the maximum working value is 1,500.

The Manual Control setting allows you to answer questions for the server. When enabled, a second question correct adds an additional 100 points, and so on, capping at 500.

The Team Members setting specifies the team member names used in team mode games. Want to play without seeing the answers? The Fail Purposely setting enables the server to randomly answer questions. 2.6.11 - Vastly improved styling. It has NO AFFECT on LIVE GAMES. This website is a kahoot bot/"hack" made for the purpose of simply winning the game. You can now click the "WINNER" text to hide it. Please use the (?) This helps the bot search for your quiz. I am also pretty sure that it is working currently as of November 2020. 2.9.1 - Improved analytics, small changes to backend. When a user is able to name the bot, it ensures that it doesn’t look like a spam to the security system. 2.7.1 - Added themes. Search. 2.6.11 - Vastly improved styling. If you are on a desktop or laptop, you can download our web/electron application and run it on your own computer. Just make sure that you provide the EXACT name though. The Points setting specifies the amount of points per correct answer on Kahoot Challenges. This setting may not work as it uses a very simple formula that isn't perfect. It also works on Kahoot challenges. 3.1.0 - Fixes bugs, adds music and another challenge option. Press the button. You get to press the button yourself. It has NO AFFECT on LIVE GAMES. The Hide Correct setting hides the correct answers, making the page look more like Kahoot! Points . UI style updated to match Kahoot! Also, while you are trying to have fun, it could hurt the learning process which is something a student cannot ever afford. 2.19.0 - Bug fixes, improvements, added ability to search for kahoots under (quiz id), 2.18.4 - Bug fixes, improvements, changes to fix misunderstanding about "Always Correct". Loose search has been improved, showing less options after each question. Team members default to "Player 1,Player 2,Player 3,Player 4". 2.18.1 - Added a custom score sub-setting and fixed some bugs. Loose search has been improved, showing less options after each question. (A lot...), 2.8.1 - Fixed a lot of backend bugs. 2.17.1 - Fixed some bugs and added a database of Kahoots to make finding quizzez without user input possible. 2.17.3 - Bug fixes and improvements. For true/false questions, layout is modified to show blue:red instead of red:blue. 2.13.1 - Added a "not working" reporting system. 2.11.7 - Bug fixes, RGB UI, and an ability to wait to go to the next question. Improved some things and fixed some bugs. 2.17.0 - Removed Quiz Name from options, made some changes to make it easier to search for Kahoots. Duplicate names are valid but all will be removed if one is deleted. You can now click the "WINNER" text to hide it. You can also spam through this Hak from our website. The Always Correct setting is an optional setting that forces Kahoot Challenge questions to be correct, even if it is incorrect. If you know the author of the quiz, this greatly helps. Challenges have options, custom points and always correct. Mobile devices can toggle sections of the options. You would only use this if you want to hide that you are using Kahoot Winner or if you prefer this site's UI more than Kahoot's. You need to provide input on the content of the question though.

You can easily crash the Kahoot game with this. To tackle this scenario, our team of developers have developed a tool which uses the most natural method of introducing a Kahoot bot into the session. Fixed some issues with styling on mobile. Correct answers should now be more obvious. By using these settings, you will overwrite your timeout setting. We shall now move ahead and inform you on these tools in more detail. This website also supports playing Kahoot Challenges. If the question starts too quickly, you can use On, wait for confirmation to input the question and then when ready, press the "Ready" button. 2.16.0 - Added detailed information, fixed bugs, and added the ability to set a custom time frame for answer timeout. If you know the exact URL or id of the quiz, you can use that here to tell the server which quiz to use. The Manual Control setting allows you to answer questions for the server. Using this website you can send up to 80 bots to any public Kahoot game! The Preview Question setting allows you to view the question and answers before the question starts. This means that the server will no longer search for kahoots when the quiz name is empty or only full of special characters. Also applicable on mobile tablets PC etc. That way, you can answer the question normally instead of randomly guessing. It has NO AFFECT on LIVE GAMES. The Search Term setting specifies the search term used to find the quiz. 2.17.3 - Bug fixes and improvements. The Disable Autoplay setting allows you to wait after answering a Kahoot Challenge question. If the host enables 2 Step Factors, you can enable this to skip entering the code yourself and just enter the game by sending all possible codes at once. When this is disabled, you will be sent to a screen to enter in the two factor pattern yourself. From testing, the maximum working value is 1,500.

2.6.2 - Support all question types, improve searching, 2.6.0 - Begins backend support for new question types, 2.5.3 - Saves options after using shortcuts, 2.5.2 - Improves styles, fixes option saving on windows, 2.5.1 - Improves UI, adds caching and progressive web app, 2.4.3 - Add google analytics and other meta stuff, 2.3.6 - Improves player takeover (the last letter of password is 'l'), 2.3.5 / 2.3.4 - Various bug fixes and improvements, 2.3.3 - Adds hiding the answers in options, 2.0.0 - begin work on new, website, recode entire project. There are certain quizzes that loose search will not work well on though. It has NO AFFECT on LIVE GAMES. This setting affects Preview Question. This website is great because you don't ruin a game by spamming it with hundreds of bots, but instead send a single, OP bot to claim victory. The selected question will be used when the question starts. In the second step, you will need to add the number of bots.

Kahoot recently removed the quiz name from being sent to the client, meaning that you need to find the quiz yourself. But before we do that, let us take a closer look at the application, so we know what makes it so popular. 2.17.4 - Performance fixes and improvements. 2.10.1 - Added social media to about and login page. Search Loosely is now a little bit better. Take definitive control of any Kahoot game with Kahoot smash. Setting the option to Ask to fail will put a button at the bottom of the screen each question asking whether to fail the question or not. You can enable this option to get the question "correct," while answering incorrectly. This has NO AFFECT on LIVE GAMES. 2.8.3 - Added a navigation bar to other pages under this domain. 2.14.2 - Improved styling for mobile devices, fixed some bugs, 2.14.1 - Locked quiz detection and bug fixes. 2.15.0 - Added presets and fixed bugs. Greatly improved styling! Unfortunately, this added a garbage disposal, which nobody knows what it actually does.

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