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He is an advent reader, and can dutifully remember what he's read at any moment. In the TV series, Hal is portrayed by David Alan Grier.

Lemony Snicket was in love with Beatrice and they almost got married, but Beatrice married Bertrand instead, supposedly because she believed that Lemony was dead after his obituary appeared in The Daily Punctilio newspaper. In The Slippery Slope, Esmé was present when the Man with a Beard But No Hair and the Woman with Hair But No Beard show up to discuss some plans with Count Olaf. Klaus hated Sunny when she was born, but when she was six weeks old, they were thick as thieves.

In the film, he has lighter hair and does not wear glasses. 1, Jacquelyn is seen in a flashback attending the party at V.F.D. In The Marvelous Marriage, he is given a brown overshirt to wear to symbolize that he is playing a camel.

[3] Klaus became very interested in books, and would spend a lot of time in his family's library. Captain Widdershins shows them a big black question mark on the submarine's radar, called The Great Unknown. This character has a very loose grip on reality and can't always rationally evaluate situations. After the Hook-Handed Man makes off with Duncan and Isadora Quagmire, Olivia walks off with the book on secret organizations. Klaus starts his own commonplace book after Quigley gives him one. Danyell has been an assistant to the stars, STEM educator and freelance writer for over 5 years. In The End, Kit mentions to the Baudelaires that the Quagmires, Hector, Captain Widdershins, Fiona, and Fernald were said to have been swallowed up by the Great Unknown. Prior to this, however, they were under the impression that Violet and Klaus were the two worst students in the history of the school. However, the two of them were bored the entire evening.

Personality… quiet, subdued and bookish. He also joined Count Olaf because Captain Widdershins always said "Aye!" When Dewey Denouement is killed during the confrontation with Count Olaf which awakens all the hotel patrons, he agrees with Mrs. Bass when she claims that the Baudelaire children are criminals and he says that they are too freakish to be allowed to move around freely. [11] He is officially confirmed to be Kit Snicket's lover in this show. Following Olaf, Violet and her siblings help him unlock the laundry room to get the sugar bowl. He is known for his one eyebrow, gleaming eyes, and V.F.D. Lemony deduces that Ishmael and the islanders were saved by the Incredibly Deadly Viper who swam miles into the ocean to deliver the special apple to them all, despite that he's not sure. While Larry keeps Esmé busy at Café Salmonella, Olivia accompanies Jacques into searching the Squalors' building for Duncan and Isadora. In the TV series, she is portrayed by Catherine O'Hara (who previously portrayed Justice Strauss in the film adaptation). When Count Olaf comments that the freaks are running around the mountain somewhere, the Woman with Hair But No Beard quotes "Not anymore." She was four years old when the Schism began and became a member of the fire-fighting side of the V.F.D. She is depicted as always carrying a microphone and incorrectly reports on events throughout the series. In The Slippery Slope, Bruce appears again as the leader of the Snow Scouts.

She dislikes the Baudelaires, taunting them for being orphans and calling them "cakesniffers".

He wears fake hands on his hooks and/or other outfits that would hide his hooks when posing as different people.

Count Olaf, who had previously proclaimed himself king of Olaf-Land, threatens the girl with a harpoon gun. In the film, Gustav Sebald is portrayed by John Dexter. 1". He is allergic to peppermint, as are both of his sisters.

They live a kind of peaceful life, and they are ready to go to Peru when Stephano (Count Olaf) becomes Uncle Monty's assistant. While the Baudelaires stay at the Poes' house, she buys a lot of itchy and ugly clothing. Friday is unfazed; she refuses Olaf permission to land on the island, but invites the Baudelaires onto the island. When Count Olaf starts the fire at the Hotel Denouement, Frank and Ernest were last seen on the first floor as the Woman With Hair But No Beard directs them to the elevator where the Baudelaires, Count Olaf, and Justice Strauss are.

While on a picnic during his life, Ike wanted to go swimming in Lake Lachrymose, though Josephine had warned him to wait an hour after eating, as if he didn't he would attract the Lachrymose Leeches. Then, after seeing the movie "Zombies in the Snow", Stephano uses poison from a venomous snake, the Mamba du Mal, to murder Uncle Monty, blaming it on the herpetologist's newest acquisition, the Incredibly Deadly Viper. Count Olaf being surprised by Arthur Poe's appearance resulted in the accident where Dewey Denouement was killed by the harpoon gun. In The Carnivorous Carnival, Count Olaf whipped and abused them enough for them to have scars where the Baudelaire children noticed that as they can see the ribs of one of them due to them being lethargic and malnourished. These books include The Tides of Lake Lachrymose, The Bottom of Lake Lachrymose, Lachrymose Trout, The History of the Damocles Dock Region, Ivan Lachrymose - Lake Explorer, How Water Is Made and A Lachrymose Atlas. Researcher Klaus searching Justice Strauss' library. To find the perfect family for him and his siblings.To solve the mystery of his parents' deaths.To avoid Olaf.To find the Quagmire triplets. This was foreshadowed by Kit Snicket in The Penultimate Peril where Quigley Quagmire used a homemade net to save his fellow siblings.

It is left uncertain whether Hugo survived the fire at the Hotel Denouement.

It is left uncertain if the Woman with Hair But No Beard survived the fire at the Hotel Denouement. Despite being knowledgeable, Klaus does not already know all things in all fields. In "The Penultimate Peril" Pt. [8] He, Colette and Kevin follow Olaf like in the book. It is left uncertain if the Man with a Beard But No Hair survived the fire at the Hotel Denouement. We see her as a cut and dry ISFJ. In "The End", Lemony postulates that Fiona and Fernald successfully find him as they hear his transmission.

When Jerome asks how arson is a good thing when he hears the Man with a Beard But No Hair praise Count Olaf, the Man with a Beard But No Hair changes his comment by helping the Woman with Hair But No Beard direct Frank and Ernest to the elevator. Olaf's henchmen deduce that they were killed by the couple.

In "The Vile Village" Pt. Though she is not part of the Queequeg's "Crew of Two", she is the ship's head engineer.

The TV series portrays a romantic relationship between Duncan and Violet that is not seen in the books, as Lemony Snicket did not reveal that Duncan has a crush on her, but was originally depicted there with Quigley.

In addition, she has used the "Wait until the readers of the Daily Punctilio see that!"

Klaus in Justice Strauss' library (console version). At Hotel Denouement shortly after Dewey Denouement is accidentally killed, a man's voice is heard from one of the windows calling for a man named Bruce to come back to bed.

In The Hostile Hospital, the White-Faced Women posed as Heimlich Hospital's workers Dr. Tocuna and Nurse Flo. Which Bring Me the Horizon band member are you? In the present, he appears on a film reel at the Caligari Carnival that talks about the V.F.D. Working as a bookkeeper at the Library of Records in the Heimlich Hospital, he is one of the oldest men that the Baudelaires have ever met. Bertrand Baudelaire (father)Beatrice Baudelaire (mother)Uncle ElwynViolet and Sunny Baudelaire (sisters)Beatrice Baudelaire II (adopted daughter) Violet and her siblings see Strauss being kidnapped, but nobody else does since the entire courtroom is blindfolded. When the Hotel Denouement begins going up in flames, Olaf sarcastically tells Esmé and Carmelita that the sugar bowl is in the laundry room, leaving their fates ambiguous.

He even quoted "Kit" as his final word.

In the TV series, Olivia Caliban is portrayed by Sara Rue.

When Dewey Denouement is accidentally killed during a confrontation with Count Olaf which woke up all the patrons, Charles objects to Sir's claims that the Baudelaires caused accidents at the Lucky Smells Lumbermill and states that Count Olaf was responsible.

We even have our own theories as to where each character falls on the personality spectrum. 1.

Justice Strauss and Jerome Squalor meet up with Dewey Denouement and the Baudelaires at Hotel Denouement where they are confronted in the lobby by Count Olaf and his remaining associates. Bruce is kidnapped by the Man with a Beard But No Hair and the Woman with Hair But No Beard, along with all the Snow Scouts, save for Carmelita, at the end of the book. Pretended to be a staff member (a concierge) of, Burnt down the Hotel Denouement as a signal to fellow, Is guilty of indirect manslaughter (Count Olaf tossed a harpoon gun into his hands, which Klaus accidentally slips and sets off, killing. In The Carnivorous Carnival, Esmé wears different outfits while at the Caligari Carnival and has a rivalry with Madame Lulu as Madame Lulu had a certain affection for Count Olaf. When Count Olaf comments that the freaks are running around the mountain somewhere, the Woman with Hair But No Beard quotes "Not anymore." [8] Anabelle is the one who quotes "silence" when someone breaks the rule that states "No one may talk while on the platform" even when asked a question that is rephrased to the other villagers.

When Count Olaf posed as Stephano and killed Montgomery while framing Inky, the Baudelaire children were able to prove its innocence and expose Stephano as Count Olaf.

Violet Baudelaire, Klaus Baudelaire, and Sunny Baudelaire live with various guardians following the death of Mr. and Mrs. Baudelaire. [11] It reveals that she was both formerly engaged to Olaf and present the day when Beatrice Baudelaire threw a poisonous dart at Esmé Squalor only to hit the fire chief that was Count Olaf's father. Following Gustav's death, his sister Sally is managing his estate. Mr. Lesko was with the villagers when Esmé Squalor in the alias of Officer Luciana accidentally injured a crow with her harpoon gun and was among the villagers that retaliated at this rule violation. In "The Vile Village" after Count Olaf's Detective Dupin alias tricks the Village of Fowl Devotees into thinking that Jacques Snicket is Count Olaf, Olivia negotiates with Esmé in exchange for the information about the Sugar Bowl that she is looking for.

Following the death of their parents in a fire that destroyed their entire home, the three Baudelaire children are placed under Count Olaf's abusive care where he is mentioned to be their third cousin four times removed or their fourth cousin three times removed. The story may start cheerily at first, with the Baudelaire orphans having a splendid time with their Uncle Monty in the Reptile Room, but when Monty's new assistant Stephano comes to stay, terror shadows the children's lives once more.

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