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“It is an awesome neighborhood. Exciting News! A residence of mine in Snohomish County was targeted by a large group of aggressive protestors late last night. Someday very soon, someone will empty and entire 30 round magazine of 5.56 into these scumbags and this BS will end. you sign your shit that way? You’re not a journalist, you’re a right wing propagandist. Meet Lake Stevens Proud Boy Justin David Lux. “Here we can come out and keep socially distant.”. They like to encourage the intoxication of being losers. Best was not home at the time

The company says it plans on hiring 300 people.

“They were very organized. No arrests or charges, police said. Inslee issued new industry guidance for Phase 2/Phase 3. Firsthand witnesses told the Lynnwood Times that a neighbor The latest turnout statistics, how to vote, how to track your ballot, key dates, links to more info. You can draw what you want from that comparison. Still, she and others plan to keep pressing the state to bring back the other one as well. - Tedium Media, Pingback:The Jackson Press – The BLM SCAM GAME. Awww… you pitiful, pussy-assed scumbag. to show the content of the large duffle bags, protesters refused to cooperate. By 2008 the City had grown to a population of 14,554 and an urban growth area of approximately 17,000 people. Now.. On to the rest of the BLM/Antifa terrorists. Well little TWERPNICK TWAT, I guess we will see. She showed up to protest for the fourth day in a row Wednesday. So many nasty words came out I don’t know what you meant to say. require an extra patrol response to ensure every resident in Snohomish County There’s more, Webber said. I do not understand how BLM protesting outside of Seattle’s Police chiefs home accomplishes anything……she may be a police officer but she is also Black. Shane McDaniel and his son of Lake Stevens.

Justin is seen here after the protest flashing a white power hand symbol with members of the Seattle and South Sound Proud Boys wear the “siege mask” popularized by adherents of neo-nazi terror manual “Siege” author James Mason. Jolley said it was important for him, as police chief, to be a march participant. She felt she had to apologize to all of us, that this was happening to us and we said no. They are a core tenet of our democracy, and the City remains committed to supporting our communities’ right to peacefully protest. In the days leading up to the event, organizers had regular contact with the Lake Stevens Police Department.

The man was hit on Everett Avenue near Rainier Avenue. The Starbucks was broken into and furniture burnt in the streets, the S

My family escaped the dangers of a socialist dictatorship and these are exactly the tactics that system used. “Change for my boys’ life as they grow up is all I want. I’ll gladly be labelled as whatever the left opposes. I hold the blame squarely on BLM and the hands that tied SPD against the rioting. Voters in Alaska and Massachusetts weigh a wonky election change. Seattle Police Chief Best is the latest official to have been targeted by BLM groups. For Le-Tia Swinton, a 2019 Stanwood High graduate, shows of support have felt personal. Observers along the side of the road clapped their approval, with some setting up water stations for marchers. Then-city prosecutor Al Treacy and attorney Marne Whitney were often adversaries during their relationship. Lake Stevens is now one step closer to seeing a Costco in its community. George Floyd was a worthless, ghetto HOODRAT who deserved to be killed years ago. County donors poured more than $2 million into the contest.

BLM, antifa and all of their allies have proven themselves to be anything but peaceful. There’s change and there’s hope and there will be justice. All you Pantifa scum are gonna be filling ditches very soon. It is quiet and we know most of the Really..

Everythings racist to your ilk, as if something as subtle and subjective as “racism” was the greatest evil in the world and not, say, the genocides going on in Syria, Libya, and China. Racist.

Nyland shared with the Lynnwood Times that Mayor Durkan has had five demonstrations at her house in recent weeks. They had radios, talking to each other. Newly Unsealed Epstein Documents Reveal Condemning Claims Against Bill Clinton - Tedium Media, North Korea Destroys Liaison Building, Now They're Making More Threats! Contributions are flowing into electoral battles from Arizona to Maine, Kentucky to South Carolina. Violent animals…nice. Neighbors shared that a yellow GMC Vandura van and a motorcycle was seen Governor debate, Washington Public Works Board approves $17.8 million for broadband construction across state, Personal information of high-ranking cops leaked online, feds say, Lynnwood’s Aquatics Team recognized as region’s finest, Angel Of The Winds Casino Resort Makes “100 Best Companies to Work For” List, Rally for law enforcement: Tolerance, collaboration, and dialogue, Census Bureau now recruiting for 2020 census operations, Arrest made in $650 million ESD unemployment fraud case, State and local leaders issue joint response to the demobilization of federal agents in Seattle, The Democrat Cities: Seattle | No Minister, And the Award for Biggest Idiot Goes To...Antifa Arsonist Who Gets Arrested After STUPID Mistake While Setting Fire - Think Americana, Washington Post Publishes Piece Essentially Saying: If Biden Doesn’t Win, Civil War Will Occur In America [Opinion] – E-Militia News, Washington Post Publishes Piece Essentially Saying: If Biden Doesn’t Win, Civil War Will Occur In America [Opinion], Seattle Police Chief To Retire After Council Votes To Cut Her Salary, Police Budget - TNA, The Jackson Press – Seattle Police Chief To Retire After Council Votes To Cut Her Salary, Police Budget, News of the Week (August 9th, 2020) | The Political Hat, ANTIFA targets Seattle Neighborhood – Baizuo Complex, America's Civil War Rising | Black Lives Matter Protesters Swarm Seattle Police Chief’s Home - America's Civil War Rising, ‘I Feel Incredibly Unsafe’: BLM Protesters Surround Home of Seattle’s Black Police Chief, Target Neighbors and Kids – ColorMag, BLM protesters storm Seattle police chief's neighborhood, surround her home, ‘I Feel Incredibly Unsafe’: BLM Protesters Surround Home of Seattle’s Black Police Chief, Target Neighbors and Kids – Read It Once, 'I Feel Incredibly Unsafe': BLM Protesters Surround Home of Seattle's Black Police Chief, Target Neighbors and Kids – GoGi News, Seattle Police Chief Begs City Council To ‘Stand Up for What Is Right’ After BLM Storms Her Neighborhood – El Informe Hispano, Seattle Police Chief Begs City Council To 'Stand Up for What Is Right' After BLM Storms Her Neighborhood, ABQ News Albuquerque - Fox Radio ABQ.FM - Black Lives Matter Protesters Swarm Seattle Police Chief’s Home, BLM Protesters Go To Seattle Police Chief’s Neighborhood, She Seems A Bit About Them Targeting Personal Residences » Pirate's Cove, Gun Owners In Seattle Chase Protestors Out Of Mayor's Suburban Neighborhood, Nolte – Seattle Protesters Turned Away When Confronted by Armed Residents: ‘That’s Why You Are Peaceful’ – REAL News 45, Armed residents offer no-nonsense response to ‘peaceful’ invaders marching to Seattle police chief’s home – MAGA-zine, Neighbors Protect Seattle Police Chief’s Home From Mob Of Protesters « Paranormal News Network, White BLM mob comes calling on home of Seattle’s black police chief – DC Daily Journal, Moonbattery Armed Neighbors Defend Seattle Police Chief's House From Mob - Moonbattery, On dayliq – Black Lives Matter Protesters Swarm Seattle Police Chief’s Home – Dayliq, Joe Biden Tells Us What DAY 1 Would Look Like If He Wins... - Think Americana, BOMBSHELL REPORT: Crooked Democrats Used Stolen Funds For Trip To Jamaica And Much More (VIDEO) - Think Americana, Doctor Who Spoke Out In Support Of Hydroxychloroquine Fired From Hospital - Think Americana, BOOM: CDC Director Admits Hospitals Have Financial Incentive To Falsify Records - Tedium Media, BREAKING!

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