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"Since the Lewises had made precisely the inquiry that the trial court thought they should have made and still knew nothing about the claims against Shipley, the trial court erred in holding that they `colluded' or `actively participated' in the claimed fraudulent conveyance. No appearance for Defendants, Cross-defendants and Respondents. (§ 3439.08, subds. The debtor then purchased the cars at retail, and had the car dealers deliver them to the purchasers. After analyzing those state and federal cases, we hold a transferee cannot benefit from the good faith defense if that transferee had fraudulent intent, colluded with a person who was engaged in the fraudulent conveyance, actively participated in the fraudulent conveyance, or had actual knowledge of facts showing knowledge of the transferor's fraudulent intent. Following a bench trial, the court found that Security One and Urban Financial had acted in good faith, and could not be liable to Nautilus.

The first fossil cephalopods appeared N.D.Cal., Feb. 4, 2011, No. ), If a transferee or obligee took in good faith and for a reasonably equivalent value, however, the transfer or obligation is not voidable. Whereas the other (Id. From their more "modern" recent relatives they (9) HUD regulations require that a reverse mortgage loan be secured by a first deed of trust. (Cybermedia, supra, at p. That was the fault of First American alone, and Security One would not have gone forward with the reverse mortgage loan had it been aware of the abstract of judgment. (Id.

2 West's Ann. Concerning the nautilus and whale, I learned more through this accomplished seaman than I had ever learned before. We read Brincko as requiring actual knowledge by the transferee of a fraudulent intent on the part of the transferor — not merely constructive knowledge or inquiry notice.

groups, which are called that way, Nautilus and com.

the shell roughly does look like a limpet, Neopilina's body is almost The Lewises recorded a grant deed placing title to the property in their names on February 28. Journals of Two Expeditions of Discovery in North-West and Western Australia, Volume 2. Further characters of nautilus are its primitive eyes. Orthoceratida. 7. However, a lis pendens had been recorded against the property on February 24, although it was not indexed until February 29. Nautilus filed a complaint against Urban Financial, Stanley, Peter, and Chao Chen, to set aside fraudulent transfers, recover damages from Stanley, Peter, and Chao Chen for conspiracy, and for declaratory relief against Urban Financial.4 Urban Financial filed a cross-complaint against Nautilus, Stanley, Peter, and Chao Chen, seeking to quiet title, to establish and foreclose an equitable lien, to recover damages from Stanley, Peter, and Chao Chen for fraud, and for declaratory relief.

In any event, even had this standard been applied, Nautilus failed to carry its burden of proving indicia of fraud on the transaction sufficient to put a reasonable lender on notice that a fraud was occurring." Accordingly, we next analyze the standard for deciding whether Security One or Urban Financial "took in good faith" (§ 3439.08, subd. Civ. Other well known non-mollusc living fossils are the horseshoe crab Limulus, the "The Legislative Committee Comment to California Civil Code § 3439.08 states that a transferee acts without good faith if he or she `collude[s] with the debtor or otherwise actively participate[s] in the fraudulent scheme of the debtor.' [Citation.] Fossil". Chao Chen then obtained a reverse mortgage loan on the Property on April 17, 2012, in the amount of $386,835 from Security One;3 a deed of trust was recorded to secure the reverse mortgage loan.

Neither the propriety of the judgment against Chao Chen nor its amount is before us. at p.

Instead, we frame the issue in terms of "fraudulent intent" — a term used in the Legislative Committee comment to section 3439.08. Neopilina.

“Epidemic” vs. “Pandemic” vs. “Endemic”: What Do These Terms Mean? (b)(8).) at p. DISPOSITION. 1998) 19 F.Supp.2d 1070 ... rejects the argument that there is an inquiry notice standard [citation], and acknowledges that the Lewis opinion sets forth California's rule on good faith [citation]. (a).) As the party seeking to invoke the protection of section 3439.08, subdivision (a), Urban Financial had the burden of proving that subdivision's applicability by a preponderance of the evidence. Nautilus also sued Urban Financial Group, Inc. (Urban Financial), which bought the mortgage from Security One, for damages resulting from the fraudulent conveyance from Stanley to Chao Chen. Before funding a reverse mortgage loan, the lender would review the file to determine whether the property was distressed by looking to see if the existing mortgage was past due or being foreclosed on, no matter in whose name the mortgage was held.

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