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Thank you. After introducing them to everyone in town, Photina invites the whole group over for dinner, but her husband, Neriah, doesn’t know what to think about this. Dallas Jenkins and his team have established themselves as the future of Christian small screen entertainment, so your support of VidAngel is greatly appreciated (go to the link to watch the first season)! There’s no doubt that this is the best Christian series season to date, and it’s the first one to be inaugurated into the Hall of Fame. Tag: Nick Shakoour. ( Log Out /  Now when is Season 2? These Bible characters are no longer “heroes of the faith”–they are imperfect people with backstories, motives, flashbacks, and personality tendencies just like us. ... Nick Shakoour Rocking Man. We believe The Chosen has a rare, God-given opportunity to change not only the Christian entertainment world but also Christian culture as a whole because it’s a fresh, high-quality look at well-known stories that are timelessly relevant for all people. Though camera work can be a bit shaky at times, much like the former half, there are virtually no other production flaws to note here. In the disk menu that lists episodes, could you please have a section that includes interviews the producer has done with the actors? Episode 8: Focuses on a big moment that takes Jesus’ earthly ministry to a new level. Because No News is Bad News. Change ), You are commenting using your Facebook account. This is first time a season of a Christian series has been critically acclaimed and placed on the Box Office Revolution Hall of Fame.

Jonathan who played Jesus, made it so believable and moving. We expect great things from this crew in the coming days. Production Quality (2.5 points)Much like the first half of Season 1, this season’s second half boasts a very high-quality production that both lives within its means and makes the most of what it has. The season overall focuses on group dynamics between the disciples and introduces at least two more key characters.

Plot and Storyline Quality (3 points)However, there’s still more to say. The Bible makes mention of this in a few ways, one of those ways being that when Jesus faces the High Priest in the Temple, the High Priest tears his garments, therefore making null and void his own power as High Priest. May God bless and continue to inspire all involved! I’ve not seen anything that comes close to the quality of writing and acting in this production. Plot and Storyline Quality (3 points)It would’ve been very easy to spend all the time on making the production worthwhile after all the money and time that was invested in it, but Dallas Jenkins and company refused to settle, yet the storyline is a major reason why this series will transform Christian culture and even reach outside the church.

Woller?, Nick Shakoour?, Nina Leon?, Erick Avari?, Janis Dardaris?, Reina Ozbay?, Noah Cottrell?, Ivan Jasso?, Anne Beyer?, Christopher Maleki?, David Amito?, Ricco Fajardo?, Aalok Mehta?, Nene Nwoko?, Sarah Anne Burciaga?, Raj Bond?, Antonio Brunetti?, Kenn E.

If you’ve already supported this first season, make sure to tell a friend that it’s well worth their time and money. Local St. Louis news, events, music, movies, restaurants, and reviews from Riverfront Times Change ), New & Upcoming Christian Entertainment – Box Office Revolution, Follow Box Office Revolution on, The Drummer Boy: A Musical (Christmas 2021), When Calls the Heart, Season 1 (Series Review), Following the Subplots of The Chosen (Season 1, Mid-Season Update), The Nature of Small Birds by Susie Finkbeiner (July 2021), The Haunting at Bonaventure Circus by Jaime Jo Wright, Skydog {Lifestone Velocity} (Movie Review), Oath of the Brotherhood by Carla Laureano (January 12, 2021). That is extremely important because of the implication of priesthood as Jesus was not only of the line of Judah but also on both Mary and Joseph’s side there was intermarriage going on with the tribe of Levi making Jesus next in line after John the Baptist’s death to be the rightful high priest of the Zadokite lineage (Aaronic Priesthood).

Though He mostly ministered in obscurity, His work drew the attention of multiple different spheres of influence: common people, powerful politicians, and power-hungry religious leaders.

Continuity Quality (3 points)Never before have we seen a Christian series (other than some parts of A.D.) that actually tries hard to interweave its subplots in ways that make them cross at appropriate times and keep the audience engaged in what may happen next. Pingback: New & Upcoming Christian Entertainment – Box Office Revolution. Fernando Urquides Tattooed Gangster. Philip and Nathanael are introduced as characters since John the Baptist refers Philip to Jesus, which prompts Philip to talk to Nathanael about the new Rabbi. Can’t wait for what comes next. Writer(s): Ryan Swanson, Tyler Thompson, Dallas Jenkins, Kurt Gebhards, Producer(s): Chad Gunderson, Justin Tolley, Derral Eves, Ricky Ray Butler,Earl Seals, Matthew Faraci, Dallas Jenkins, Ryan Swanson, Starring: Jonathan Roumie, Shahar Issac, Paras Patel, Noah James, Elizabeth Tabish, George Xanthis, Abe Martell, Giavani Cairo, Jordan Walker Ross, Joey Vahedi, Yasmine Al-Bustami, Vanessa Benavente, Brandon Potter, Kenneisha Thompson, Vanessa DeSilvio, Maz Siam, Shaan Sharma, Amber Shana Williams, Lara Silva?, Kirk B. R.

Acting Quality (2.5 points)The casting and acting of The Chosen show a commitment to cultural authenticity in more ways than one…where a fully cultural cast member couldn’t be used, correct accents were taught and coached, which adopted a model similar to the one used in Nativity Story. While it can be difficult to interest a Christian audience with familiar Biblical accounts, The Chosen sets up great backstories for well-known stories and provides great reasons for why things happen the way they do. However, it’s *possible* (not confirmed) that Gaius could show up again during Season 2’s second filming in January. I liked at the end of each episode when Dallas interviews one of the actors and what they have to say on what it meant to them to be a part of it. Though the perspective camera work is a bit rough at first, it definitely gets better and isn’t noticeable at all in later episodes. They had the job of anointing and worshiping the next king of the Parthian Empire known to the eastern part of the world as the King of Kings.

Change ), You are commenting using your Twitter account. Sakariya Ali Somali Militiaman.

Similarly, the lighting is realistically dark in many scenes, which was hard to perfect at first, but again, it greatly improves as it goes on. Jesus and His followers encounter both love and hatred as a result of their newfound popularity.

Further, editing is seamless and presents a well-crafted plot in a professional manner. Again, I know not really the story of Jesus and the disciples…but I, nevertheless, always looked forward to scene changes with Matthew and Gaius and would enjoy seeing a few more….

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