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For example, “crescent of yellow sand like a punctuation mark” accentuates Rooke’s tendency to observe his world as a linguist might and  highlights Rooke’s deep connection with language.

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Becoming closer to Tagaran, Rooke attempts to bridge cultural barriers through the transformative power of language. The immediacy of this fact needs to be understood by the people contesting for the role. This is for good reason, however, as I found this to be the primary theme running through Stories We Tell, through the journey to discover Sarah’s paternity, the affair and conflict over whose story it is to tell. VCE® is a registered trademark of the VCAA. Symbolising the idea of dominance and power, Dick and Perry, who have a complementary and polarised gender relationship, feed off each other in order to boost their own masculinity. Diana Barnes. Now to touch base again with the take away message. Before you start diving into Jamie's incredible In Cold Blood study guide, I'd highly recommend that you check out LSG's free Ultimate Guide to VCE Text Response. What do the different experiences of Connie and Charlotte reveal about changing societal attitudes towards women? - Toni Jordan’s Nine Days describes a world in which life in the 1930s and 40s was much harder than life in the 21st century. - In Nine Days, older Kip’s point of view is very unrealistic. trailer <<9D8A883CDD6B4E5691182FB73B6C2A8A>]/Prev 539546/XRefStm 2969>> startxref 0 %%EOF 213 0 obj <>stream

Because he is aware from an early age that he is out of step with the world, he tends to be more reasonable in his way of dealing with conflict. - Titled Nine Days and composed of nine unique perspectives on life at a given time, Jordan offers insight into the emotional livelihood of each narrator and attaches both intimate and historical significance to their stories. The line “pour a little salt, we were never here” plays on the use of salt to heal wounds - implying that the storytellers aim to ‘heal’ their pain felt from Diane’s death via telling “the whole story” they have developed from their memories of her. Thus, on the one hand, you have this disillusionment and loss on innocence, but on the other, you also have this shift in worldview that may well be valuable in the long run. 0000023347 00000 n Essay. The description of the image is the equivalent of an embedded quote from an article; both are used to provide evidence to support your analysis.

It is entirely possible that Michael did “smoke all day” and feel a sense of increased “close[ness]” with Sarah, but due to the variability of the human memory, this is impossible to state with any certainty - illustrating the fallible nature of universal truths.‍. The more feminine and gentler of the two murderers, Perry possesses conflicting morals, as despite being a ruthless murderer, he does feel remorse and is affected by what he has done. The list is intended to help you brainstorm different issues you may wish to debate in your speech, with the contention left for you to decide once you have researched enough on the topic!

• A notable technique Capote employed in order to access classified information was becoming personally acquainted with the criminals of the case.

Their public schools are better than ours”, ACT has recently legalised recreational cannabis, “Nation’s capital legalises cannabis for personal use”, “Peter Dutton: government may overturn ‘dangerous’ ACT decision to legalise legalise cannabis”, “Australia could be the first country to legalise ecstasy – are we going too far?”, “Canberra women with endometriosis are medicating with cannabis, but legalising the drug might not help”, “Australian farmers muddled in mental health crisis”, “Australian town breaks record for mental health awareness following devastating flood”, “Australian bushfires could lead to a mental health crisis, expert warns”, “Mental health issues increasing among young Australians”, “Push to get wellbeing counsellors into schools as mental health bill costs Australia billions”, “What’s driving poor mental health among young Australians? As a result, one can argue that her purpose for the documentary extends far beyond the action captured onscreen and in fact involves Polley encouraging others to share their own stories - enabling them to “create shape out of mess” as she has done through the presentation of her own family story.

Notice that I call them souls because, in spite of them inhibiting a grown-up body, Will gives them all names on arrival.

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The novel chronicles the evolution of family over the span of seven decades; from the first involvement in World War 2 to the terrorist attacks and heightened isolation experienced in a 21st century society. We’ve only just made it.” (p.290), “Those moments, when [Kip] reminds me of Tom.

Using the topic, 'Why we need to stop crying 'cultural appropriation' when cultural exchange is far more important' (need help with your oral presentation topics? Nine Days plays homage to the tumultuous home front in Australia and the hardships faced by many.

Many lawyers today would cite this 60-year-old story as an inspiration—Harper Lee’s To Kill A Mockingbird is, at its core, the tale of one attorney’s quest against racial injustice in his Deep South home, and of his children coming of age in the shadow of their father.

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