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Due to mandated FAA limitations on working hours, some flight crew personnel were restricted from operating the aircraft on return flights to San Diego. Years later, another first responder, SDPD officer Bill Farrar, lamented, I drive by the crash location about once a year. Barbara Jackson, Los Angeles At 08:59:50, First Officer Fox responded, “Ok, we’ve got that other twelve.” This would indicate that there were two smaller private aircraft flying dead ahead and below his aircraft.23. Jane Whyte-Spitz, Bonita Karen Borzewski, San Diego Perry Flashman, Culver City

Supporting Chapman’s claim was an unsuccessful 50-day strike by PSA pilots seeking improved work schedules.104, San Jose State University biologists also supported the case for pilot fatigue. Richard W. Conway, San Diego Located in the heart of Balboa Park

St. Augustine High School priests Father James Clifford and Father John Ranallo suffered shock after what they saw before them.89 As he knelt over a yellow plastic body bag containing what looked like a human being, Father Clifford confided, “John, I don’t think I can do this.” “I can’t either,” said the young priest, “but, maybe we can do it together” They administered last rites at the temporary morgue for the rest of the day.90 They regarded the simple act as “The last touch that can be given to a fellow human being in the name of the family who couldn’t say goodbye to them.” Father Ranallo later confessed that “At least [it] was something we could do when we saw the futility” [of our being there].91, Weeks, months, and years later, many first responders suffered from bouts of melancholia, crying for no reason or waking up from nightmares brought about by what is now called Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.92 As one first responder, a uniformed serviceman, noted at the crash site, “Now you know what we went through in Vietnam.”93. The reports and images shocked the nation and the world.71. Pauleen Colarich, Concord Visibility was a problem for both planes. James Seaman, Manhattan Beach Anthony Poli, San Diego He was learning the intricacies of the aircraft’s ILS or Instrument Landing System.17 Once certified, Boswell could land any ILS-equipped aircraft at night or under adverse weather conditions following an airport-emitted radio beam without seeing its runway until just before touching down.18, Although it was the nation’s busiest single runway airport, Lindbergh Field was the only airport in San Diego County set up for ILS certification training. Wayne Allen Levin, Beverly Hills Michael Fitzgerald, San Diego Nerene Faye Seaton, Bakersfield I get in fresh touch with memories that will never go away.

Many were off duty flight crews “deadheading,” or flying for free, to San Diego.8. KSDO radio news director Joe Gillespie calmly relayed up-to-date information from the crash site via a two-way car radio to his station’s morning news announcer, Hal Brown. Betty Nunn, Hayward, Burt Pierce, Rancho Palos Verdes Brian T. MacLean, San Diego Robert Sinclair Silver, Marina Del Rey, Kirk Smith, Palo Alto 74, George Cassity, a young sailor scheduled for deployment the following day, was among the civilian volunteers. They also interviewed neighbors to make an exact determination of those killed on the ground.80 Once identified, arrangements were made to send the remains to local or out-of-town funeral homes.81, National Transportation Safety Board [NTSB] and Boeing forensic investigators combed through the Boeing 727-214’s recovered remains.

Gary Pommells, Citrus Heights, Francis Resnick, Los Angeles Without informing Miramar, its heading had changed from 70° to 90° due east, which placed it directly in the path of the rapidly descending Boeing jetliner.37 While PSA Flight 182’s deck crew could monitor both Miramar and Lindbergh Field’s control tower transmissions, the Cessna’s on-board radio was only tuned to the Miramar air traffic controllers’ transmissions. Boundary and Dwight Streets, North Park, 1966. Post-mortem forensic specialists then began the tedious process of identifying the remains.78, Besides the local county coroner’s staff, the forensic investigation team included members of the Los Angeles County coroner’s office, two dentists, and the FBI’s “Disaster Squad,” which compared victims’ fingerprints with fingerprint files sent from the bureau’s Washington, D. C. headquarters.79 Local American Red Cross chapter volunteers looked at post office records and missing person reports. The numbered bags were loaded into one of four large refrigerated tractor-trailer trucks parked outside. Lower level of the San Diego History Center Earl Lohnes, Niantic, CT Robert Levine, San Diego, David Loeb, Santa Monica It carried 135 passengers and crew. While rushing toward a burning house, he stopped in his tracks. Author’s collection.

Volunteers covered bodies with sheets or blankets and brought pitchers of iced water to first responders laboring in 101-degree heat. 1649 El Prado, Suite #3 San Diego, CA 92101, For research questions: The police department was actually aware the crash was going to occur before it hit the ground. Richard Horne, Glendale Sign-up for our e-newsletter: At a point over North Park, it would start a slow banking right turn into a western approach paralleling Highway 94 to Lindbergh Field’s Runway 27.6, In addition to Captain McFeron, PSA Flight 182’s cabin crew consisted of First Officer Robert E. Fox, who was piloting the aircraft, Flight Engineer Martin J. Wahne, and four flight attendants.7 A regularly scheduled flight from Sacramento to San Diego, via Los Angeles, 37 of its 128 passengers were PSA employees. Gary Moore, Sacramento Meetings, Lectures & Workshops – History Center. Jeri Dickson, Los Angeles In front of him was a tall tree filled with “human bodies strung from the tree like decorations.” Standing transfixed, he “just closed [his] eyes and thought, ‘this is not happening.’” Shaking it off, he entered the house and spent the next two hours putting out fires and conducting additional house-to-house searches.59, Rankin was focused on his job when he met up with Smith at the end of Dwight Street.

Marla Scavia, La Mesa By placing this designation over Lindbergh Field airspace, all aircraft flying within it had to be equipped with an operating on-board transponder, making them clearly visible on ground controllers’ radar screens. Such activities were relegated to smaller “feeder” airfields, like San Diego’s Montgomery and Brown Fields, El Cajon’s Gillespie Field, and Carlsbad’s McClellan-Palomar Airport, all of which were upgraded to facilitate ILS control pilot training.108, Arguably, the most important historical aftereffect of the crash of PSA Flight 182—and an eerily similar mid-air collision between an Aeroméxico jet airliner and a private aircraft over Cerritos on August 31, 1986—was the accelerated development of an effective modern aircraft Traffic Collision Avoidance System (TCAS).109 Early versions of the TCAS had been in development since June 30, 1956, when two commercial airliners collided over the Grand Canyon. He claimed that he was fired after reporting the difficult working conditions that most likely contributed to the PSA flight crew’s mental and physical impairment.

Louise T. Martin, San Diego Rules (VFR) meant that weather conditions over San Diego were clear enough for PSA 182’s flight crew to utilize ground features and landmarks as navigational references. Leonard Barr, Loomis Herb Leslie Stewart, Monterey San Diego, CA 92101, For general inquiries:

Many people demanded that the airport be moved to a less populated area, anticipating that increased air traffic would result in an even greater disaster.97 Opponents, including then-Mayor Pete Wilson, countered that the location of the airport was not the problem.

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