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Archives' staff are available by email -- -- during our regular office hours of Monday - Friday, 8:30 a.m. - 4:30 p.m. Haggith also testified that when natives set fire to a wooden bridge in town, the fire department withdrew from fighting the blaze when threatened by protesters. The Simcoe Patent – Treaty 4, 1793.

1840 - The government recommends that a reserve of approximately 8,093 hectares (20,000 acres) be established on the south side of the Grand River and the rest sold or leased to the Crown in order to protect them from encroaching squatters. Save your favourite destinations, activities, and articles to start creating your very own personalized Great Lakes Guide. In the statement, they called on the governments of Canada and Ontario to sit down at the negotiation table and address land issues with them, the hereditary chiefs, citing the issues left unresolved after the breakdown of talks following the dispute at Kanonhstaton. This project has received funding support from the Government of Ontario.

[8]:192 That land was part of an existing land claim submitted by the Six Nations Elected Council; the claim had been closed by 1995. [35], On January 27, 2007, a report from the Department of Justice to the Six Nations Confederacy stated that their land claims would not hold up in court. Gualtieri had asked Smoke and several other intruders to leave his daughter's house, which he was helping build as a wedding present. When Felicient asked why Brown kept a loaded shotgun, Brown responded that "We were doing what we had to do to stay alive. According to residents, the police do not intervene. 450 Avenue Rd, Cambridge, ON N1R 5S4. April 20 - Several hundred people from Six Nations, some of whom are masked and armed with bats, axes and hockey sticks, return to the site in the morning, and a further busload of supporters from other reserves arrive later in the evening. [78], In a letter dated September 17, Foxgate's legal counsel urged ministers to not enter into negotiations with the "occupiers" while they continued to defy the court injunction Foxgate held against them. It simultaneously announces $1 million in additional compensation for businesses in the Caledonia area adversely affected by the protest. [13][59] In return for these accommodations, the Elected Council agreed to support the development in a variety of ways, namely: This agreement was signed by SNEC Chief Ava Hill on June 18, 2019, but was not signed by the Haudenosaunee Confederacy Chiefs Council (HCCC), the organization representing the traditional governance structure of the Haudenosaunee, which precedes the SNEC, established in 1924, and governs alongside the elected council. [65], Someone was arrested in connection to the camp on August 24 in Hamilton, Ontario. A subsequent injunction hearing was scheduled for October 22, 2020. Chief Mark Hill and the council called for unity and calm going forward. [65] That same day, the people at the occupation site requested meetings with federal officials, with only Indigenous Services Minister Marc Miller agreeing to sit down and talk, according to a person at the occupation site as of August 10. Amplifying voices: BIPOC influencers to follow on social media. If the owner must seek legal remedies to deal with such action or conduct, or respond to any legal action which may be brought by any third party, SNEC shall support the owner and shall provide confirmation of such support in such form as may "be reasonably requested or required by the owner, provided that SNEC is reimbursed by the owner for the legal expenses that SNEC incurs in connection with the provision of SNEC's support. 6 - Canborough Township in Haldimand County. Williams said that the actions were meant to highlight the fact that all developers on the Haldimand Tract need to consult with the hereditary chiefs before development can begin. [67], On August 21, a local preacher organised a solidarity protest at the Rainbow Circle overpass south of Gravenhurst, Ontario.

March 6 - The protesters burn the order again. March 5 - The Sheriff tries to deliver Justice Matheson's order to the protesters late Sunday evening. The Government says it is seeking a stay of Justice Marshall's order, so that negotiations may resume while the appeal is being prepared. Brown and his wife sought $7 million in a civil lawsuit against the OPP on the basis that the police did nothing to protect him and his family during the occupation. Some residents continued independent lawsuits. May 15, 1848 - The land that would later be the site of the development of Douglas Creek Estates is sold to George Marlot Ryckman for 57 pounds and 10 shillings; a Crown deed of title is issued to him. The dispute has been the subject of many formal negotiations, under the land claims process, since the 1970s, and several instances of direct action in the form of protests, blockades, and occupations. June 15 - Negotiations with the provincial government resume after one of the blockades is removed. [75] Dockstader's release barred him from the site and from contacting employees of Foxgate under threat of further charges, conditions for which the OPP faced criticism for limiting media access to the campsite, and going against the decision made in the case of Justin Brake in 2019, where the Court of Appeal of Newfoundland and Labrador set a precedent to distinguish activists and reporters. [79][80], On September 29, the land defenders' spokesperson Skyler Williams received a phone call from the OPP informing him that there was a warrant for his arrest, for disobeying the existing injunction, continuing to occupy the site, mischief, and breaching conditions from his arrest on August 5. An OPP spokesperson told The Hamilton Spectator that the OPP would neither confirm nor deny the authenticity of the e-mail because it was meant to be private correspondence. [47] On December 2, 2011, Richard Smoke (Mohawk) was convicted of assault for the attack on Gualtieri, which was described in court as "just a notch below culpable homicide".

December 1792 - The Crown purchases the remainder of the land included in the Haldimand Grant (ie up to the actual headwaters of the Grand River) from the Mississaugas, but does not transfer it to Six Nations. These talks were never pursued, due to the Douglas Creek Estates conflict in 2006.[7].

Get Great Lakes hidden gems and insider information delivered straight to your inbox! In 2020, the dispute once again entered public consciousness with Mohawk protesters blockading Highway 6 in February and March as part of the 2020 Canadian pipeline and railway protests in solidarity with the Wetʼsuwetʼen, and later with the occupation of the site of another planned subdivision in Caledonia, "McKenzie Meadows." OPP spokesman Constable Dennis Harwood says to. It is content to let them remain. The park offers an easy getaway from the busy cities. [66][67] In response to this, Six Nations community members established a blockade on Argyle Street, the Highway 6 bypass, and the rail line. I had no protection from our government. In 2016 and 2019, the Elected Council of Six Nations of the Grand River received various "accommodations" for the development, as per an agreement signed with Ballantry Homes, a Toronto-based residential development company that co-owns Foxgate. [40], In June 2014, the Haldimand County council ordered the removal of a native-made blockade in Caledonia. to come down Friday: OPP", "Ken Hewitt, Mayor of Haldimand County, on the Highway 6 blockade coming down", "Demonstrators clear out after month-long Highway 6 bypass blockade", "OPP arrests Six Nations traditional government employee over alleged 1492 Land Back Lane involvement", "Six Nations people shut down Caledonia construction", McKenzie Meadows Community Consultation Report - 2013, "GENERAL COUNCIL MINUTES DECEMBER 17, 2013 6:00 PM", "Land defenders rebuild McKenzie Meadows camp despite new injunction", "Six Nations Elected Council agreed to 'publicly support' McKenzie Meadows development, help stop protests as part of accommodation deal: court docs", "Road blockades up at Caledonia after OPP arrest demonstrators at residential development", "Police arrest journalist, researcher in connection with Caledonia land reclamation", "Indigenous protesters return to site of Caledonia, Ont., land dispute day after arrests", "CANADALAND: Ep.

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