sims 4 most expensive house

With a great home, comes a steep price tag, as seen with these gorgeous houses. This updated version of PralineSims’ Modern Lake Abode brings us more of the same modern style, but some twists keep things fresh. Even the master bedroom has a glass ceiling, and the bathroom barely has some wooden grid walls for privacy. Oct 25, 2019 - Explore Jianna Brown's board "houses" on Pinterest. The French Townhome’s facade is similar to what you’d see in the French capital’s streets, with lots of elaborate metalwork and light colors. This simple yet classic building has room for a big family and looks fantastic in more populated worlds like San Myshuno or Windenburg.

On the inside, exposed concrete and other raw textures give every room a lot of personality.

Among the most unique dwellings I could find is Apocalypse In Ruins, ideal for a vampire, a hiding alien, or a zombie apocalypse survivor. While some of these are compatible with the base game, most of them need expansions and stuff packs – and some use Custom Creations (CC) as a powerful tool to design unique spaces.

It's a luxury that only few can afford. This post may contain affiliate links. The best finds, sent to your inbox monthly.

The Sims 4 mansions come in various shapes and sizes.

It looks like the kind of venue you’d love to visit with a date, especially with the brightly lit open-air seating space creating a pleasant atmosphere for love.

There's so much to appreciate here, from the clash of stone pillars and white concrete to the neat gardens that have a very defined color and style. 8 Dachshund's Creek: §133,430. Straight out of a period drama, creator Monolis1122 stayed true to the historical theme of the building all the way through. Similar to the Witch’s Hut we covered before, the Small English Cottage is an adorable little house that looks like the setting for a bedtime fairy tale. Yeah, OK wise guy :) I … If I had kids, I’d want them to spend their formative years in an atmosphere as bright and colorful as this Kindergarten by creator PralineSims. This massive construction is inspired by Greek myth, with the bright ancient Greek architecture of Olympus – dwelling of the Gods – overlooking the Underworld’s dark and cold depths. The living room seems comfortable-enough to chill after a tiring day at the beach – which is possibly the best part. Think you’ve seen enough neon lights in your life? Nelson Chitty is a Venezuelan expat living in Argentina. Tropico Moderno is a modern take on the classic beach bungalow. Most of my sims are ordinary working people who'll never be able to afford a mansion. It may not be the Aegean, but you can use your imagination. I love the heavy use of bright orange, but it’s not the only bold color. The design is beautiful and is something worth aspiring to in The Sims 4, but not in real life. Liquid Sims is a news outlet discussing everything related to EA’s The Sims and SimCity game franchises. One of the most talented members of the building community is without a doubt Aveline Sims. This custom home sits on a 40×30 lot to do just that. With cheats to add a nearly infinite amount of Simoleons (The Sims cash), anyone can build a mansion. Its sundeck is ideal for those starry nights where you can bask in the moonlight and enjoy cuisine off the barbeque. We have the cool step for Sims 4 Building Houses. Creator PralineSims was careful-enough to pick plants resembling what you’d find in Korean territories, including bamboo, which gives this home some extra authenticity. The aisle is definitely the highlight. LOL.

Check it out for yourself!

They’re all big, expensive, luxurious and available for download! The terraces overlooking the garden are also a wonderful place for a marriage proposal, or just to talk a selfie. It features mainly straight lines and a minimal décor style.

I’m also very fond of the plant life bursting out of several points of the house’s facade, which keeps the space lighthearted and peaceful-looking. In The Sims 4, this mansion is a hit, yet it wouldn't work in the real world because of draining issues.

Plenty of hair and clothing CC becomes posted here!

An image of the Virgin Mary hangs over the door and foreshadows the inside, filled to the brim with Christian imagery depicting several moments of Christ’s life. Small touches like animal-shaped bushes and a pool make this an exceptional home design. The astonishing picture below, is section of The Confidential Secrets of Sims 4 Modern House Blueprints article which is arranged within Designs, Sims 4 Modern Mansion, Sims 4 Blueprints for Houses, Sims 4 Building Houses and published at February 23rd, 2018 03:44:12 AM by Philip H. Lane. It is reinforced by a minimalist knot board and delivers framing of windows where the window…, When we paint exterior walls of mid century modern paint colors, we renew part of memory we have of it. Courtier Manor by Peacemaker IC . Should a family want to live here, they'll need to scrape up 191,496 simoleons. It’s designed to blur the lines between the interior and exterior spaces. Every witch has a familiar, and most Sims have at least one pet. It’s a dreamy place where Sim children can play, learn, and generally be happy and safe.

7 …

Not one of the turrets are over-powered in outrageous methods but they’re a little more powerful which cuts back on how many you’ll need. It’s bold and creative, but far from eccentric. The Confidential Secrets of Sims 4 Modern House Blueprints, Many Ideas for choice and make for Modern House Number, New Ideas Mid Century Modern Paint Colors, Simple Ideas to Make Workbench with Storage, Modern Rustic House and What You Need to Do Different, Have Better Picnics with Hexagon Picnic End Table Plans, Sophisticated and Warm Aesthetic Mid Century Modern Atlanta, A Guide to Understanding Center Mount Drawer Slide. Sometimes, the land won't allow for a symmetrical home, among other reasons. Categories; Discussions ; Activity; Best Of... October 2 - Everyone ready for the Friday Highlight? All things considered, its price of 58,956 simoleons is very reasonable. It includes three double bedrooms, three bathrooms, several dining areas, a private bar, and even a dance floor with DJ equipment. It even has the student’s bags hanging on the walls, and lots of little details like that give it authenticity. Lulzes Posts: 9 New Member.

This one makes very efficient use of the 30×20 lot it rests on by featuring two entirely different dwellings – one on each floor. Whether it’s a shady millionaire dynasty or just a group of successful young entrepreneurs, this colorful and opulent home is perfect for flaunting their wealth around.

It meets most of a family’s immediate needs – and there’s room for two medium-sized households. The mahogany stucco, combined with sharp fascias is an endearing touch to the home.

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