tales of phantasia version differences

The characters are pretty standard archetypes by today's standards. Dejap left the naming option present in the SNES fan-translation patch, but warned about the flaw. He is horrified to hear that Cress's pendant has been stolen and immediately runs off towards a nearby mausoleum. It is thought that the world Aselia featured in Phantasia is the two worlds Sylvarant and Tethe'alla united. This was "censored" in the English versions by changing the character's name from "woman" to "man" without changing the female sprite or any of the text. This page was last edited on 10 November 2018, at 18:23. The Sound Test was removed from the American and European versions, perhaps due to the Japanese vocals in the opening theme song (Yume ha Owaranai). In this game, the Linear Motion Battle System is introduced for the first time. Tales of Phantasia originally was only available in the United States through the fan translation of the Super Famicom version done by DeJap Translations. The sprites and battle graphics are from the PlayStation remake, but the opening sequence, map and field graphics are directly recycled from the Super Famicom version along with some sprites/animations being completely altered. There is also a new voice for the opening song, as well as a completely new ending song featured at the end of the game. This game also included better sound quality since the skits were fully voiced and there was a fully animated opening. is the first installment of the Tales series, and was released by Namco in 1995 for the Super Famicom. Cover for the Game Boy Advance version of the game. In the other versions, though, that option was completely removed from the code along with the option and the whole coding for the Sound Test, although there are translated strings of all Sound Test entries and debug options: The debug room is similar to the one used in previous versions. This version combines various elements from both the original Super Famicom version and the PlayStation remake into one game. There's apparently a prostitute in Midgars. for the Full Voice Edition. Developer: As in Tales of Destiny, the player has the ability to control any party member, as opposed to the Super Famicom version, where only Cress can be controlled. All other instances of the outfit, including in a illustration in the intro of the same version, have the correct outfit. Somewhere. It has also added voice for all plot events, which may be the reason behind the remake's name. I was especially fortunate to have started with ToP. https://tales.neoseeker.com/w/index.php?title=Tales_of_Phantasia&oldid=6592. I'm not super familiar with all of the differences between the versions, though I do know that Suzu is not available as a character in the SFC game. Create a wiki. Goofs Connections At the end, Martel sends the Mana Seed into space including only Dhaos's corpse, whereas in the original, she went there along with it and became part of the seed. While Chester mourns, Cress vows for revenge. Cress uses melee combat and various weapons including swords, spears, and axes. The original version used in the Super Famicom game and all of its ports and remakes. Claus is a researcher of summoning, the act of evoking a magical or elemental spirit, and is thus one of the only humans who can indirectly use magic by forming a pact with the Spirits via special rings and then summoning them in battle. In the game, the protagonist is Cress Albane, along with his comrades: Chester Burklight, Mint Adenade, Claus F. Lester, Arche Klein, and in later remakes, Suzu Fujibayashi. Tales of Phantasia (1995 Video Game) Alternate Versions. Arche is a half elf girl living with her father in the Lone Valley. After acquiring it and another ally, the ninja Suzu Fujibayashi, the party ventures into Dhaos's floating castle, invisible to those who do not wield the Eternal Sword. How Did a Kangaroo Sneak into Tales of Phantasia? In the Japanese version, by using some cheat codes you can select a hidden, invisible option at the title screen that leads you to the debug room. Privacy PolicyCookie SettingsDo Not Sell My InformationReport Ad. She was born into a family of ninja and was trained by her grandfather. Skits from the PSX version are also not present, though some in-game events akin to them are in the game. He is a traveler from another world that is trying to save the Great Tree Yggdrasill from withering and dying; the mana that the tree exudes is of utmost importance to the survival of his world, the planet Derris-Kharlan.

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