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Beginner Unicycles, CX Unistar: 16' 20" and 24" Giraffe Unicycle, TX Unistar: 20". Category People & Blogs; Show more Show less. Their vehicles are great for adults on the go, you can use their products for your daily commute to the office, or you can use them to get around campus. Reader's Digest nominated Torker unicycles as "America's 100 Best" for 2006,[8] and Torker was awarded BEST OF 2006 in the December issue of Seattle Magazine. complete bike with European bottom bracket and serial number ending in an E. 1979 Torker TorkFlyte complete expert bike 1979 Torker MaxFlyte complete Pro bike 1979 - 1982 Torker L.P. Long model, Low Profile but one inch longer top tube (19.5"). Torker is a brand of vehicles that is owned by The Torker Company. Deutsch

Not to mention that they are a perfect solution for those looking for short distance travel options. In 1984, the Torker Bicycle Company went bankrupt, and Seattle Bike Supply purchased the name. Torker sponsored a BMX racing team that included such riders as: The Torker line currently includes bicycles, unicycles, strollers, and trailers.[11]. Torker is a brand of vehicles that is owned by The Torker Company. 1979, late in the year the serial numbers changed from the Bottom brackets to the right rear inner dropout. Join OUR EMail Newsletter FOR PRODUCT NEWS & SAVINGS, Torker Lx 24 Inch Unicycle Blue/Chrome with Stand, Torker Unistar LX-24 Unicycle - 24" Red/Chrome, Sun Flat Top Street Unicycle 20" Gloss White, Torker Unistar LX Pro 20" Unicycle - Standard. They are also perfect for kids and overall entertainment. [4] In 1984, the Torker Bicycle Company went bankrupt, and Seattle Bike Supply purchased the name. Had all mild steel and chromoly tube models.

1984 Mini Pro, Made specifically for Craig Bark but was not mass produced due to the bankruptcy which was larger than a micro mini but smaller than a Pro-X 1984 Torker Magnum complete bike, low end version like the 280 1984 Torker filed for bankruptcy 1985 Torker name bought by Seattle Bike Supply 1986 Torker name bought by Tioga and Torker 2 Freestyle brand was introduced 1990's Torker name owned by Seattle Bike Supply and produced alloy 20 and 24" frame, forks, and complete bikes in 1997 - 2002, Home  /  Contact  /  About  /  Links     Mild steel serial numbers ending in an M 1978 Torker L.P.G.T. You can even filter your results by price. Riding the HEDSTROM STREET RAD BMX Scooter on a Dock and in the Mud! Steve's younger brother Doug was racing BMX but wanted a better bike so his Dad created the first prototype that I've included a picture of. Our Marketplace offers comparison pricing on from many well trusted manufacturers. Torker scooter 2. [9] Seattle Bike Supply was acquired by Accell in 2006.[10]. The unicycles include ones with 16", 20", 24", 26", and 29" wheels, a 5' giraffe, and a 20" trail. Prior to Torker the company was run by John Johnson, Steve Johnson's dad, called Texon founded in 1975. Chinese His Mom, Doris, was the bookkeeper and Doug ran the sister company MAX which started in 1980.

1984 Torker Micro Mini which was a smaller/lighter mini with an integrated seat post clamp and parallel double top tubes 1984 Torker TorkLite complete Micro mini bike 1984 Torker Freestylist, Designed by Martin Aparijo and not many produced due to the bankruptcy November 1984.

The headtube and bottom bracket were still mild steel. Their products are known to be durable, well built, and of the highest caliber. Site By Clixel. Espanol Whether one wants to avoid the price at the pump, or switch to a more environmentally friendly vehicle, Torker will have something for you. - … Korean the "original" Torker was around, 1976 - 1984. Disable Mobile

Their products are known to be durable, well built, and of the highest caliber. Japanese History.

Not just a regular deal, this BMX-style scooter is reinforced strong heavy duty frame, ball bearing nylon wheels, front & rear side pull hand brakes, with a wide standing platform, kickstand included. Serial number ending in a R 1981 Torker 26" cruiser chromoly frame and forks with serial number ending in a C 1982 Torker 24" cruiser chromoly frame and forks with a serial number ending in a C 1982 - 1983 Torker LPT, Low Profile with European bottom bracket as Eddy King was now riding for Diamond Back 1982 Torker 340 complete 24" cruiser 1982 Torker 280 complete 20" bike 1982 Torker 280x complete 20" bike, longer frame 1982 Torker serial numbers changed to begin with TZZ down to TAA in September 1982 Torker built the first freestyle specific frame and fork, the Haro Freestyler with a serial number ending in F 1982 Torker 280 and 280x frames had an oval gusset to prevent cracks with new decals 1983 Torker Pro-X frame with no classic gusset, machined head tube and bottom bracket, and Redline style head tube gussets.

Russian [1], The Torker name was created by Johnson Engineering in Fullerton, CA in 1977 for a BMX bike frame.

1978 - 1982 Torker L.P., Low Profile for the smaller and expert racers with redefined geometry (18.5" Top tube). Arabic

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