what happened to salyut 7

They again reported the sightings to the mission control superiors on the ground. While this was unfolding, however, behind the scenes the mysterious angels returned.

They were floating above the Earth and swimming through the eternal ocean of space. As before, after several minutes of encircling the space station, they peacefully disappeared into the vastness of space. Subscribe to our free newsletter and join our subscribers.

A single cosmonaut hallucinating is one thing. Some consider these “angels” to be The Watchers, who perhaps feature most prominently in the Book of Enoch. [1] Various crew and modules were used over its lifetime, including 12 crewed and 15 uncrewed launches in total. Retrieval at a future date by a Buran shuttle was also planned. Perhaps even more so when many alien and paranormal investigators consistently speaking of a connection between “energy” and strange phenomena. All passed these examinations and procedures convincingly. NASA’s announcement in 1983 that they would make astronaut, Kathryn Sullivan the first woman to complete a spacewalk began things. Salyut's heritage – Modular space stations After the second generation, plans for the next generation of Salyut stations called for the cores DOS-7 and DOS-8 to allow After hard docking to the station and confirming the station's electrical system was dead, Dzhanibekov and Savinykh sampled the station atmosphere prior to opening the hatch. サリュート7号(ロシア語: Салют-7、英語: Salyut 7 )は1982年4月19日にバイコヌール宇宙基地からプロトンロケットで打ち上げられた宇宙ステーションである。1982年から1986年まで有人ミッションに使用された後、1991年に大気圏に突入し消滅した。 If ever a genuine warning of such an event came to light, most would ignore it. It was aloft for eight years and ten months (a record not broken until Mir), during which time it was visited by 10 crews constituting six main expeditions and four secondary flights (including French and Indian cosmonauts). The repair and reactivation of the station by Soyuz T-13 is the subject of the 2017 Russian historical drama Salyut 7. It was part of the Soviet Salyut programme, and launched on 19 April 1982 on a Proton rocket from Site 200/40 at the Baikonur Cosmodrome in the Soviet Union. You can see a very short clip of this feat below.

With delays to the Mir programme it was decided to launch the back-up vehicle as Salyut 7. Only two Interkosmos "guest cosmonauts" worked in Salyut 7. Each of the cosmonauts was subject to intense and prolonged examinations upon their return to Earth.

On 11 February 1985, contact with Salyut 7 was lost. Typically, the resident crew would first dock at the forward port, leaving the aft port available for Progress craft and visiting Soyuz support crews. One ancient tale, in particular, is that of the fallen angels, who were cast down to Earth. One later report stated that the entities appeared to acknowledge their presence inside the space station, even smiling at them.

The BST-1M telescope used in Salyut 6 was replaced by an X-ray detection system. It was once again decided to attempt to repair the station. The short video clip below features Icke explaining this theory in more detail. One option If we know one thing about every space mission, it’s that cameras abound. You may not republish the article in its entirety.

If they couldn't resurrect Salyut 7 and its systems, they would have no choice but to humbly return to Earth. The events were largely the same as the first time they appeared. Marcus also regularly appears as an expert on radio talk shows including Troubled Minds and Unexplained Radio discussing these topics.

The station suffered from two major problems, the first of which required extensive repair work to be performed on a number of EVAs. The ceiling on the Salyut 7 was white; the left wall was apple green and the right one beige [4][5]. One that exists in the universe and that can manifest itself in many different ways. The opinions and discussion in the comments below are not the views of UFO Insight, they are the views of the individual posting the comment.

Salyut 7 was the backup vehicle for Salyut 6 and very similar in equipment and capabilities. If you don't like what you read you can unsubscribe at any time. Why are there no photographs of this incident? Salyut 7 - The forgotten rescue of a dead space station - YouTube

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