who does percy remind annabeth so much of

They eventually make it to Polyphemus' island where Grover and Clarisse are being held captive. With that, they reach the Doors of Death, which Annabeth describes looks like a heart. Unlike the books, Annabeth has straight brown hair instead of blonde and blue eyes instead of gray.

Annabeth also remembers Percy recalling fighting a giant crocodile with Carter. When Arachne goes inside to see for herself, the threading becomes tight when she tries to pull herself out, just as Annabeth had planned. Gaea talks to her saying that although she would rather have Annabeth as a sacrifice, she will let the weaver take her revenge.

Leo Valdez, her friend and crew member aboard the Argo II, Frank Zhang, her friend and crew mate aboard the Argo II. But before Annabeth can question Terminus on what he means, Jason interrupts and asks for permission to land inside the Pomerian Line. A newly bandaged Carter greets Percy, along with Annabeth and Sadie who have drawn a circle on the ground. Annabeth decides to follow the monster, as they normally do not leave demigods like her alone. Percy trusts her to tell her where his Achilles heel is, his only weak spot. Annabeth was ten years old when she heard the Great Prophecy. (including. Upon hearing Thalia's last name, Jason remembers that Thalia is his older sister to Annabeth's shock. Percy watches as Annabeth holds a piece of Thalia's Tree in her hand and looks over it worriedly. At one point, Annabeth takes a poisoned knife for Percy that Ethan Nakamura was using to try to stab him. Since then, the relationship between Luke and Annabeth becomes a constant source of conflict between her and Percy. Eventually, the trio ran into Grover Underwood, a satyr, who was in charge of taking them to Camp Half-Blood. The group halts to a panicked stop when a tree falls on Grover, trapping his leg underneath. Annabeth believes that Percy will die when Mount Saint Helens erupts but right before he goes in she kisses him for good luck. Later in the book, when Hades reveals to Nico that one of the Seven is destined to die, the idea of any of them (even Annabeth) dying made him feel empty—like he was back in the dark Giants' Bronze Jar. However, with the help of Bob after she managed to convince him to change his mind, the trio left to meet Damasen, the gentle giant, in order to get Percy healed. It is assumed that this was one of her lifelong wishes. As a result, Annabeth ran away from home at the young age of seven, thinking her family hated her. Celestial bronze knife (Replaced by Sadie Kane's Wand)Drakon bone swordVideo Shield (destroyed) Jason tells them that at Charleston, there is a museum full of Confederate ghosts, where he, Leo and Frank volunteer to visit. During the events of The Lightning Thief, Annabeth introduced Luke to Percy and acted shy around him. While Thalia held back Hades' approaching army with her Aegis shield, Luke was forced to lead a crying Annabeth up Camp Half-Blood. In return, Piper never had a better friend than Annabeth was, and was glad to see her happy with Percy near her. Percy and Frank decide to find Phorcys, Percy also wants to take Annabeth, but Coach Hedge declares that she is grounded. Back on the Argo II, the crew all feel responsible for allowing Annabeth and Percy to fall into Tartarus.

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