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Before they could chase after her, they were attacked by the Sumerian Parthenon, who believed that they were the stray demons that attacked them, causing them to split apart and escape back to the Grigori. However, while being a Watcher was something that ‘he’ had enjoyed, ‘he’ still could not ignore the past trauma as Anzhela which was becoming distorted due to the temptations of Lilith. Asbeel is one of the Fallen Angel Cadres that leads the Grigori and the proxy leader of the Satanael Faction. Asbeel (アスベエル) He appears in Chapter 9 He a demon who mission is for him to keep watch on Akazukin and making her meet Mr. Wolf.

Genius Intelligence: Selected by the Fallen Angels to rule all of them alongside the other Cadres, Asbeel is highly intelligent with an extensive amount of knowledge. Sex Once they both became heavily drunk, which made them not think about consequences and so had sex for the rest of the night in his apartment. The Demonic Paradise Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community. Even though Asbeel was in Raziel's Garrison, Raziel had never talked to Asbeel personally. The Principality Anzhela was an angel that God has created to bring knowledge to universe before being overtaken by the Archangel Raziel.

Teleportation: Asbeel could disappear and reappear anywhere in time, space, and any place anywhere in the Universe instantly, including realms like Heaven. When meeting new people, she is initially cold and hostile to them until she starts warming up to them. Asbeel however could not be stop and so entered the Corrupted Inferno and started to fell unrelenting pain before her body painfully remade itself into a demonic form. "TOUCH ANYTHING AND I WILL CHUCK YOU TO HELL MYSELF! Asbeel is a proud, noble sort of girl with a brutal affinity while in conflict. Asbeel had also taken over as the proxy leader of the Satanael Faction after Satanael’s own death and continued his mission to bring free-will and choice towards all races. During and after his fall, Asbeel pondered on why God would not allow His creations to properly advance themselves. Only Enochian or Divine Weapons or beings of similar or greater power can kill her.

Flight: As a Fallen Angel, Asbeel possesses the power of flight, with and without her 12 angelic wings. Nephilimic Magickian Workings In the middle of the Great War, she was forced to engage in combat with the Demon Lord Beelzebub above the fields of France.

Basic Information Draw your magical circles and triangles. Asbeel was listed as the second of five "satans" who led astray the Grigori by falling in love with humans. According to the Manichaean lore, Az, the Demoness of Lust is said to reside in the bodies of all humanity. She had futilely tried to escape but instead to watch in tears as she was raped roughly and painfully without even a chance to breathe. Due to the amount of stress in dealing with many sections, she had gone to a human bar to drink so her infuriate could calm down while under the human alias of Alexandria Vale Mikaelson. Master Marksman: As Asbeel mainly uses her rifle, she is naturally great with projectiles and have almost perfect aim, as she can hit veins with extremely precision against foes. According to Azazel, along with the other Cadres, she is one of the Fallen that holds the pinnacle of powers that lesser Fallen Angels could only hope to achieve. Race In this case, the couple should turn the energy of the ritual towards the image of the intended target.

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Photokinesis: Even after falling, Asbeel is still able to generate and manipulate pure light, an powerful element that could greatly harm beings and creatures of darkness and evil alike.

The One that God has Forsaken After this, a cycle had been created where Asbeel would either be with her adopted mother Inanna or working in the Grigori to get Satanael’s attention. During this, Hanniel had thrown away ‘his’ name and instead had taken the name of Asbeel as ‘he’ wishes nothing from God due to losing any faith in Him, as well as 'his' faith in 'his' brethren that currently remain in Heaven. Sentinel Immense Strength: Asbeel possesses a much higher grade of strength than average god, or even most demons.

After waking up again without fainting due to event, Asbeel had to take more control over the Grigori due to her being one of the 20 remaining cadres that survive before they all retreated after the Heavenly Dragons situation. Due to ‘his’ greater training, ‘he’ was able to join the garrison under Raziel himself, who ‘he’ was a little bitter about, along with becoming a Cherub of Knowledge. The other four Watchers were Yeqon (or Yaqum, “he shall rise”), Penemue (“the inside”), Gadreel(“wall of God”), and Kasdaye (“Chaldean”, “covered hand”). Azzy (Nickname)

It also brought the beginning of Asbeel’s eternal love towards Satanael that would never be stop. This had led him to become somewhat of a maltheist as he believes that God is a tyrant whom would rather have worship and praise given to him in exchange for aiding His creations rather than just outright helping whether or not they worship him. His eyes behold brilliance as well as the fire of lust which is inherited in the Nephilimic Magickian Workings.

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