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[72] The title of the film is "Histórias de Arcanjo: um documentário sobre Tim Lopes," (Stories of Archangel: a documentary about Tim Lopes);[56][73] Arcanjo being Tim Lopes's first name. [10] This footage was shot in a dense network of favelas in the Zona Norte called the Complexo do Alemão (German Complex); more specifically within the Complexo this particular area is known as the Grota. [62] Military and civil police units (which included CORE, Batalhão de Choque, Federal Police, among others) then took over the territory of the network of favelas comprising the Complexo do Alemão with support from the Brazilian Armed Forces.

They asked for his journalist credentials, which Lopes did not carry when working undercover. The traffickers tied Lopes to a tree. [4] Ratinho was convinced that this was the same "Tim Lopes" that did the television report in 2001, resulting in his arrest and interference with the gang's drug profits.

The scene weighed on Lopes's mind for a long time.[15].

When he was 8 years old, his parents moved the family to Rio de Janeiro, where they lived in humble circumstances in the Mangueira favela in a three-room shanty. Lopes also had a nineteen-year-old son, Bruno, from a previous marriage, with whom he maintained a father-son relationship.

He was also a father to two children in Arizona, where he was visiting at the time he died. They played songs: “I Hope You Dance,” and “Home,” which Gonzalez said brought her comfort.
[17], On the afternoon of June 2, 2002, 51-year-old Tim Lopes left his apartment in a middle class section of Rio's Copacabana neighborhood. He worked graveyard shifts … After their incarceration, anger was expressed through Rio's media when two of the traffickers were paroled on work release at which point they fled. Gonzalez has not watched the body-camera footage released on Tuesday that shows the moments leading up to his death on Aug. 4 while he was in police custody. Tim Lopes; Lopes with the Seattle Mariners in 2019. Police were later told that there was blood on several of the traffickers that were gathered around. Tim Lopes and his team were awarded Brazil's top journalism prize for the report which was titled "Feirão das Drogas" ("Big Drug Fair") - the first Prêmio Esso given for broadcast investigative journalism in Brazil.

The week before he died, he took her shopping and bought her a new pair of shoes. He was smiling and glowing.

[67], In December 2010, a mass was held to commemorate Lopes in a church in the Complexo called the Igreja Nossa Senhora de Guadalupe. Seattle Mariners ... Timothy Aaron Lopes (born June 24, 1994) is an American professional baseball infielder for the Seattle Mariners of Major League baseball (MLB).

Gomes was directed to the area and found burned tires, fresh blood, and human remains. One of his greatest achievements was graduating from truck-driving school in 2015. Jornal Nacional stated that Lopes's recorded footage was destroyed that night in the micro-ondas and that the community at Vila Cruzeiro had asked for Lopes help concerning minors being prostituted at the baile funk in their community. Davey Lopes was born in 1940s. It is called Avenida Tim Lopes. [65] Just the Complexo itself is policed by 1,200 UPP officers (it was announced in July 2012 that the number would be increased to 1,800). The details of Lopes's death received substantial attention in Brazil's media because of the barbarity of the crime and due to it highlighting the existence of poder paralelo (parallel power) within Rio—meaning criminals controlling areas of the city with impunity. [10] A consistent theme of Tim Lopes's reporting was to show how low-income citizens living within Rio's favelas could be subjected to terror and powerlessness under the 'law of the traffickers.

[20] (In 2011 he was charged with assault while in prison after throwing boiling water on his girlfriend during a conjugal visit). Lopez is the father of her children. Lopes was subsequently beaten at the scene.

This action was in response to attacks throughout Rio by the criminal faction headquartered there. [75], Tim Lopes was posthumously awarded Brazil's top human rights prize, the Prêmio Direitos Humanos, on December 17, 2012, among other recipients. “I told him, ‘Help the baby,’ and he smiled and said, 'He’s good like his dad,'" Rodriguez said. “My son went to Arizona to visit and he never came home,” Gonzalez said. [6] In 2002, Lopes was co-writing a book, about Mangueira samba school and his experience growing up there, with Alexander Medeiros. [23], The nine traffickers who were sought by police, and eventually stood trial and put behind bars were: Elias Pereira da Silva (Elias Maluco); André da Cruz Barbosa (André Capeta); Cláudio Orlando do Nascimento (Ratinho); Maurício de Lima Matias (Boizinho); Claudino dos Santos Coelho (Xuxa); Elizeu Felício de Souza (Zeu); Ângelo da Silva (Primo); Reinaldo Amaral de Jesus (Cadê); and Fernando Sátyro da Silva (Frei).
The UPPs cover the areas of the Complexo do Alemão (which comprises 13 favelas) and Penha. [68], In January 2011, during the inauguration ceremony marking his reelection, Rio de Janeiro State Governor Sérgio Cabral mentioned Tim Lopes in his inaugural speech.

Police crackdowns followed, and dealers in the favela da Grota, and the other favelas featured were prevented from openly selling drugs on the street for a while, and some were arrested.

[2], Lopes split the 2012 season between the Arizona League Mariners and the High Desert Mavericks, hitting a combined .313/.375/.476/.851 with 33 RBI.

Before putting him into the trunk of a stolen Fiat Palio, the traffickers shot Lopes in either his feet or legs and tied his hands behind his back. [55], Another colleague of Lopes at Globo was journalist César Seabra, who wrote: "The death of Tim Lopes opened our eyes to a new reality.

[3], On July 23, 2019, the Mariners selected Lopes' contract and promoted him to the major leagues. [23] One of the traffickers who was present, Frei, later told detectives that there were more than twenty people present at the scene,[26] nine of whom participated in Lopes's murder.[10]. [7], Lopes' brother, Christian, is also a professional baseball player. [27], Inspector Daniel Gomes final police report was 658 pages in length.

She believes he's resting in peace and they will meet again. Although it wasn't fun for Christian, Tim was very excited to play baseball. Subsequently, the drug lords of the criminal factions controlling these areas were not happy with the decrease in revenues.

[7], Lopes was one of the founders of the Carnaval bloco, "Simpatia é quase amor" of Ipanema, and had served as an official judge of the annual carnival procession at the Sambadrome Marquês de Sapucaí. [45], Ângelo Ferreira da Silva (Primo), who was sentenced to nine years.

She said he lived near her in Merced, California, and was often calling or stopping by for meals or shopping trips. “He had problems just like everyone does,” said 26-year-old Rosita Lopez, his younger sister. [4] There was also what remained of a burned ninja sword. [3], On September 30, 2016, Lopes was traded to the Toronto Blue Jays as the PTBNL in a trade in exchange for Pat Venditte. In 2002, the media reported him missing while working undercover on a story in one of Rio's favelas. When a taxi driver scares the mugger off by firing a revolver, the boy runs into heavy traffic on Avenida Presidente Vargas and is violently killed when he is hit by a city bus. [10] Lopes pleaded for his life, but he was told that he would die.

Lopes was placed within several tires, covered in diesel fuel, and set on fire. [41] By September 2013 he was one of those leading a gang of sixty heavily armed bandits ensconced in the jungled hills above Rio (between Covanca and Lins de Vasconcelos) as a home base from which they preyed on neighborhoods. [22] One of the purposes of this baile funk was to draw crowds from other neighborhoods, so Lopes's presence there would not have made him a target in and of itself.

[52][53][54], Rio journalist Jorge Antonio Barros, who has been writing about Rio's favelas and the crime beat since the 1980s and was a colleague of Lopes at Globo, wrote that Lopes's death served to snap him out of the dream state, to which people sometimes fall prey, of romanticizing "the malandro;" and that his death reminded people who don't have to live in favelas under the "law of the trafficker" of the terror that exists as a daily reality. [76] The award was presented by Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff to Lopes's sister Tânia Lopes at Itamaraty in Brasília. [10][11] He was at ease hanging out with wealthy residents in Leblon or with those living in poor areas of the city or on the street, and in speaking street slang. On November 25, 2010, Rio's special forces battalion (BOPE), supported by other police units, entered Vila Cruzeiro in Penha via Brazilian Marine armored transport to various points within the slum and ultimately took control of the hill and the surrounding area of Penha.

Lopes became a producer at Rede Globo in 1996. His aim was to shine a journalistic light on the risks posed to ordinary citizens of Rio of being mugged or assaulted by thieves, as this was a particularly acute reality at that time.

On Monday June 3, 2002 at 11:00 am, Gomes was sitting in his office at the police station when he was notified that an attorney from Rede Globo was there to see him. as a warning insinuating that more reporters could be killed.

Through DNA testing they were able to positively identify a small part of a rib bone belonging to Tim Lopes.

This was the same route that the kidnapped Tim Lopes traveled in a car trunk when he was being transported from Vila Cruzeiro to the Complexo do Alemão.

He was a dedicated fan of the professional Rio football club, Vasco da Gama. In 2011 he began filming a biographical documentary film about the life of his father to show a broader perspective, not just the details of his death.

The arrest was widely publicized and applauded in Rio's media.

[66] One of the UPPs within the Complexo covers the area of the Pedra do Sapo, which is the hill and upper field where an anonymous tip led detectives to discover a clandestine cemetery which contained some fragments of Lopes's bones and some of his personal effects.

[38], Ratinho took an active part in torturing Lopes and was strongly in favor of killing Lopes when they conducted a mock trial.

[20][23], Upon being confronted, Lopes stated that he was a journalist from Rede Globo.

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