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Abdullah | It almost looks like a modernized version of this character between the solid opaque arm sleeves as well as the flawlessness of her makeup, which makes her even more likable. Magic/WitchcraftSpell-castingPotion-brewingBroomstick flightElectrokinesisNecromancy 1 out of 5 stars with 2 reviews. Sarah Sanderson | Other names Solego the Chaos God |

Mad Hatter | Lloyd Halverson | Boogeymen |

Princess Mombi |

Bandar Log (King Louie) | Man |
Butch Cavendish | During the show she and her sisters try to brew the perfect Halloween Potion, receiving assistance from various Disney Villains. Full name Ian Howe | Allies Hocus Pocus: 10 Winifred Sanderson Cosplays That Will Give You The Chills, Hocus Pocus 2: Rise Of The Elderwitch: 10 Things We Know About The Disney+ Sequel, something some viewers probably didn't know, that most fans probably didn't even notice, 10 Things That Make No Sense About Hocus Pocus, find themselves wanting to read the books, as well as a detail fans might have missed, 10 Hidden Details Fans Never Noticed In Hocus Pocus, 5 Established Female Characters The MCU Could Use In An A-Force Movie (& 5 They Shouldn't), Star Wars: 10 Details You Never Noticed About Battle Droids, 10 Movies Like RoboCop (That Came Before It), Shrek: Top 10 Hilarious Lord Farquaad Memes, 10 Movies To Watch If You Love Six Feet Under, Edward Scissorhands And 9 Other Best Tim Burton Movies, Ranked, Dirty Harry: 5 Ways He's Clint Eastwood's Best Character (& 5 Alternatives), 15 Greatest Claymation Movies Of All Time, Ranked, 10 Wildest Movies Based On True Stories, Ranked According To IMDb, The 10 Most Influential Slasher Movies In Horror History, Suicide Squad: 5 Actors Considered To Play Deadshot (& 5 For Rick Flag), DCEU: 5 Actors Considered To Play Batman (& 5 For Wonder Woman), 5 Movies That Launched Scarlett Johansson's Career (& 5 That Missed The Mark), Anya Taylor-Joy’s 10 Best Film & TV Roles, According To Rotten Tomatoes, Freddy Krueger: His 10 Strongest Enemies, Ranked, Disney: 5 Saddest (& 5 Funniest) Moments In Frozen.

"The thing that was the weirdest part was 27 … Origin Morgana | Frankie & Benjy |

-Winifred Sanderson, 1693⁠⠀ ⁠⠀ And a truly glorious morning, indeed, when I get to show off something thy Sistahs brewed up a few weeks past, Disney X RockLove Hocus Pocus! Winifred wore a purple dress under a long, ornate green robe embroidered with gold thread. Mama Gunda | Hector Barbossa | Magic/WitchcraftSpell-castingPotionsElectrokinesisNecromancyFlightTrickeryHigh intellect Winifred married John Sanderson in month 1930, at age 20 at marriage place.
Beast | Winifred Sanderson Tamatoa | Erik Hellstorm | We’ve got some good news for Hocus Pocus fans. Blackbeard | The children all ran to the cemetery as Thackery led them however the witches all followed them on their broomsticks and nearly got the book back. She soon returns with a young girl named Emily Binx, whom they bewitch in no time to sit docilely in a chair as they finish up the potion.

Monstro | Winifred's two sisters Mary & Sarah Sanderson are not shown to have the same mental capacities or finesse as Winifred, but possess formidable skills in their own right. Chillie Walsh | Star Wars Villains | Age Back Age Shop All Age 0-2 Years 3-4 Years 5-7 Years 8-13 Years 14 Years + ... Winifred Sanderson costume for adults includes knee-length dress and petticoat; Velveteen green dress ; Gold cord faux lace-up accent; Purple panel with screen print ruching; Loose angled velveteen sleeves; Mesh under-sleeves with pointed cuffs ; Elastic loop on each mesh sleeve cuff to attach to finger; Gold screen art; Self-stick … Mighty Ducks Villains | Winifred is highly intelligent, dramatic, sadistic, cruel, smart, temperamental, clever, and evil, which makes her all the more deadly if one isn't careful. Leland Drury | Ripslinger |

Bette Midler. Witch Hazel |

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