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Type of Hero Masane is usually seen in a yellow shirt with a black, sports bra underneath that reveals her belly and belly button, and blue jeans with the Witchblade on her right wrist. Witchblade S1E1: The Beginning (Anime, 5 April 2006) Masane is very determined when she sets her mind to things, although, at times, she can be laid back and a little negligent over what she does. However when they are having lunch, they are confronted by NSWF's Child Welfare Division.
Powers/Skills After some debate, she relinquishes custody of Rihoko to the NSFW, but soon afterwards, she has a change of heart and tries to take Rihoko back. She was also holding a baby in her arms and had lost all her memory. Luckily for Masane, the Witchblade activated as a reaction to her danger. As she tries to get Rihoko back, she ends up in an car accident, arrested and sent to South Asagaia Detention Center where she later encounters her first. After all that Masane would come to find her self working for the government to help them destroy the machines that escaped six years during the quake called exCons. She is also the mother of Rihoko Amaha. Character » Masane collapses after the fight.

The anime was not an exact adaption of the Witchblade comic book.
They would walk around Tokyo sightseeing for awhile, when Masane told Rihoko that if she got lost they would meet each other under the Tokyo Tower.

She was discovered unharmed inside ground zero (A phenomenal disaster). Six years later, Masane and the baby (Rihoko) returned to Tokyo. Witchblade: Bearers of the Blade #1 - Bearers of the Blade. Only goes for stabs and slices making her fighting style predictable to smarter opponents who will exploit this.

which is attracted to her. Masane has no experience fighting as a human due to her memory loss. Age

She sacrificed herself so that Witchblade wouldn't after Rihoko. Death Battle info Feats. Figures all have varying scales. any Comic Vine content. Masane wielded the Witchblade, but used it differently than other hosts. Knocked down a steel door with a few punches. Used a sucide explosion to save Riko from the Witchblade itself making her it's last host.

She lost all her memory due to a catastrophic event that nearly destroyed Tokyo. The Witchblade anime was co-produced by the Japanese company GONZO and the American comic book company, Top Cow. As the rogue Ex-Con prepares himself to kill Masane, the Witchblade activates and begins to transform Masane and encases her with a black armor. Masane Amaha is unlike other wielders of the Witchblade. In time, Masane would come to defeat them but soon after the Witchblade started to breaking down her body leading to her death which is seen in the anime, Rihoko would then become the new wielder of the Witchblade. The Child Welfare Division wanted to take Rihoko away from Masane because she wasn't really her mother, and also because she had no job to support herself. Protect Rihoko Amaha (succeeded at the cost of her own life), put her shoes on before rescuing rihoko (gave up) Thus, the Witchblade makes her an ultimately pure, killing weapon. Full Name In time, Masane would come to defeat them but soon after the Witchblade started to breaking down her body leading to her death which is seen in the anime, Rihoko would then become the new wielder of the Witchblade. Weight The Witchblade soon awakens after Masane is put in jail after stealing a police car trying to get Rihoko back from NSWF's Child Welfare Division. Fought Cloneblade wielders and survived each battle against them.

She was found holding a baby that would later be discovered to be her daughter Rihoko. Normal

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