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I got over 70 mpg even blitzing along the interstate at 70 mph (speedometer indicates 75, but a GPS-based speedometer shows the stock speedo is almost consistently 5mph off). The question now is if I can get to 100,000 by Sept when the license & insurance are due? The acceleration is linear.

Doubt I will get to 100 by Sept 12th when the insurance & license plate are due. Pick which seating you like and go for it. by Kelvin » 22 Mar 2019, 18:09, Post by Kelvin » 12 Feb 2019, 16:52, Post Message text Yamaha xmax 300 Servicing Motul 10w50 engine oil x 2 = $30 oil filter $8 Gear shaft oil $10 DNA Air Filter ($110.00) BMC Washable Air Filter fitted on Yamaha Xmax 300 FM992/04 $115.00 xmax belt $110 xmax weight x 6 = $90 xmax slider x 3 $24 OWS 800 10w40 x 2 x $26 = $52 NGK Spark plug LMAR8A-9 $25 -- seat is very firm (firmer than stock Xmax seat)  and (coming from a Majesty) I would definitely be looking to change it, -- mirrors are fantastic (again, clear step above Xmax 300), -- would be nice if the moveable screen had a bit more travel, but still an excellent feature, -- so quiet! Love it! The dealer was unaware that such an accessory existed. Prostě můj názor je, že PCX 150 za 75k a Xmax 300 za 160k není v pohodlí jízdy zase takový rozdíl. I was also able to pack nearly everything I needed for the week under the seat with only a couple of "incidentals" (like a cap, hairbrush and sunglass case) in the top box. It might be small compared to a BMW C650 or Burgman, but it is quite large compared to my Vespas. Prostě můj názor je, že PCX 150 za 75k a Xmax 300 za 160k není v pohodlí jízdy zase takový rozdíl. The ultra-stylish, but far less freeway capable Vespa GTS 300 costs another $1200, while … atd. Jízdu stylem R1 asi nikdo na skútru 300ccm provozovat nebude. by Kelvin » 17 Dec 2019, 11:38, Return to “Accessories and Parts for Specific Bike Models”, Powered by phpBB® Forum Software © phpBB Limited, Honda CB400 Super 4 CB400X NC750X CBR600RR CBR1000RR VFR800R Yamaha Sniper R1 R3 R6 MT03 MT07 MT09 FZ1 FZ6 FZ8 Suzuki GSXR600 GSXR750 GSXR1000 GSXR1300 Kawasaki ZX6R ZX10R ZX14R ZZR14 Triumph Street Triple Speed Triple KTM Duke 200 Duke 125 Duke 390 RC125 RC200 RC390 Suzuki Burgman 200 400, Pirelli Rosso Scooter 120/70-15 150/70-14 $295, SR1 Brake Stopper - Yamaha Nmax, X-Max, Aerox, S-Y3SO1-HRSS Akrapovic Stainless Steel Slip-On Line Yamaha X-MAX 300 2017-2018 $1299. Mission creep bigger better then too big. Thanks for the post. I just read on Youtube that the Forza front compartment is locked when the steering wheel is locked. I think the extra dollars are there in the Honda. by Kelvin » 19 Mar 2019, 16:01, Post by Kelvin » 21 May 2019, 15:44, Post I got the scooter pin-striped because I wasn't a fan of the "All-Black" look and wanted a splash of color. Aj keď konštrukčne je Yamaha X-Max ladená športovo a tvrdosť je vlastnosť skúsil by som nadstaviť zadné tlmiče na tú najmäkšiu polohu a kapánek spustiť tlak v pneu.Ja som v predu spustil po rade predajcu o 0,1-0,2 a je to omnoho kludnejšie. Forum Xmax : Les passionnés spécialistes des Yamaha Xmax, MBK Skycruiser et Evolis, 125cc 250cc 300cc 400cc / Yamaha Tricity 300 by Kelvin » 01 Oct 2019, 12:10, Post a water bottle. You aren't supposed to use your shoes as outriggers when you ride and you don't need firm ground contact with both feet at the same time when you stop for lights and stop signs. The Honda product finish, imo, is always a cut above the competition. By the time I got home on Monday I logged a little over 1,000 miles on it. Well I went and did it. I just got back from my local motorcycle dealership with a 2019 Yamaha XMAX 300 maxi scooter. by Kelvin » 18 Jul 2019, 16:41, Post I guess after just selling my Honda ST1300 so I could try to get out of debt, is not a good time to ask about buying another bike. At highway speeds, gas mileage drops to as low as 45 mpg, should you push it to cruise at around 80 mph. Review Claims 75 mpg 89 mph 240 mile range on 3.4 gal. The error light is gone as well as the hard starting. Riding around town, I much prefer riding a Vespa. I've been buying bikes of different types for 65 years & I have never run into this type of situation. At je to zpracování a nebo i to pohodlí a to mám 186.Když to srovnám s Forzou 125 tak tam mám místa habaděj. The Forza's ace in the hole should be the smart-key linked 45 L top box that is advertised in the European press material, but Honda Australia doesn't seem to know about it. Foren-Übersicht Öffentlich sichtbares Forum für Roller ab 125 cc - für Mitglieder, Gäste und Google sichtbar Yamaha ab 125cc Neuer X Max 300 Erfahrungsaustauch zu allen Yamaha Rollern ab … I don't want to need a ladder to climb up on the bike. The overall impression is of a more refined product. Website peristiwa, perkembangan industri dan teknologi otomotif Indonesia. Webike Japan (thanks for that) doesn't have it listed, but I have found it listed in a couple places which gives me hope: https://www.forza125shop.com/en/honda-oem-accessories/108-honda-45l-top-box.html (the new Forza 125 and 300 are apparently almost identical with the latter having a slightly longer wheelbase).

I didn't go for a second look under the Xmax seat for direct comparison, but it is certainly in the same ballpark. ... A forum community dedicated to Suzuki Burgman motorcycle owners and enthusiasts. When I view the Xmax, in the street or on the road, the first thing that jumps out at me is a hectre of plastic. If true then that is fantastic. Re: 2018 Yamaha XMAX-300. I'm sorry my Pictures are too big to upload. $5600 cost . I read that this engine was the first of their smaller capacity engines to undergo Euro 4 development. Got it going 87 MPH on flat ground strong side winds. by Kelvin » 27 Nov 2019, 17:36, Post to udelam, ale to jsou chvilkove pocity a ne zkusenosti po nejake dobe... Možno by bolo vhodné aby si načerpala tie poznatky od užívatelov z vlákna x-Max 250 alebo 125 nakolko sú to idetické stroje a nové modely sa líšia iba v detajloch. There is some turbulence when riding fast, especially around trucks. Fifty years later I found out he was right. Discussion in 'Battle Scooters' started by timblanch, Apr 9, 2020. I sure wish I wasn't trying to get out of debt!!! I'm prone to that on occasion. They're … Email [email protected] (Posted 6 Apr 12), by nulldevice » Sat Feb 10, 2018 19:52 19, Users browsing this forum: No registered users and 2 guests. Design and Amenities The 2018 XMAX is a brand new generation and features sporty dual headlights similar to the latest TMAX. What was the issue with the stock seat? Ty tlumiče fakt asi zkusím. by Kelvin » 02 Dec 2019, 14:22, Post 60 posts • Page 2 of 3 • 1, 2, 3. My impression is that on the Xmax, the space between the front and rear helmet positions is very restrictive in terms of what you can fit in there, and on the Forza less so, but that impression could easily be mistaken. 2014/2018 - 250 M.Y. That ride up 9N and over to Vermont on 7 is a nice one.

Seat comfort varies by rider, but I have found the seat to be a good one. Plus the Forza mirrors fold in (manually) for extra lane filtering capacity, although I expect I'd only bother to do that in serious traffic jam situations where one expects to be filtering through traffic for a fair while. Even my humble Dio was refined comparitively. by Kelvin » 03 Jun 2019, 15:23, Post 99 But even in areas where the Yamaha seems perfectly unobjectionable, like the quality of the switches and the bar grips, the Honda seems to be just that notch above. They gave me a good trade in on my NT and it is now gone. a zkousel jsi nastavit zadni pruziny? I expect it would be able to take two such helmets and two pairs of gloves, or more commonly one helmet, one jacket and one pair gloves. It's great to hear the views and opinions of others. Accessories and Parts for Specific Bike Models, ↳   $0 Downpayment for Lexmoto Motorcycles, ↳   Bulk Sales / Bulk Purchase / Auctions, Bikes Sales - New and Used Motorcycles / Scooters, ↳   Used Motorcycles for Sale (Individual Owners), ↳   Servicing Packages for Class 2 and Class 2A Bikes, ↳   Servicing Packages for Honda CB400 Super 4, ↳   Accessories and Parts for Specific Bike Models, ↳   Enquiries on New and Used Motorcycles, ↳   Enquiries on Accessories and Products, ↳   Enquiries on Street Legal Exhaust System, ↳   Payments methods at Unique Motorsports. I have the same sense with my Tricity 155. Somebody has to say NO!

Na druhou stranu kvalita našich cest občas dokáže potrápit určitě i mnohem lepší podvozky.

General SCOOTER talk. Yamaha Motor Company is a Japanese company that manufactures marine engines, large helicopter drones and other motorized products.

The Forza underseat storage could accomodate my helmet (Nolan N21 Visor) in two positions. You have never hit a slick spot or gravel at low speed when you need to get your foot down with plenty of leverage to keep from going down? Dudes and Dudettes, I have a 29 inch in seam and am left wondering what is with the whine about high seats? (relative to 2001 Majesty 250). I went to the dealer today to check on parts for my Majesty and right inside the door sat an XMAX. Asi by bylo nejlepší zajít si do Yamahy a tam si to na živo ozkoušet, popř. Thanks, guys. Got it going 87 MPH on flat ground strong side winds. by Kelvin » 30 Jan 2019, 13:16, Post Uživatelé procházející toto fórum: Google [Bot] a 4 návštevníků, Založeno na phpBB® Forum Software © phpBB Group, český překlad phpBB.cz. -- keyless system is easy enough to use although I'm not sure what the buttons on the actual key fob itself do. Also added the Phone holder with USB plug, works well holding the phone. Please use the tavern for "other" general topics. Yes, the mirrors on the Honda are far superior to those on the Yammy. Yamaha Motorcycles.

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